Sunday, December 9, 2012

Practice one divine quality

Do eliminate doubts, suspicion, but for this also god's grace is required, then you will reach the brahmic state. Emotions bring desire, anger and greed. Be unemotional. Desire and anger are thoughts. Whoever eliminates these reaches that state. A spark neglected burns the house. Usually envy and jealousy spring from the family and relatives. Arjuna was envy and jealousy less, it is a divine quality for which Sri Krishna preached Bhagawad Gita to him.

Practice one divine quality, all will follow you. In this body if you attain that brahmic state (supreme state), it will follow you even after the body gets burnt. Remember it. In body and body less, form and formless, also it will continue with you. Try to attain that Brahmic state. Gita is Truth. Keep it on your table. After taking bath do salutations to it. Gita, Ganga, Gavathri, Govinda, Chant these names before retiring to bed.

"Nannagaru as Lord Venkateswara" - (By Dr.Mithin)

After the trip to Jinnuru, I was actively campaigning for a ticket for the Vastrabhishekam Seva of Lord Venkateshwara in Tirumala. This is the most sought after seva and was booked till 2100 AD.

Only a miracle could vouchsafe tickets for me from Chairman's quota. I knew that everything is possible by Sri Nannagaru's Will alone. Hence during the trip to Jinnur I showed Him the photo of Lord Venkateshwara. He looked at it and smiled. I knew he understood my desire. Somehow I got the confidence that I will be getting the seva.

And sure enough a few weeks later I got a call from the Chairman's office that my application had been accepted and myself and my wife were having tickets for the Vastrabahishekam of Lord venkateshwara on Friday morning in Tirumala.

With bated breath I entered the sanctum that Friday morning and sat near the Lord. The Abhishekam started.

The Face of Lord Venkateshwara , the Darshan which was a fruit of a million years of sadhana came before my eyes as He was bathed with scented oils and sandal paste.

But surprisingly I did not behold a face that was unknown to me. I was surprised to note that the Face resembled so much of my Guru, Sri Nannagaru. It was as if he were standing there and giving me Abhayam.

It is said that one who sees the face of Lord Venkateshwara sees the deity he worships in Him.

It can be Buddha, the Divine Mother, Vishnu or Shiva or Karthikeya.

I was surprised and charmed to see Sri Nannagaru's face in it.

He is my all...He is my everything....I understood.

Every devoteee sees the Divine Form he worships in Lord Venkateshwara.

I saw my Guru and was bathed in Peace.

I also noted that the awe of Subramanaya Darshan welled up in my heart when I saw the Lord.

I mentioned this to Sri Nannagaru in a later visit.

He smiled and said ' Vishnu + Subramanyeshwara = Venkateshwara.'

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nobody belongs to you

Ramana Maharshi's teachings and message are meant to awaken you into the truth. You must know the truth and the truth will release you from all bondages whether you like it or not. Your loss is great, your loss is great, if you do not know the truth in this body and there is no freedom from nonsense, life after life and life after life. You are living happily and you don't know to share, only you know receiving and swallowing but no giving and no sharing, and above all you have not learnt to work. Desire is the cause of all sorrows. However many troubles may befall on you keep calm and cool and quiet. Lies also are the outcome of desire. Sometimes all troubles befall at one time. Sorrow, grief, unhappiness-the mother is attachment of all these. It is attachment that brings grief, misery, sorrow, tension, death also. Nobody belongs to you and you do not belong to anybody. All are passengers in the journey of life.

Dedicate all your work to Me(God) and the result also dedicate it to Me and then use it as my property(thing) and not as yours. Then you will become I free and mine free and I less and mine less.

Aim high and aim at the highest. Try, attempt for the Brahmic state (the supreme state, absolute state.) The faults and defects in the mind should be eliminated and be careful mistakes should not be repeated. Past is past. Don't repeat it. Stability is not long lasting, for you will commit some or the other mistake because you have defects in your mind. Eliminate the faults. The mind should be disciplined. The mind should be under your control and not that you should be under the mind's control. Even if the whole world is your enemy or friend, even if they come to you or not what difference does it make. When your mind is pure and under control then the reality, truth is realized. When no mind, no need to control it. Wish for the welfare of all. Your mind should be rich not poor.

"Our savior is our Guru" - (By Vijaya)

One of our dearest relatives expired and we were all immersed in endless sorrow. Knowing that Sri Nannagaru is going to visit Sakinetipalli Gita Mandiram, I went to the place for his darshan. That was my first acquaintance with Sri Nannagaru, and from there on I used to meet him whenever any spiritual discourse was scheduled nearby.
We got transferred from Sakinetipalli to Hyderabad. It was very hard for me to move far from him.

I cried and said to Sri Nannagaru – “I can’t communicate with YOU as earlier, since I am moving to a faraway place. What should I do?”
Sri Nannagaru replied thus – “Do you have my photo? You express all your feelings to that photo”

Till now I thought photo is just like any other piece of paper, but after listening to his words I realized that he is always with me. Nannagaru’s photo is not apart from Sri Nannagaru Himself. His words conveyed what Guru really implies. From then onwards, whenever I was upset or depressed, I used to get guidance from inner self before expressing to his photo. What drives me is this sentence which says – “If you have complete faith in your Guru, your faith itself will take you to true Guru”.

Our real savior is our Guru itself. Though we might not be able to grasp his words, but through experience one will understand the deeper meaning of these words that touches our hearts thereafter. On similar lines, I would like to share an experience in my life:

One day, I was returning back home from shopping. Upon reaching home, I saw that many people surrounded my home and everyone mourning to the core. I couldn’t understand what happened, however I comforted myself and proceeded. As I entered, I was shocked looking at the dead body of my husband. I knew that he was not keeping well now and then but he was not so sick that he would die. I directly went to Sri Nannagaru’s photo, and asked him directly – “What is this Nannagaru?”

I got guidance from inner self: - “Dear child, How can you not accept God’s will?”
Whatever you’re saying is absolutely true, but this relationship is the most precious relationship in my life. We have lived together since long time. He stood beside me during all ups and downs in my life. I started to visualize all the happy moments that I spent with my husband. As I was crying at the body, I pondered over these thoughts – “There is no life in this body, then for whom am I crying so much? If I cry, it will cause him sorrow, if I am at peace, even his journey will be peaceful.

A big struggle started within my mind: should I mourn for my husband’s death, or should I remain normal to facilitate his peaceful journey? Again I went to Sri Nannagaru’s photo where I saw his spiritual discourse book lying in front. As I turned a page, it read – “Try to be like a spectator”. I continued to look at his eyes after I read that sentence.

The external circumstances are unbearable, but internally I was receiving unendurable inner strength. I realized my savior is none other than my Guru Sri Nannagaru. If his grace did not enter my life, I cannot imagine of how my life could have been.

I remember the grace that he showered on me few days back when I visited him. It is beyond my imagination to believe that my husband would die within 10 days, but there is nothing that can escape from Guru. In order to enhance my spiritual strength my father has bestowed me with his grace and love.

From that day to till date I try to spend maximum time with him, my savior Sri Nannagaru. You might not accept my words, but you have no other choice but to accept my experience.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Everything belongs to God

Work should be done for work itself. Work for result or enjoyment work with
calculations is not proper. Elephant dead or alive is valuable. If you live for yourself, you will remain as yourself till death. If you live for others you will live forever. If you want to get united with Me (god), you need purity of mind, selfless action, no expectation for results. Divine qualities are no agitation, no emotion, no tension, no repeating the past. By repeating the past you get sorrow, grief and fever, disease also. As long as I remains, karma action happens. One's own true self is one's own notion. When I, other thoughts arise, go deep into the source of the first I, then it gets melted, it gets united into that truth. Experience of the truth, the self, that is the goal of life. Withdrawal from I, withdrawal from body-boundedness. This is true sadhana (spiritual practice). Any other sadhana is incomplete. Do not remember
the past. The present will slip away from you.

Perform your allotted duty selflessly, without desire, with no name, fame, recognition and not with irritation. Your work should be silent and pure, without publicity, even your neighbor should not know it otherwise it will not stand. Those who do not have self control, no proper intellect, no goal, no control over mind and sense organs cannot attain anything. 80% people are carried away by others words. Everything belongs to God. Dedicate everything to God, at home or in the

"It is to be experienced" - (By Kishore)

Though I have many things to share in mind, words are falling really short to express my experience. Now I understand why gurudeva always says "IT IS TO BE EXPERIENCED"(In front of him I talk to him addressing him as NANNAGARU only, but otherwise I can only address him as GURUDEVA).

Yesterday 9th of Nov 2012 was the 5th time I physically met Gurudeva since 1997 when I first saw him,at his residence at jinnuru. But it was so special because this was the first time I saw him along with my wife and that too on my first marriage anniversary. It was totally unplanned. Till now whenever I met, he spoke for not more than a minute, but today it was 15 min and these 15 min were so far the best 15 min in my 30years after birth.

