Saturday, October 27, 2012

Liberation cannot be attained by magics or miracles

It is possible only by elimination of the ego within us.

Ego is a formless devil.It doesn't have any form but still craves for a form. Form is the food for ego. It not only craves for a form but also keeps changing the forms. Currently it identifies with the present body and when we get a new birth, it identifies with the new body. You cannot get out of this great ocean of samsara (worldliness)until and unless you have the Grace of a Jnani or an incarnation.

You cannot get rid of your ignorance by any of your external excercises. The Ignorance exists within and has to be eliminated alongwith the root. Application of coconut oil may reduce your itching but not the cancer called ignorance.

Separation from ego is not as easy as a daughter in law getting separated from her mother in law. It requires Self effort, Grace of scriptures and Grace of Guru.

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