Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Body is a lie

Bhagawan said: The truth that is only one and never changes remains well within your heart. A person who realizes this has no world anymore. The person is at peace, and for such a person there is no dual existence.

Where there is duality there is fear and desires. Desires are a cause for unhappiness. If your desires are satisfied then you are happy, which in turn boosts your ego. On the other hand, if your desires are not satisfied then you have unbearable unhappiness. So limit your desires. As you take the body, the result of past actions do come along with it.

According to Bhagawan, the body is a lie. If you realize the body is a lie, then the question of working out the result of your past actions does not arise. Such a person has no fear, no unhappiness and no desires. Such a person will have no unhappiness even in great external disturbances.

Bhagawan says: There is no happiness in this world. It is well within you. You are searching for this everywhere but not where you have to look out for. Apart from
within the heart there is no happiness elsewhere.

Discard the love for the body, appearance and self. You need to practice to perform any given task without having a desire on the outcome. It is only until you come out the love for your body that you will not realize the truth. (The world) Samsara means not a house, it is a representation of the cycle of life and births.

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