I was staying at Raipur earlier and now I am shifting to Rajahmundry and on hearing this when gurudeva held my cheeks with his hands for the first time and said - "I will come to your house once you relocate to Rajahmundry". That moment of joy is enough for me to cherish my whole life. He said "You will progress in your devotional path only, don't worry", then he asked me to give my phone number and address once I relocate. And before he asked us to take leave held my cheeks again and said "I want you and your wife to be happy in life". My wife was so overwhelmed with joy when has asked her "Are you happy?" 5 times and then finally said - "If you have any problems you come to me and tell me" and then he looked at me and said "You should take care of Aswini (my wife) very well".

To be honest, no one since one year of our marriage has said the above things either to her or to me. I have been hearing discourses from about 15years now and I think my time has now come so that my gurudeva has graced me with so much, so much and so much of love. Since 6 months I have surrendered totally to him and said to myself in my heart filled with him that whatever happens to me in life (good or bad) is only his grace and now I felt only then he accepted me.

Initially I was not able to start and now I am unable to stop writing :))
"MY GURU, MY GREAT GURU, MY GREATEST GURU", 24hrs after his physical touch, I still feel his hands on my cheeks.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Liberation cannot be attained by magics or miracles

It is possible only by elimination of the ego within us.

Ego is a formless devil.It doesn't have any form but still craves for a form. Form is the food for ego. It not only craves for a form but also keeps changing the forms. Currently it identifies with the present body and when we get a new birth, it identifies with the new body. You cannot get out of this great ocean of samsara (worldliness)until and unless you have the Grace of a Jnani or an incarnation.

You cannot get rid of your ignorance by any of your external excercises. The Ignorance exists within and has to be eliminated alongwith the root. Application of coconut oil may reduce your itching but not the cancer called ignorance.

Separation from ego is not as easy as a daughter in law getting separated from her mother in law. It requires Self effort, Grace of scriptures and Grace of Guru.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Surrender unto the high power

We think that the work doesn't happen without our will. There is an unseen power working in this world. Surrender unto it then your work will be done. Just as the current is invisible, even that Power is invisible. It doesn't imply that the Power doesn't exist. There are many things in the world that are beyond our understanding.We think that there is nothing that we don't know. If we understand, we consider it to be True, else we consider it to be false? How big is our brain? It is a little one.How many secrets in the Universe can it understand? Do we know our previous births? Can we know about the future births? We don't even know what is beyond this wall !

We don't know these very small things. We don't know why we are unable to complete a particular work. Sometimes a work is done effortlessly without our intervention and sometimes it doesn't happen how much ever we may try.We cant say why it happens thus. All this is controlled by the Creator.There is an energy. Work is completed not by our doer-ship alone; Without doer-ship, if we surrender unto that energy,the work is completed automatically. Even the result is sweet.

All about silence

Bhagwan was asked thus - "Why don't you preach people to lead them unto right path?"

Bhagwan replied thus - "You have already decided that I don't preach?

Do you know who am I and what preaching is? How do you know that I am not doing it?

Preaching is communication of Knowledge. It can be done in Silence too. When the Heart speaks with the Heart through Silence, what is the need for words? Is your changed mind important or the speech important? Which is better?

Which is important, preaching loudly without effect or sitting silently and monitoring intuitive force that influences others? Is GOD not working in Silence? Silence is not just keeping your mouth shut. Silence is never ending and an eternal speech. When practice becomes natural, it ends in Silence. Meditation without mental
activity is Silence. The greatest and most effective force is Silence. More things are achieved and more thoughts are conveyed to a wider world through Silence."

Suppose our hair turns white, we may apply dye to make it black. It works only for that day and gets back to its natural color. The sermons and speeches are useful only to this extent. If you start understanding Silence, you will not require the words; In fact words become obstacles. Suppose you get a hair while drinking milk, how do you separate it? Do you feel happy that you got a hair in the milk or do you feel bad? Even the words become thus when you perceive the message of Silence.

All kinds of tendencies whether they are as weak as a blade of grass or as strong as a buffalo, are washed away in Silence. Suppose a fan rotates at a very high speed,the petals of such a fan are invisible. Can we conclude that the fan is not working? Similarly Guru may not speak; Should it imply that the Guru is not working? The speech through words can reach only the audience sitting here. But the message of Silence reaches a seeker of Truth where ever he may be whether across the continents or beyond the sea. The message of Silence transcends the time and space. It is so forceful that even time and space can't stop the same. The message of Silence chases you until you know yourself. It chases you even after death until you get a new body. It is so powerful.

In the last moments of Bhagwan, a devotee asked him - "We are remaining here(without realizing the Truth) and you are leaving us?" Then Bhagwan replied, " Did we meet here without any previous relation and wont this relation unite us in future?". Guru's Grace in the form of Silence chases us until we realize Truth
irrespective of our birth. This is the message of Silence.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Happy Birthday to Sri Nannagaru" - (By Hima Bindu)

Even though today is the birthday of Sri Nannagaru, all of us should wish each other as Many Many Happy returns of the day. It is because even though Nannagaru may not require this day, everyone of us are in need of the same.

Today is Nannagaru's birthday. My Father being the birthday child, I wish I could become His Mother to Love him, feed him and lull Him to sleep. I would like to convey my heartful regards to that Rajayamma garu who has been so lucky to get these opportunities. GOD is formless. In whatever form we adore Him, He will bestow His Grace upon us accordingly. Isnt it so?

Oh! Nannagaru, when you can become my Father, Can't you become my child too? Everyone pity me saying I have only two daughters.They say that the daughters leave me after their marriage and had it been sons, they would support me through out my life till death and also protect me from hell after death. But today I feel pity for them. They dont know that I have a son. How many sons are supporting their parents these days? If the parents stay here, their sons are living in America. But my son is not like that. They donot know that my son is capable enough to support me
through out my life till death. He would not only protect me from hell but also from the vicious circle of birth and death. My son is rich by birth. How much ever one may rob him, his assets will never deplete. I would like to tell everyone of how much care he takes of his mother. Preaching as a Guru, Loving as a Mother, Helping as a Father, Supporting as a child, Advising as a dearest friend, in whatever form
we adore Him, Nannagaru bestows His Grace accordingly because GOD is formless and in whatever form we adore Him, He would give His darshan(vision) accordingly.

Oh! Nannagaru, Do Bless me with the unflinching faith that you would become my Father, child and everything to support me through out my life; Do Bless me with the boon that my mind is completely filled with your thought and favour me with the luck that this Heart beats only for you.

Love you Nannagaru. I want to more and more Love you .

Friday, September 21, 2012

Guru and God's grace can only give you happiness

You must be composed in your behavior. Do not go about telling everyone about the goodness of your husband. Too much of praise can bring a change in your husband. So, do not talk too much and loosen your poise. Importantly do not attach undue importance to the body. When this body is not there then where is your husband?

Realize that your vision's name is truth; your vision's name is bliss. In this world it is not available anywhere. It is well within you.

Bhagawan says "the acquired results of past actions which may be good or bad will not affect you if you do not associate yourself with the body." Why do have sorrows looking at this false world. That is because you are dream struck. Wake up and come out of this dream.

"More and more understanding is required", says Bhagawan. For any argument search for the cause or root of the issue that will help you understand better. Do not run away from the problems. Try to solve the problems. How long will you run away for they will definitely follow you in your next life also?

A small lamp will brighten a room that has been in darkness for more than 1000 years. Similarly, only a guru and god's grace can only give you happiness.

"Nannagaru, an Ocean of Bliss" - (By S. RamaChandraRaju Garu - VadlavaniPalem)

On one fine evening, I’ve arrived at Jinnuru to visit Sri Nannagaru. I saw him sitting alone drenched with peace. As he saw me, he insisted me to sit down. He inquired about my welfare. With this first acquaintance the whole night I swam in the ocean of his grace and left to my home. From then almost daily I went to his home to have his darshan. Every day he used to teach me about devotion, duty, bliss, and dispassion. He always told us about Bhagawan and Arunachala’s grace. He ignited a desire in me to obtain self-realization, from then my life was completely transformed.

Though I was at my home, he was always in my remembrance and I felt he was driving my every moment. I’ve enjoyed the unknown bliss in my deep heart. I was unable to figure out what was this bliss and what is the source. By just meeting him, hearing his discourses, and being with him if one could experience such peace, I thought how beautiful it would be if such peace and happiness become permanent. There is nothing more than this to achieve I felt. From his words and sight, I could see the waves of love driving into my heart and thereby I was being introverted.

In this age of darkness, he has come to awaken us, Sri Nannagaru with the treasure of knowledge and great vision stood amongst us to shower peace on the people.

The main intent of his speeches is to take us all to the sorrowless state. He wants everyone to be in peace and happiness. In his presence, he makes us introvert and thereby gives an experience of bliss. This can be possible only to the great divine people and sages.

He walks amongst us as a father, mother, child, teacher, friend, and supervisor and appears to be a normal human being. As he dwells as light in our heart, by having darshan of Sri Nannagaru one will come to know that there is a treasure of bliss in us.

One who removes ignorance is much purer than one who removes hunger. This is the main purpose of all his discourses. The willingness for the welfare of the society can be grasped from his speeches.

Sri Nannagaru with his experience of bliss adds his love and thereby showers his Grace upon us through his speeches. By listening to his speeches people are able to live in peace. Depending upon the grasping ability each one experiences the deeper meaning behind his words.

When people first read and understood the book – “Amruta Vakkulu”, many of them got influenced and exclaimed how simple one can preach the essence of Upanishads and Vedas. Thereby many people from many parts of the country came for his darshan and were filled with happiness. By his presence alone, Sri Nannagaru can bring the vibrations of peace around people.

The main purpose of all his Gnana Yagnas is that each and every person should live their lives independently, discriminately, and thereby find the hidden peace and bliss in their hearts. His aim is to not become blind devotees of him or to Sri Ramana Maharshi. In world history, Sri Nannagaru’s words will be written in gold.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

"Everything is Sri Nannagaru's will" - (By Dr.Mithin)

He then directed me to the Ramana Kshetram in Jinnuru.

'Use my room there. I will come by afternoon for the meeting.' He said.

I nodded and went out.

I looked at the sticker on the gate of Sri Nannagaru's house.

It was Sri Ramakrishna's. Thakur was sitting there and behind Him a sun was rising.

The words on the sticker read

'He who wants to realize God from the depths of his being will realize Him. He must.'

I smiled and went along to the ashram which was scenically located amidst an ocean of fields of coconut trees and a beautiful stream flowing nearby.

In the ashram there was a replica of Arunachala Mountain made as a mound of mud about ten feet in height. People were going around it. I too hastened to go around it and felt blissful.

Lunch was being served. I checked into Sri Nannagaru's room and came for lunch.

After having a sumptuous lunch I retired for some minutes into the room accompanied by my friends and Sri Nannagaru's devotees, Sri Vijay garu and Sri Shiva garu.

During my small interaction with them in Sri Nannagaru's room I felt with sudden clarity that the world truly is a dream and our life is made of dream stuff.

I looked around the room when suddenly there was a banging on the door. Devotees were frantically trying to awaken me I felt as Sri Nannagaru must have arrived.

Truly so, Sri Nannagaru was coming into the ashram accompanied by many devotees and I hastily stood in line for darshan.

Sri Nannagaru looked at me as he passed me, stopped suddenly and held my hand and said 'Come. Talk to the people for some time.'

He took me to the stage which overlooked the Kshetram grounds and made me sit comfortably.

'Do you want a chair?' He asked.

I shook my head.

He asked the technician to adjust the mike and indicated for me to speak to the audience in English.

I nodded and started ' Om Sri Nanna Paramatmane Namaha'

'Move closer to the mike' He said.

I nodded again and like a water faucet which gushes water when the nozzle is opened, I opened my mouth and waited for Sri Nannagaru's Will to fill it with words.
The words I talked were to this effect

'Om Sri Nanna Paramatmane Namaha. Whatever exists is Sri Nannagaru. The ones who are listening is Sri Nannagaru. The one who is talking is Sri Nannagaru. The art of listening or talking is Sri Nannagaru. So what can Sri Nannagaru talk about Himself to Himself. The best course is hence to remain silent and worship Him in Silence.
Swami Vivekananda once said that live in the world knowing it to be Mother's Leela or go to the Himalayas and give yourself up to sadhana. This truth I realize due to my proximity with Sri Nannagaru.

Whatever is His wish, His leela.

I deep sleep the world did not exist nor did this ego. Hence the ego is dream stuff. But in this dream stuff one should tune oneself to God's Will which is ever present.
This world exists as a sport of Sri Nannagaru's will for me. I am a doll which dances to His Will. I have no life in me. It is Sri Nannagaru's energy that makes this doll move. The life in me is Sri Nannagaru's Will. If He asks me to duck, jump or run I will do the same. I have no will of my own. It is Sri Nannagaru's Will that makes me move.

Sri Ramakrishna once said that for God Who has created the world in play it is His Will to give Moksham to anyone He pleases though he deserves it or not.

I too am saying the same thing. My God is Sri Nannagaru. If He will He can give Moksham to even a granite stone.'

I continued to speak like that for some time after which Sri Nannagaru took the mike and gave his talk.

I walked out of the Kshetram into the surrounding fields as Sri Nannagaru was talking.

Just before my talk had commenced there was a beautiful song on the Divine Mother by a group of musicians in the Kshetram which went as 'Jaya Jaya Vaishnavi Durge Amma'

Now as I whiled my time in the fields I saw two 5 year old girls smiling and playing together.

Charmed at their innocence and beauty I went near them and said ' Whats your name sweeties?'

The girls smiled and one of them wearing a blue dress said ' I am Vaishnavi. She is Durga.'

It did not strike me peculiar then but Vaishnavi beckoned me close and opened a small bag and took out a blue colored fancy decorative bead and gave it to me and smiled. Durga took out a red bead and gave it to me.

I thanked them and left.

It was only an hour later did it strike me!

Did the Divine Mother Whose songs were being played before the speech come down as the two girls to hear Sri Nannagaru speak?!!!

I broke out in bliss at the thought.

Soon I took leave of Sri Nannagaru and started home.

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The real happiness is within you

"Why should you sell these two ears to the world", asks Bhagawan. He believes that any news of the world will pollute the mind. People are happy to listen to many things about others and the world. But the same people are unhappy to listen to words on soul and liberation. Bhagawan says worldly talks increase the bad thoughts in the mind.

If your husband earns well, you possess all luxurious and there are no troubling issues in the house, then your mind is at peace. But how long will this peace last, it is temporary. Tomorrow if something goes wrong, there is an imbalance in your so called peace. Therefore, you should realize the happiness from external factors will not last long. The luxuries can leave you or you may leave the world and luxury. It won't take long. The real happiness is within you. Our ignorance makes us believe that the temporary happiness that we enjoy in this world is real. But actually you are leaving the goldin your heart and running after glass pieces that are available outside. These are not stable tickets.

Let me narrate an incident. Recently I visited a person's house. The husband had lost his wife. He showed the bungalow he had built. But was very unhappy that his wife did not live to see this! Change your thinking and start looking inwards, which will give you infinite joy.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our conscience must be clean

One requirement to attain the truth is while performing any work your conscience must be clean. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was popular because he did have any motive behind the deeds he performed and the words he uttered. You do a lot practice, but still you are unable to make any spiritual progress. Why? That is because you do not perform any act or deed with having a motive on the result. Our conscience must be clean. Perform any work by involving yourself completely and with a smile.

In Bhagawad Gita, Sri Krishna says: I like devotees who are not afraid of the world and the ones who do not scare the world. Such a devotee is very close and very dear to me.

You must derive happiness while doing any work. If you crib and cry while doing any work it is a burden. It can make you unhappy. One must keep in mind that God has given us a chance to perform some work. In this way, God is making us work out our faults and setting you on the path of realization. Look at a few who work relentlessly craving for no recognition. On the other hand, there are people who work for getting name and fame in the society. Any action or deed has to be done with a clear mind and in happiness. Remember all that you see is Ishwara's creation. It is He who has allotted you to do any work in your life span here. So, utilize this opportunity.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Truth is beauty, beauty is truth

Learning to discriminate between the real and the non real is required to realize the truth that which eventually breaks you from the cycle of births and deaths.
Shankaracharya said: " I belong to none and no one is mine." If you understand this then there is no unhappiness.

But you fail to do this as you are steeped in self and welfare of your dear ones. You begun to feel unhappy when you're near ones fall sick. But when a neighbor falls sick, you do not possess the same feeling. Why? This is because you are more
concerned about the welfare of your near and dear ones. This is due to darkness or ignorance in you. It is only until you come out of ignorance you will continue to have unhappiness. The effort to come out of ignorance is called practice (sadhana). Ignorance can be eliminated only through the grace of God or Ishwara and Guru. Until you have their grace, you can never come out of ignorance.

To eliminate ignorance and attain liberation, one need not wait until you die. You can attain the liberated state even before you die. You can attain this state even before you shed this body. And remain in the state after shedding the body.

The liberated state is realizing the truth within. There is nothing beautiful than the truth. Truth is beauty, beauty is truth. Once you realize the truth in you, the happiness and peace that you begin to enjoy will make even devatas jealous.
So instead spending your time in judging others and following the ever changing rules make the right effort to attain that supreme truth. This is the goal of your life.

"With Sri Nannagaru in Jinnuru" - (By Dr.Mithin)

It was by a chance thought that I decided to go and meet Sri Nannagaru in Jinnuru during Shivarathri, 2012.

I booked my tickets at the last moment and was hence a little apprehensive of clearing of waiting list.

By Guru's Grace I was able to get the ticket confirmed and thus started towards Jinnuru.
Once having reached Paalakollu I hastened to Jinnuru which was about 10 km away. I wondered what Sri Nannagaru will say on seeing me for the first time in Jinnuru.

I thought he might say' You have covered a lot of distance to see me.'

On arriving near the village I saw that it was adorned by a Lord Murugan temple with a beautiful Murugan statue. I paid my obeisance to the temple and went on towards Sri Nannagru's house.

I saw the house filled with devotees and went inside. On the door of the house was a sticker with Sri Ramakrishna's picture. The saying read

'He who sincerely strives to realize God will realize Him.'

I entered the house and climbed the raised platform in front of the main door which was used by the devotees for sitting. Suddenly Sri Nannagaru came from behind and looked at me and said 'You came a lot of distance to see me.' Saying this he smiled.

He then pointed out to me a sofa on the platform and asked me to sit there. He then went inside

Afterwards devotees came and made elaborate arrangements for worshipping Guru's Feet.

I was sitting just next to the chair where Sri Nannagaru would be seated later. I understood that the Guru wanted me to see this mode of worship.

Sri Nannagaru came and sat on the chair.

Now the devotees who had recently lost their ten year old child, came and washed Sri Nannagaru's feet and adorned wit with flowers.

Sri Nannagaru looked on at the proceeedings amidst chantings of Sri Nanna Paramamtne Namaha by the devotees.

He caught me looking at him.

At that exact point of time I was wondering 'Ah! How heartlessly we put the Guru to follow our fancies. And how calmly he accepts out eccentricities.

He smiled.

After the pooja, he looked at me said ' There is a speech in the Ramana Kshetram today. Would you like to speak to the audience?'

I did not know what to say

I nodded.

He said 'Ok go and occupy my room in Kshetram. I will come by afternoon.'

I nodded again and showed him a photo of Lord Venkateshwara of Tirupathi smiling.

He looked at the photo with a smile on his face.

I said ' When I look at him, I feel I am looking at you.'

He ignored my words with a smile and that koment I felt that Sri Nannagaru was making me understand something much deeper.

What it was, I came to know a few weeks later.

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Great devotee of Bhagawan and Nannagaru

A great devotee of Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi and Sri Nannagaru, namely Smt.Lakshmi Garu has passed away on July 27th 2012. Her house has become the residence of Sri Nannagaru, during his early visits to Hyderabad. She took care of him, as a mother would take care of a son. She was a very sincere follower of Nannagaru, and had a great devotion to Bhagawan. She was a great teacher, and was set as a role model to many of Nannagaru devotees.

Below is her experience with Sri Nannagaru

భగవాన్ కి, నాన్నగారికి గొప్ప భక్తురాలైన శ్రీ లక్ష్మి గారు జూలై 27 రాత్రి స్వర్గస్తులయ్యారు. మొదటి రోజుల్లో నాన్నగారు హైదరాబాద్ కి వచ్చినప్పుడు వారి గృహంలో సత్సంగాలు జరిపేవారు. ఒక తల్లి తన బిడ్డను ఎలా చూసుకుంటుందో నాన్నగారిని లక్ష్మి గారు అలా చూసుకునేవారు. ఆవిడ శ్రద్ధగా నాన్నగారిని అనుసరించే వారు, భగవాన్ అంటే అపారమైన భక్తి. ఆవిడ చాల సత్సంగాల్లో భోధించేవారు. ఆవిడ చాలా మందికి ఆదర్శంగా నిలిచారు.

ఆవిడా గురించి మరి కొన్ని విషయాలు క్రింద  లభిస్తాయి

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eliminate ignorance and attain liberation

Shankaracharya said: " I belong to none and no one is mine." If you understand this then there is no unhappiness.

But you fail to do this as you are steeped in self and welfare of your dear ones. You begun to feel unhappy when you're near ones fall sick. But when a neighbor falls sick, you do not possess the same feeling. Why? This is because you are more
concerned about the welfare of your near and dear ones. This is due to darkness or ignorance in you. It is only until you come out of ignorance you will continue to have unhappiness. The effort to come out of ignorance is called practice (sadhana).

Ignorance can be eliminated only through the grace of God or Ishwara and Guru. Until you have their grace, you can never come out of ignorance.

To eliminate ignorance and attain liberation, one need not wait until you die. You can attain the liberated state even before you die. You can attain this state even before you shed this body. And remain in the state after shedding the body.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Body is a lie

Bhagawan said: The truth that is only one and never changes remains well within your heart. A person who realizes this has no world anymore. The person is at peace, and for such a person there is no dual existence.

Where there is duality there is fear and desires. Desires are a cause for unhappiness. If your desires are satisfied then you are happy, which in turn boosts your ego. On the other hand, if your desires are not satisfied then you have unbearable unhappiness. So limit your desires. As you take the body, the result of past actions do come along with it.

According to Bhagawan, the body is a lie. If you realize the body is a lie, then the question of working out the result of your past actions does not arise. Such a person has no fear, no unhappiness and no desires. Such a person will have no unhappiness even in great external disturbances.

Bhagawan says: There is no happiness in this world. It is well within you. You are searching for this everywhere but not where you have to look out for. Apart from
within the heart there is no happiness elsewhere.

Discard the love for the body, appearance and self. You need to practice to perform any given task without having a desire on the outcome. It is only until you come out the love for your body that you will not realize the truth. (The world) Samsara means not a house, it is a representation of the cycle of life and births.

Truth will never change

It is a common tendency among all to think one person is good and the other is bad. Who are we to pass such judgments? It is the mind that creates such feelings. You have to restrain the mind and stop judging people. People who have a calm mind though being in midst of nasty people are great.

Here is another example. A few do not have peace when they are in their in-laws or mother's house. They feel very restless or as if they are sitting on a thorny bush. They keep complaining that in-laws or others are creating trouble. It is their nature. The trick here is if you can have a relaxed mind then one is at peace. Any external disturbance will not trouble you.

Another aspect is the ever changing rules of conduct (Neeti shastramu). These rules keep changing with the passage of time. Earlier, second marriage was considered an evil crime. Today, it Is widely accepted. So, as times passes by, depending on the circumstances, the rules of conduct keep changing. Let the world change but the truth in you will never change.

"You are peace" - (By Dr.Mithin Aachi)

Sri Nannagaru visited Hyderabad for a few days for a function.

During the visit devotees of Sri Nannagaru requested me to ask him to undergo a medical check up as he was looking very tired.

I did not know how to approach the Guru and ask him.

Just a day before I was suffering from severe headache and I was feeling bad. The headache came down when I went to visit Sri Nannagaru.

He smiled looking at me and said 'Mithin now you dont have the pain na? You are not restless anymore na?'

I was surprised that he knew even though I dint tell him.

I nodded and said 'Yes'

He shook his head in understanding and said ' Even if you are in restlessness, you are not that. You are Peace.'

Remembering this episode I approached Sri Nannagaru and wondered what words I could tell to make him undergo blood tests.

I thought ' He will never agree for the tests. I will say : Your body is looking tired. Let the BODY undergo tests. If he still refuses I will counter and say 'Your body is not yours, it is ours. So you have to undergo tests for our sake.'

Congratulating myself for my intelligence I went along with Dr Gopika to Sri Nannagaru where Dr Gopika asked Sri Nannagaru 'Nanna, devotees want you to undergo some tests.'

Sri Nannagaru shook his head and said 'No No, not required.'

I then put my plan into application and told him' Your body looks tired. Your body needs some blood tests.'

Sri Nannagaru understood my inner query and consented.

He said 'I will be back in Dec 2nd week for the tests.'

He went out and we all followed him.

In a devotees house he sat on a sofa and we all crowded around him.

He said ' Bhagawan was immersed in the Bliss of the Self that he sometimes would take his hands and place them on his head and try to feel whether he had a head. Such was the Supreme Peace in him that he never had body consciousness. I wish all of you attain that state.'

Later after two days when I went to meet him with another devotee he smiled and told the devotee

'I am going to come back for some blood tests. They want to examine this body.' he paused and looked at me and said 'This body is not mine, isnt it? It belongs to the devotees.'

I was stunned to see his Grace.

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Unhappiness is due to the body and the mind

A person asks Bhagawan: "there is so much unhappiness in this world. What is the reason for this?

Bhagawan replies: The unhappiness is due to the body and the mind. We identify ourselves with this name and body. But for person without this discrimination, there is no unhappiness.

Each one of us has some element of unhappiness or the other. The irony is that we believe that some else is responsible for our unhappiness. That particular person or element is not allowing us to be happy. The point here is we have to realize that the happiness that we all long for is well within ourselves. It is not outside. Start looking or focus internally, instead of searching for happiness outside.

Happiness is not outside in the world. You believe it is out there because you identify yourself with the body. You identify this body and name as the soul, which is not true. Happiness and peace are not present in any worldly objects. It is all within you. The rest is all a delusion (manokalpitam).

"Internalize your love for me" - (By Dr.Mithin)


Sri Nannagaru came to Hyderabad for a short trip on Sept 21 till 29th. It was mainly for the occasion of his birthday which fell on Sept 23rd.

I was not able to go to the station and hence I landed up in SR Nagar flat at 8 in the morning for his darshan. No sooner did I get out of the lift to enter the hall which faces his room than I saw him.

He was sitting inside his room, in Silence looking at the hall into which I was entering. He had finished his morning discourse in the hall and was sitting now inside his room facing the hall, the devotees in it and the door through which I entered.

No sooner did I see him than I felt a jump in my heart and he raised his hand in a mudra of blessing. He looked like a deity in a sanctum sanctorum giving darshan.

No sooner did I see him and mentally gave my pranams to him for his darshan, than he got up and closed the door.

I waited till he finished his morning bath.

Once he opened his door, I was ushered into his presence.

Sri Nannagaru gave me his book 'Hithopadesam' and smiled at me. I sat down at his feet. My exuberance of emotion had made me post a lot of messages where I equated Sri Nannagaru to God etc.

He looked at me smilingly and said ' Doctorgaru when you compare me to other Gods, Goddesses, deities, saints etc the followers of those deities will be hurt and react. There will be a lot of complaints. What use are miracles to us? Whatever Love you have for me is between us. Internalize your love for me. Control its outer expression so that it might not hurt the feelings of others.'

I said 'Ok, Nannagaru. Whatever you say.'

He smiled and spoke to me about other general things.

The next day I met him in the morning satsangh where I asked him ' How to Live in the Now, Sri Nannagaru?'

He replied 'Forgiving is easy but Forgetting is difficult. One who can forget the past and not build any castles in the air thinking about the future, that one lives in the Now, the present moment. The Future will unfold according to God's Will. Realization will come someday but one should not have expectation of it.'

I nodded.

I said 'Every moment with you is Moksham, Sri Nannagaru.'

He paused and said 'If you take the perspective of living in the Now.'

I smiled.

The next day was his birthday and it was celebrated in a big function hall in Hyderabad.

I usually would climb the stage and reach him fast for darshan. But that day I stood in line. Waiting for my turn. My inner feeling was that every devotee of Sri Nannagaru is a great seed with a banyan tree in it and a great love for him. Greater bhakthi than I had. So I had no right to break line and go for his darshan on the stage.

So I stood in line.

When I came to him, he looked at me, paused and said' You have come correctly in a disciplined way. This is the correct way to come for darshan.'

Later in the afternnon he gave his discourse where he talked about God being the Antaryami. I decided to follow this teaching of Sri Nannagaru.

Everyone meditates on Lord Rama's feet.

But Goddess Sita meditated on His Face.

His face remained calm when it was announced that he would be made king one day and was asked to go to exile in forest the next day.

His was perfect detachment.

This is the requirement and manifestation of Peace and Jnana.

Hence Sita meditated on His Face.' He said.

I began to imagine Sri Nannagaru in my heart as Antaryami. Being thus like that he was with me forever. There was no third party, no hurt.

I started meditating on him like that. My visits to him began to drop in frequency and intensity as I felt that he was always with me and devotees who loved him more are enjoying his presence in SR Nagar.

In my various other visits in this trip he said once 'Ku mens bad. Mar means to destroy. One who destroys the bad in you is Kumaran, Subramanaya Swamy. He is the Eternal Youth.'

Another day he said ' Bhagawan didnt know his body. He would hold his head and feel it to see whether he really had his head. He was always in Super Consciousness. This is the state to achieve.'

'Lord Venkateshwara Swamy is a repositroy of all deities. He is Devi, Shiva, Vishnu etc. The beauty of Child Hanuman whom I once saw in a dream is Indescribable! That is why perhaps His main episode in Ramayana is called Sundarakanda.'

The last day in the railway station he got out from the car, held me and walked into the station. He saw an oncoming train and said 'Who is he? It looks like he is not the train we should board.'

I was surprised at his words and a subtle eye in me opened and I realised that Sri Nannagaru saw everything as Alive, everything as Consciousness!

I saluted him for that as the train slowly left the station.

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Control of the mind

Despite the age of the body, tendencies of a person do not decrease or leave the body. They are difficult to be eliminated. Therefore, practice of meditation and chanting the name of the lord help in control of the mind. A gradual control over the mind will result in decrease of the tendencies associated with the body.

Tendencies or thoughts are difficult to gain control. Even when a person who is a few hours or minutes away from death, fails to get rid of his/her tendencies. Therefore, knowledge is required to differentiate between the truth and untruth,that which is real and unreal. With the help of our mind we have to discriminate which work has been assigned to us.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Selfless service

Performing good deeds for the society is a noble cause. People do earn money. But spending money for good deeds is very difficult than earning money itself. So, all cannot strive for the welfare of the society. God has created some souls to live for others or to do samaja seva (social work). It is in the society that they see God (Samaja bhagavan). They see the same god as in the shrine in the society. These people are great because they utilize their bodies to liberate themselves.

Working for others is not a simple job. There are a few people who cannot think about helping others. They are termed as petty minded people. A person who has love towards the body cannot attain realization.

Social work can lead to liberation, which is achieved through selfless service and not craving for recognition. Both mind and senses are reined, which leads toliberation or realization of the soul, the real truth or supreme bliss. Such a person is free from the cycle of birth and death, as there Is no difference between the soul and the body.
Therefore, to attain this no difference state a person has to face and overcome fear and sadness. Fear is caused mainly due to duality that both soul (atma) and body (jeeva) are different.

"Nannagaru is everything" - (By Dr.Mithin)

Having decided to spend some time with Sri Nannagaru I took the early morning flight from Hyderabad to Chennai. On landing I started to Arunachala in the taxi. As usual I kept looking for the Hill to come up in the horizon and as it did I felt the rush of joy in my heart.

I called Gopika and confirmed Sri Nannagaru'S timings in the ashram.

I checked into the resort nearby and went to Sri Nannagaru ashram in the hope of his darshan. He opened the doors of is room at 2.00 pm and on seeing me in the eager crowd asked me to come and sit down with him.

He asked me when I came and where I was staying.

On getting my replies he said ' Isnt it expensive to stay in the resort?'

I kept quiet.

Devotees behind me told Sri Nannagaru that I could stay in the ashram if I liked as a room was available.

Sri Nannagaru asked me whether I liked staying in the resort or the ashram.

I said 'It is your wish Sri Nannagaru'

Sri Nannagaru nodded and said 'Ok then. Its decided. You come and saty in the ashram from tomorrow as you have already paid for a day in the resort.'

He paused.

"Mithin said 'Your wish Sri Nanngaru'. That is Sharanagathi' He smiled and looked at me.

He then asked Gopika and Dr Karuna to accompany me to Sri Ramanaahram and show it to me and then bring me to Andhra Ashram.

They agreed.

Guru's Child also had come and she promised to meet us in Andhra Ashram when we came back from Ramanashram.

We all then went to Sri Ramanashram where I was stunned to see the photo of Bhagawan in the old meditation hall.

It seemed so alive and full of joy on seeing me.

I sat there and meditated for a while.

After this we went to Andhra Ashram where Sri Nannagaru sat for sometime amidst devotees in the background of cool atmosphere and peacock calls.

From there Gopika, Dr Karuna , Guru's Child and myself went for a quick car girivallam and retuned for early supper in Siva Sannidhi Guest house where Sri Nannagaru gave a small talk which I was not able to hear as I was a little away.

As he ate his supper I went up to the terrace and saw Arunachala for some time.

We all then returned to Sri Nannagaru ashram where the Guru sat in the front yard open space with his feet stretched. Devotees began to lightly massage his feet.

Suddenly there was a heavenly body moving at slow speed in space over the ashram.

We all looked at it and asked Sri Nannagaru to see it.

'It is the International Space Station, Sri Nannagaru' I said.

He looked at like a child and expressed his happiness at the way technology had improved. He made in depth enquiries about it and I showed him the photo of it on mobile google.

After seeing the photo he was quite for sometime and the suddenly a graver voice, more subtle than his usual one spoke from the depths of his being


Gopika looked at me excitedly wondering whether I caught the phrase.

I smiled.

I looked at Sri Nannagaru's feet and decided to massage them.

But no sooner did I touch them than the Guru jerked his legs away from me. His eyes were closed.

I thought that 'He is not taking personal service from me'

Then suddenly I saw the devotees slow Pradakshina of him as he sat.

I decided to do the same and started to slip out.

'Mithin!' His voice boomed stunning me.

I rushed back hastily as he continued ' Mithin come tomorrow and check into the room of the ashram.'

I nodded.

He got up and before I could even start my circumbulation of him he went back to his room.

I went back to my resort and joined Sri Nannagaru devotees the next day early morning for Giripradakshina at 1 o clock in the morning.

Guru's Child was amongst them. After having completed about 10 km of the 14 km circuit, the mind in me protested and I felt what was the use of going around a Mountain when the living Guru was sleeping in the ashram?

I decided to discontinue my Girivallam and told this to Guru's Child.

Even though she asked me to persevere I for the first time in my life did not follow her advice and took an auto to Ramanashram

Once there I circumbulated the samadhi of Bhagawan and went and sat in the Old meditation hall with the living picture of Bhagawan.

As I gazed at the Supreme Beauty of the Bhagawan full of compassion I felt very happy.

Next I returned to my resort and then checked out and came to Sri Nannagaru ashram.

Sri Nannagaru was sittting with the devotees.

Someone had asked him what to do when there were differences of opinion in workplace and when these differences eventually lead to unrest and enmity. How to avoid enmity and be happy with all?

Sri Nannagaru replied that ' There cannot be a person who doesnt have an enemy. If you dont have enemies then it is something wierd. Nobody can please everybody. When there are arguments it is better to settle the differences amicably and if not possible then to go one's way without unnecessary confrontation.'

Then we had our breakfast and dispersed for sometime.

Sri Nannagaru again met us in his room after sometime from where he went to the neighbor's house on invitation and sat there for sometime and gave spiritual tidbits.

He then blessed the male head of the family and said 'This is your last birth.'

The man smiled and said 'It is all in your hands.'

Sri Nannagaru smiled and came out.
Sri Nannagaru next went and sat in his room in the ashram where we followed him.

We chatted about some mundane matters bordering on spirituality.

He asked me about what the health problem of Sonia Gandhi could be? I answered to the best of my knowledge.

He also began to speak to some other devotees sitting around him. I took this as an oppurtunity and started to videograph him in my phone. I concentrated especially on his hands and feet and the movement of his palms.

These are direct movements of Divine Conciousness I felt.

Later he asked us to go and sit in the meditation hall of Sri Nannagaru ashram.

There we all sat waiting for him.

It was when I was waiting near his chair that hearing some devoteees sing in hope of meeting Sri Nannagaru I decided to sing him a song.

'Guru Devo Daya Karo Deena Jane' by Devendranath Mujumdar

I asked Gopika's help in asking him whether I could sing.

When he came, Gopika asked and Sri Nannagaru said ' Yes let him sing.'

I started.

All my life I wanted to sing to Sri Ramakrishna this very song.

I felt very happy that this desire of mine was pleased.

I sang...I dont know whether in tune or out of it...I sang.

He looked at me with a smile and a mudra of blessing.

'Guru Devo Daya Karo Deena Jane' I cried.

He nooded slightly.

At the end of the song he looked at me and said

'You sang very well. But your pitch was uniform. You should modulate your pitch.'

And the next moment Sri Nannagaru sang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He sang ' O God Beautiful' of Guru Nanak first.

Then he looked at me and said ' Pitch modulation in tune brings out the best music'

Saying this he sang a song of Ghantasala!!!!!!!!!!!

'Jagame Maya, Brathuke maya...vedaalalo , You should increase your pitch here, saaram inthe naya!' ( He sang this song which means ' This world is maya, this life is maya, the vedas essence is such the vedas essence is such!' while explaining the modulations of pitch!)

The entire hall burst out laughing and enjoyed the bliss to its hilt!

Sri Nannagaru smiled and said 'Mithin you are a singer, philosopher, writer, painter, doctor, poet! God has given you everything. Mithin is All in All. Mithin is everything. This is karma marga.Everything is Karma, Nothing is Jnana.'

I said 'There is no such thing as Mithin. Mithin is false. What exists is Sri Nannagaru. Sri Nannagaru is everything.'

He smiled. We dispersed that day excitedly discussing how Sri Nannagaru sang.

In the evening I was expecting my friend from Chidambaram who had called me up.

I told him that we have accomadation and he could come and visit me in Tiruvannamalai. It was his first trip and it was full moon night.

I waited for him in Ramanashram and when he arrived he was stunned to see the number of people walking around Arunachala.

I told him that this is Giripradakshina and is very sacred especially so on full moon nights and hence lakhs of people visit this place. I rememebered how I was not able to complete the girivallam that day morning and wondered whether I should go and complete it.

My friend agreed and taking Deepu with us who was th son of Nagalakshmi aunty a very close associate of Sri Nannagaru we went for the Mountain pradakshina.

All through the while, my friend who is devotee of Shiva but craves for spiritual experience rather than blind belief said ' What is the point of going around this Mountain? Unless I know why should I do it?'

Knowing his plain heart very well I said ' Dont think that you are going around God or a sacred hill. Instead think that you are going around a beautiful mountain endowed with nature's beauty.'

We trudged along my feet aching and complaining but by supreme force of willpower I completed the Girivallam by 4.30 in the morning.

It was five by the time we slept and missed meeting Sri Nannagaru in the morning darshan at 6 o clock.

We went to the 10 o clock darshan whence I introduced my friend to Sri Nannagaru. The Guru looked at him and smiled.

We later went to Rmanashram and then my friend took leave.

I went to the afternoon darshan of Sri Nannagaru where his talk bordered on Ajata Vada.

I asked him whether Ajata Vadam can be discussed with a point view of Intellectual Conviction.

He shook his head.

He said ' Ajatam Vadam is the Truth. But it is a state which comes when the mind is dead. It is not an object for the mind to grasp. These are all tricks of the Mind. Ajata Vadam can only be known whence the Mind dies and this is achieved by Grace alone. It is the Supreme Reality which the Jnanis realize.'

I nodded.

Then we changed the venue from his room to the old meditation hall where Sri Nannagaru asked me how I was planning to go back.

I told him about my night travel by taxi to Chennai airport and how I had booked an early morning flight.

Sri Nannagaru chided me saying ' You have not planned at all! Your journey is unhappy and stressful. Why did you do such?'

I replied ' I wanted to spend as much time as possible with you Sri Nannagaru and hence even at personal inconvinience I booked my return travel such.'

'Oh' he said and was silent.

Later in the evening I came to know that Sri Nannagaru's devotees from France had sustained an injury and I rushed to the hospital and gave her some comfort and noting the seriousness of the injury asked her to be shifted to Vellore. I apprised a concerned Sri Nannagaru over the phone that she was out of danger but needed expert observation for a few days. He agreed and asked her to be shifted to Vellore.

I came back and sat with Sri Nannagaru.

I told him what my friend had said when we were going around the Mountain.

He said ' You should have said Faith is blind. Even if you dont believe that Arunachala is Supreme atleast you can enjoy the nature with me and spend some good time.'

I nodded.

Sri Nannagaru leaned forward and said ' Shall I tell you a secret? Even if your friend believes or not, the punya of Girivallam will be his.'

I nodded and said 'True sir. It is becoz he did girivallam he had the oppurtunity to have darshan of Sri Nannagaru.'

The devotees around smiled in joy. Sri Nannagaru smiled and was Silent.

On a similar note on the first day Sri Nannagaru had asked me ' What piligrimage centres have you visited till now.'

I had said 'Belur Math, Kolkata, Dakshineshwar, Puri, Kamarpukur, Jayrambhati,'

Sri Nannagaru was smiling

'Did you visit Parthsarathy temple Tripluicane? and Rameshwaram?'

I nodded and said yes.

The I said

"All piligrimage centres are in your feet Sri Nannagaru.'

'What is that?' he asked craning his neck.

Gopika told him.

He smiled and had looked at me.

Now in the eve of my departure he was Silent and calm.

He said ' Eat your dinner and leave whence the time comes.'

I nodded and saluted him.

After we dispersed I went along with Guru's Child and Ravishankar garu to Arunachala temple.

After a beautiful darshan there I came out of the temple waiting for the others to come out whence I saw hundreds of devotees exiting the temple.

As I looked at them I clearly perceived that they were just bodies with intricate tendenciers and maya around them.

It was a surreal few mnutes whence the eyes questioned the illusion of reality and I felt the Source for some moments while watching the illusion of forms.

Later I bowed down to the room in which Sri Nannagaru was sleeping

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

God knows what is best for us

Maintain cool and calm mind, even when you lose your life-long investment. Accept pleasure and pain equally. Selfless person is a Yogi. Do work, Don't leave work. Do work willingly, with love and liking then the mind gets diluted. Even when you have a strong cause for enmity but still if you do not breed enmity in your heart, then God will bless you. The Truth cannot be realized without His(God's) grace, mercy, compassion. Divine interference does not occur in spite of your intelligence, effort etc, only to whoever works for My love and grace. When you understand one Sloka(verse) Shoka(grief) goes. Karma(action) should be Yoga (without attachment), then the mind gets purified, 100% purification happens. If you are deserving God will come directly to you. God knows what is best for us.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nobody belongs to anybody

It is attachment that brings us Sin, sorrow, misery. Attachment is bondage. Nobody belongs to anybody.

Do not quote I and mine. What is knowledge? Is it information? I, I, I to know that this I is unreal. Wonderful reply and beautiful reply. Tappas(penance) means to dry the weaknesses and tendencies within you. Why cannot I see God? Due to wrong thinking, wrong attitude, bad habits, tactfulness, wrong conduct, come out of all these, then you can see God directly, I will show Him to you. To learn a bad habit it hardly takes five minutes but to overcome it takes the whole of the life and the whole of the life gets ruined. There comes a turning point in everybody's life. Don't get scared. There is a destiny that shapes your life.

Friday, March 23, 2012

"No projections, no associations" - (By Dr.Mithin Aachi)

Sri Nannagaru arrived in Hyderabad one day before Guru Poornima. His train was delayed due to the ongoing Telangana Rail Roko campaign.

I could not meet him in the morning and I made my way to his place of stay in the afternoon.

Even though I went at 2 o clock I finally saw him at 6 o clock as there was a huge rush. A Living Entity, my friend in facebook also had come to meet him and we waited with others in another room.

All the while I was waiting I decided to initiate surrender to Sri Nannagaru and meditated on His consciousness actively.

Finally after 3.5 hrs I met him.

He looked at me and said ' Mithin my train was delayed by a few hours'. His words were like that of a child.

I nodded and said 'I came to know of it Sri Nannagaru.'

I introduced A Living Entity to him and came out of the room.

After this I don’t remember what happened that day.

The next day was Guru Poornima.

I bought three red roses for Sri Nannagaru and took it to the hall in which the celebrations were going on.

I gave him the roses careful that there was no thorn.

He took the roses and said ' Roses are for December. How come roses have come in July?'

I smiled and did not know what to say.

He smiled and said ' Perhaps these are July roses.'

I smiled again.

Later in the day I went back to the hospital and returned for the lecture in the afternoon. Sri Nannagaru was talking about how Sri Krishna extols us to establish Him in the heart.

No sooner did he say this than I felt the presence of Sri Nannagaru in the heart. He was smiling and a small circle surrounded him in the heart centre and I felt the peculiar sensation of thousand ants crawling in that space.

It was as if Sri Nannagaru was cleansing me.

During the speech he suddenly looked at me and said ' How can there be a trade in Love Doctor garu?' He was Love Personified that moment. I could just gaze at him.

How impure is my Love for you Sri Nannagaru? I thought! I am devoid of pure love for you, I thought sadly.

His speech over he suddenly beckoned me to come to him and join him on stage.

I went and he held my face with his hands and looked deeply into my eyes and said ' Mithin is a refined soul. Like refined oil he is a refined soul. He is a refined soul amma.' He said looking at the devotees.

I felt happy.

Next day I again went and met Sri Nannagaru.

That day he sat and gave a small talk about how things that are destined to happen will happen and those things that are not destined to happen will never happen.

He said ‘You can’t prevent what is happening or what is going to happen. If you understand this and do your duty with a sense of detachment, you will be fit to receive Jnana.'

I understood that by totally relying on Divine Will we are able to conquer the thought of doer ship and then that itself leads to Jnana.

After the satsang I went downstairs to leave for my house. But I was surprised to see that my car had been locked with a wheel clamp by the traffic police. I felt peaceful and was not agitated.

I contacted the traffic authorities and got my car released. It was then that I came to know that Greeshma was coming with her husband. I thought I will meet the couple and went straight back up the stairs to Sri Nannagaru.

After the introductions were made, we saw Sri Nannagaru coming out of his room. On seeing me he beamed a great smile as if he knew that I would not be able to leave.

We all sat with him with Greeshma and her husband sitting to his left and myself in the front.

'Mithin is a gifted talent isnt it so?' he asked Greeshma.

She nodded.

Then he made enquiries about the website and her husband's social service to which she replied with joy and pride.

He was silent for sometime and then suddenly said ' Shall I make Mithin a Guru?"

Greeshma smiled and nodded.

Sri Nannagaru continued ' He has finished medicine after working so hard. But he will become a Guru more easily.'

I burst out laughing and chided him mentally ' If there is a Mithin make him a Guru. When Mithin himself does not exist and everything is you who is the Guru then?'

After that I forgot what happened.

The next days too are vague and I am not able to remember what transpired except that he taught that God's Will alone exists.

During these few days I would not meditate in his presence. I would just look at him and allow no thought to come.

I felt that Sri Nannagaru was telling me to lose all concepts.

I did not associate him with God, Saint, Guru etc.

Whenever I sat in front of him I would just say there is a man sitting here, he is surrounded by devotees and we are in a room.

Nothing else would be allowed by me to rise in my mental makeup.

No projections, no associations, nothing.

One day I took Prof Laxmi Narain (Face to Face with Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi) garu to meet him.

Sri Nannagaru said ' You will attain Ajapa Japa when there is no such person called Laxmi Narain. You are a good sadhaka. You will attain God Realization, in this life. You will attain the Sorrow less State. It will take time.'

Professor was extremely grateful to Sri Nannagaru's Assurance.

Later in the afternoon Sri Nannagaru looked at all the people assembled and said ' You all will attain Realization. It will be such Infinite Bliss that you will gasp for air. Know very well that nobody can prevent your attaining the Blissful State, but you must do sadhana to make the body live through the Super sensuous experience.'

Saying this he retired into his room and started to get ready to leave in the evening.

I accompanied his car to the railway station and carried one of his bags.

He sat on the platform and waited for the train to arrive.

He asked me to come and sit next to him on the seat and did not allow me to sit down on the floor.

The train arrived and everyone else started getting into the train.

'Stay here. Don’t go anywhere. Is that our compartment?' he said pointing to the compartment which was parked a little away from him.

I said' Yes'

Sri Nannagaru went into Silence. The compartment was about 100 feet away from him. The train had halted for about fifteen minutes now and would be departing in another fifteen minutes.

Suddenly the train started.

It was a slow motion start and the door which led into Sri Nannagaru's compartment came and halted exactly in front of Sri Nannagaru.

Sri Nannagaru was smiling and the devotees marveled at the incident.

It was as if the train unable to bear separation from him and unable to make him walk to the compartment had come and stopped in front of him.

I smiled.

I tried to get up to go.

Sri Nannagaru again said ' Stay here. Don’t go.'

Soon a few minutes later a devotee brought some flower garland to him.

It was as if Sri Nannagaru was waiting for the garland.

He took it and put it around me and smiled.

I returned the smile.

'Keep it for ten minutes' he said smiling.

I nodded.

After this he climbed the train and left Hyderabad for Jinnuru.

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.

Essence of Bhagawad Gita

In all times, In all states, remain uniformed, think of Me (God) Keep Me in your Heart. Remember Me, Remember me more, Don't forget me. Work with your hands. This is the essence of Bhagwad Gita. Learn good things, teach, preach to others. This dialogue (The Gita) whoever learns, understands, teaches, preaches Gita, He is very near to Me and close and dear to Me. Qualification is different and education is different. Arjuna; keenly observe yourself. Be careful while eating and speaking. Think Before you Ink. The speech sleep and diet should be moderate and Balanced. Remember Me and Do perform the action that I like. Fundamental Principle is, whatever you give returns to you by whichever time or means. The enjoyer is God. By good work, clarity emerges. With mental contact with Holy company you get inspiration from them that which they have achieved, the immortal state. Try to experience it, it will be your last birth. I am that I am.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thought word and deed should unite

Thought word and deed should unite. Ego is limited. When foreign matter enters into your body you get fever, similarly life is not uniform always with ups and downs, you should have clarity in thinking then your mind will be pure. Prarabdha (accumulated actions) is to the mind and the body. Definition of Peace = When you are at peace even under any circumstances. Think, watch your thoughts, the first I, the body-bounded I. Indeed-sleep state, relax, no mind, no body, no sense-organs. Nobody possesses 100% happiness. True, real, royal happiness is independent.

Except Brahmam (The Supreme Divinity) everything is created by the mind. Body, mind, sense-organs are all wrong identification. Goutam Buddha, Lord Buddha does not count form, colour, caste etc, He gives importance to the truth inside Me and Give utmost importance to my Heart. By one glance of Buddha 150 people were enlightened. Face is the index of the mind. Love and Help All. Laziness is a sin. Cultivate patriotism towards the country. The Heart gets widened and deepend when you work for the country, then you get closer to God.

"Gurave Namaha" - (By Ramakrishnan)

I first met Nannagaru about 10 years ago in Hyderabad. My cousins took me to see him. I was expecting to see a Guru, who looked like one. In my limited understanding, I was disappointed on seeing a Guru who looked as Normal as a neighbourhood uncle, and not like a sage or hermit. But as time went by, I developed a fondness for him. I think it is also partly due to the fact that I started listening to his audio speeches. Initially I found them extremely humourous as Nanna always expressed some of our egoist actions in a very funny way. For eg, he once said in a speech that we only want to love God as long as we see any utility in worshipping. The moment we dont see things going our way, we would totally forget him and move to try another God. But over the years, I can see what difference listening to his speeches has done to me. I am still severely egoistic and wouldnt call myself truly devotional, but the mere thought of his words gives tremendous emotional and mental strength.

I once visited him in Srisailam where he was speaking about how important "Mumookshatvam" (the mere urge to attain salvation) was.Since I never experienced this, I went to him and requested him to bless me with it. My question got lost in translation and he thought I had asked him "How I could attain mumookshatvam". He instantly replied asking me to "Continue" listening to his speeches and it will happen. The interesting fact is that I never mentioned to him that I listen to his audio all the time. I am also fairly sure that he did understand my question but advised me based on my level of spiritual maturity.

A year later, I visited him in Bhimavaram. Since I was new to the place he enquired if I had any place I could stay during the night. I said I would go to any hotel after the evening satsang. In the evening, he asked me to stay back with him in his house. I slept in his hall and he went to his room and shut the door. The thought that I was sleeping in the house all alone with "Narayana" himself was quite enthralling. After about half an hour, Nanna came out and asked me if I was comfortable sleeping in the hall. I said yes. He then sat with me for some time and spoke with me like a friend. At some point, I couldnt believe this was happening around me. After about 20 minutes, he said he had to go to sleep. He went in and brought me a bottle of mneral water and asked me to keep it. He then asked me to keep looking at the photo of Sri Ramana and then go to sleep. I did accordingly and all night kept waking up in between just to ensure that this was all not a dream.

I have gone through varying emotional experiences in my life so far, and can say that the presence of a Guru in one's life is as important as a loving mother or a caring father, and as we move further, becomes the one and only important thing. It is a gift that everyone will get in their lifetime(s) at one point or the other. But to have the Guru with us right now is something thats definitely a blessing.

I pray for the peace and love that Gurus shed on us and hope that he will keep this sense of spiritual quest alive.

"You are" - (By Paritala Gopi Krishna)

Where are You My Lord? Where are You?

I have searched for You
In temples and ashrams
In masjids and minars
But, I failed to feel You.

I have searched for You
In churches and chapels
In gurudwaras and gopurams
But, I failed to absorb You.

I have searched for You
In discources and bhajans
In meditations and murthis
But, I failed to invoke You.

I have searched for You
In mountains and valleys
In forests and caves
But, I failed to see You.

I have searched for You
In rivers and rivulets
In brooks and lakes
But, I failed to trace You.

I have searched for You
In flowers and fragrances
In the universe and ether
But, I failed to know You.

I have searched for You
In swamis and sadhus
In gurus and samadhis
But, I failed to get You.'

I have searched for You
In japa and tapa
In fasting and reciting
But, I failed to hold on to You.

I have searched for You
In retreats and resolutions
In resorts and rationalisation
But, I failed to meet You.

I have searched for You
Everywhere day and night
It is now beyond my imagination
Reveal Yourself Oh my Lord!

Ah! You are here my Lord, within Me!
Just waiting for me to open up to You
Yes, You will not reveal to half-hearted efforts
Unless I submit myself by thought, word and action

My Lord! You are within me
But, fool am I that
I searched for you outside
Without giving up what I am holding on
And living upto your expectations.

Due to my ignorance and arrogance
I failed to enjoy Your love for me so far
You are just waiting for my correct moves
To take me into Your lap.

Thank You My Lord!
For the transformation
Now, I can see You clearly
In every beam of Sun-rays
In every moon-lit night
In every flower
In every smile
In everything animate and inanimate
In fact, YOU ARE and nothing else.

Thank You My Lord for Your Blessings and Love

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Independent Happiness

When you gain happiness from worldly enjoyments it turns into sorrow. What does exist in this world except likes-dislikes. Awaken into the state, the fearless state, where there is Independent Happiness. The True Mahatma(great soul, saint) is the one whose heart bleeds for the poor. God exists in every Heart, that is the correct address of God, the spiritual Heart. The truth is in the Heart. You should trust yourself and you should trust God.

There should be no faults in the Heart. He is like a Black Horse - means, gentleness and goodness externally but full of conspiracy, cheating, deceit inside. God cannot be deceived by physical exercise. Because God is the indweller in your heart.

"You are forever and forever" - (By Dr.Mithin)

What is the use of seeing you physically Sri Nannagaru? You come and leave.

Let me instead realize you in my Heart. For there you are forever and forever.

In the recesses of my Heart I will sit at your feet and gazing at your face I will chant your name.

Where then is the seperation O Sweet Old Man of Jinnuru!

The Silent Satsang - (By Dr.Mithin Aachi)

The next day again I was late for satsang but fortunately not very late. Sri Nannagaru was just about to sit in the chair.He beckoned me to come closer and sit in front of him but I could not due to space constraint.

Sri Nannagaru thought for a moment and said "Ok no problem. Be seated where you are. It will suffice."

I wondered what he meant by that.

I soon found out.

The next one hour was PURE BLISS.Sri Nannagaru was Silent throughout.Not a word escaped his lips. He closed his eyes and went into deep meditative trance.I watched him for a moment and then decided to feast my eyes on the physical form of Sri Nannagaru.It is a rare birth where one can see God so closely I felt. Let me utilize this oppurtunity to the maximum I decided.I looked looked looked at him. I looked at his face, at his wrinkles at his eyebrows, his head, his arms, his shoulders his waist, his legs, his feet.I drank in with ecstasy the Vision of the Beloved.

To increase my ecstasy Sri Nannagaru raised his left leg and placed it on his right knee.

My face was millimeters away from the left foot sole.

I could see small dust particles sticking to the sole, the creases of the skin, the hue of blood in its veins etc.

Ah! I though mesemerized.

How many millions of Universes lie in this foot. Is that dust particle a galaxy or a universe? It must be a universe for galaxy is such a small thing to come in Sri Nannagaru's foot I thought excitedly.

I saw his skin fold on his toes, the wrinkles, the prints and marvelled at them.

The Great Foot of God coveted by the gods and rakshasas alike!

The Supreme Being Sri Nannagaru!

Lord Subramanya! I thought about all the body marks of Sri Nannagaru which are Self Evident as the birthmarks of Lord Subramanya.

I had only not seen Palani Hill in his body.

I prayed intensely and silently 'I have seen all body marks of Lord Subramanya on your body. Kindly show me Palani Hill.'

No sooner did I pray thus, slowly I saw Palani Hill beautifully carved out on the Being of Sri Nannagaru';s throat. Also I was able to see a Shiva Linga there!

I understood, Sri Nannagaru was not only Lord Subramanyam but also Neelakanta Shiva who drinks the poisons of our lives and gives us the nectar of Bliss!

I left Sri Nannagaru that day and returned in the afternoon to another place where he would be coming. It was from here that Sri Nannagaru would leave to the Railway Station in the evening.

I arrived and soon made my way to the flat.

Already a lot of lady devotees were seated in the flat waiting for the Guru to come. Amidst all of them I felt a little embarassed and quickly left the place.

I arrived again in the evening with my family and introduced my son, wife and mother in law and my neice to Sri Nannagaru. My wife and son had met him previously but my neice and mother in law were meeting him for the first time.

My mother in law was impressed at his peace and my neice felt that she saw Sri Venkateshwara Swamy in him. She was just 14 yrs old

It was then time for us to leave. I saw many Sri Nannagaru devotees staying back for dropping him to the railway station. I felt sad.

Then on an impulse I decided to go the railway station after dropping my family.

Dropping them at home I took out my 1965 Royal Enfield Bullet and raced my way to the railway station.

I arrived and rushed into the Railway Station wondering whether I had missed him.

I hhad not. His train had not arrived and he too was on his way.

I met Ravi Shankargaru in the railway station and we soon saw Sri Nannagaru enter the platform.

He was surrounded by his devotees like Gopika, Greeshma, Karuna etc who formed a human shield of protection around him and quickly ushered him to the place his compartment would stop.

I had a brief eye contact with him and he smiled knowing very well that it was my destiny to be in that railway station that day.

As we came to the place where his train would stop someone asked me 'Where can he wait? Is this the place where the train would come?'

I nodded confident that my enquiries previously from the Coolies were correct.

But can he sit here and wait?

I was immediately answered by a fresh wave of air coming form the fan above.

I gestured that Sri Nannagaru can wait here.

Sri Nannagaru caught my eye looking at the ceiling fan and he looked up and decided to stay there.

I was Stunned at his grace!

But soon some devotees came and told him that a few yards in front there was a better sitting place.

Sri Nannagaru moved to that place and sat. I felt sad that I offered the Guru a poor place to wait where there was no air but the fan was good.

Sri Nannagaru sat on the stone slab for a momnt and then got up and said 'There is no air here. We will go back to the place where the fan is.'

I was stunned again beyond my senses at his Mercy.

A chair was arranged for him and he came and sat there under the fan.

All devotees came and sat around him and there was a huge crowd much to the exasperation of the railway police.

'Who is he?' asked many a curious passerby

'He is Sri Jinnuru Nannagaru' the devotees would reply. The stranger would look at Sri Nannagaru and I would immediately wonder at his great destiny that made him gaze at God.

I was at the end of the crowd hidden from Sri Nannagru's eyes all that time. I was hesitant to approach him because I was wearing chappals. All my life I never wore sandals in front of Sri Nannagaru and I was ashamed that I broke the rule here.

Slowly the train arrived and Sri Nannagaru climbed it.

He stood at the doorway and looked at everyone slowly showering them with Grace.

I stood nearly concealed behind a pillar watching him and saluting him

For a millisecond, his eyes rested on me and there was a perceptible nod.

I raised my salute and his eyes moved on.

I felt thrilled to ecstasy!

Soon he moved inside and the train left.

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.