Monday, February 12, 2018

Guru's Grace exists forever

Make effort and reduce your anger

A devotee asked Sri Nannagaru very sincerely: "These days my anger has increased a lot. I am getting angry over my family members even for petty things. Though I want to control my anger, I am unable to do so." Sri Nannagaru replied: "You are getting angry only due to your haughtiness. If you don't reduce it by making effort, God will create circumstances and press you in the nook of the door by which you will vomit out your weakness. Make effort and reduce your anger. Guru's Grace exists forever."

You must possess neither too much nor too less of money

A Collector's wife said to Sri Nannagaru: "My husband has a great honour in the society but he has not saved much money." Sri Nannagaru replied: "Don't you have sufficient savings? What will you do by earning more money? Your daughter's marriage is already completed. They are already employees of a bank. Even you will get pension on retiring from your job. Though you don't have surplus money, the money you possess is sufficient. If you have excess money, you will be constantly afraid of the Income tax raids. Also excess money will slowly pollute your mind. Possessing money is equivalent to wearing slippers. The slippers should be neither too small nor too big. If they are too small, you will get prickled by the thorns. If they are too big, you may slip down. Similarly you must possess neither too much nor too less of money."

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Introvert your mind

If you accept the insult patiently, your depths of tolerance will increase. It will in turn introvert your mind

A devotee asked Nannagaru: "You have said: "Bear injury and bear insult; even that is a part of sadhana (spiritual practice). But practically, it (bearing insult) is not as easy as it is said." Sri Nannagaru replied: "The scriptures declare:'Bear insult; even that is a part of sadhana'. It is because Guru's Grace showers more upon them who patiently forbear the insult when compared to those who react back instantly. If you accept the insult patiently, your depths of tolerance will increase. It will in turn introvert your mind. This disgrace did not fall upon you without the knowledge of God. If you think that God has blessed you with this disgrace only to teach you some lesson or to rectify some flaw within your thinking faculty, you will be able to endure the insult patiently. You must realize that you could have insulted someone in the same manner in one of your previous births. Hence you are reaping the fruit according to the seed that you have sown. Only then you will be able to forbear the insult. If you insult anyone, do remember that you will be cleansing them from their impurity, dirt and sin. That dirt, impurity and sin will settle down in your mind and an equivalent amount of your merit will be transferred to them."

Grace is unseen and unheard. It is automatic Divine action

A devotee said to Sri Nannagaru: "Previously, I first questioned you and then carried back your Grace in the form of your answers. Now I will not ask you any further. I will accept whatever you will grant me graciously." Then Sri Nannagaru replied: "Grace is unseen and unheard. It is automatic Divine action."

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Work Yoga

Working skillfully, tolerantly and tactfully is called as Yoga

A doctor in Hyderabad conducted cataract operation to Sri Nannagaru's eyes. He told Sri Nannagaru: "I am doing this operation only for my satisfaction and not for the sake of the money. Do you remember my message to permit me to conduct the operation?" The doctor was trained in the famous Aurobindo hospital of Madhurai. He asked Sri Nannagaru to sleep on the bed. After 3 minutes he asked Sri Nannagaru to get up. The patient is normally given anesthesia before the commencement of the operation. So Sri Nannagaru was under the impression that he was given anesthesia. Sri Nannagaru then asked the doctor: "What is this? Did you finish giving me anesthesia?" The doctor replied: "The anesthesia has been given as well as the operation has been done. Now you can get up from bed." Referring to this, Sri Nannagaru said: "This is called as Yoga. Working skillfully, tolerantly and tactfully is called as Yoga. Working without any expectation of result is called as Yoga. Working without doer-ship is also called as Yoga."

Monday, February 5, 2018

Lord Subrahmanya and myself - Sri Nannagaru

Gods are related to each other. Similarly human beings are related to each other. But there is a relationship between Lord Subrahmanya and myself. He is a divine personality and I am a human being. Normally the gods and human beings are not related to each other. But when I remember Subrahmanya, I feel him to be my relative. If I come across his photo anywhere, I don’t feel like saluting him. Not because I don’t like Him. I feel why should family members honor each other. I feel as if I am also His family member. Subrahmanya Swami and I have been related to each other since several births. I don’t worship him or salute him but the relationship with him pertaining to heart cannot be denied. He is very close to my Heart.

About Guru - Sri Nannagaru

Guru's Silence is much greater than all the scriptures. No book can describe the Grace of Guru. No mouth can describe the same.It is beyond the words. We may hear a lot and also perform several spiritual practices. We donot even have the power to recognize the intensity or progress of our spiritual practices. We may think that we are not at all evolving. But we are not aware how far we have progressed. Guru takes care of the same. We may not even be able to recognize the process happening within. All these are taken care by the Guru. But how long does Guru take care? As long as the disease persists, the patient is retained in a hospital. Same is the case even with the Guru. As long as we get merged with the Guru (as the river merges with the ocean), He takes care of us. Guru implies Self only. There is no existence for Guru or God or Jiva or world apart from the Self. It seems as if silver exists in a pearl shell. But does the silver really exist in the pearl shell? No. As silver doesn't exist in a pearl shell even peace doesnot exist in this world. Guru is the most Compassionate one. Only out of Grace He says that the existence of peace in this world is as much true as the existence of silver in a pearl shell.Though nothing exists externally, we feel as if something exists. It is only our ego which makes us think so. Therefore inspite of writing any number of books or giving any number of sermons, who can describe the glory of Guru's Silence, Power and Peace? It is beyond the written and spoken expression.

One who increases our bondage is not our Guru but our burden. He is only a true Guru who releases us from bondage. He is our Guru who leads us from darkness into light, from ignorance into Knowledge and from mortality to Immortality. He is our Guru who enables us to transcend our desire and death.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

"Brahma Jnani beyond body" - Sri Nannagaru's experiences

Once I sat in front of the photo of Ramana Maharishi. I never worshiped Him through puja. Looking at the photo of Bhagavan, I said: “Since that body (Bhagavan’s body) is no more, I am aware that you are not alive or no more existent. Then Bhagavan replied: “Though you may think that I don't exist anymore, it is very much true that you are being chased by me. What is the relationship between existence and body? A Brahma Jnani is not his body even when he is alive. A Jnani never differentiates between the existence or non existence of his body. The Guru tries to take you all to that state. A Brahma Jnani can view even without eyes, can hear even without ears,can work even without hands, can walk even without legs. ”

Leave it to Destiny

When a human being doesn't have forgetfulness, how can God have the same?

Once, Sri Nannagaru asked a devotee: "Did you forget the task that I wanted you to understake? The devotee replied: "No, Nannagaru. I didn't forget it. I am waiting for the appropriate time." Referring to this, Sri Nannagaru said: "When a human being doesn't have forgetfulness, how can God have the same? God is waiting for the appropriate time to mature you and thereby bestow you with liberation."

Not only Self enquiry but Surrender also leads to Self Realization

Once, a devotee asked Sri Nannagaru: "Bhagavan has suggested the path of Self enquiry in order to control the mind. But in spite of doing Self enquiry, my thoughts are not subsiding. They are increasing manifold." Sri Nannagaru replied: "You are trying to cling to a single sentence of Bhagavan and declaring that you are unable to control your mind. Even Self enquiry facilitates in the destruction of the mind. However Lord Krishna narrated several means of destroying the mind in the Gita. Even if one possesses complete faith in the Lord or chants his name or performs japa or meditation, or surrenders himself to the feet of Lord, the mind gets annihilated. Adopt the method that suits you the best and try to annihilate your mind."

One should not desire anything but permit the body's destiny to take its course

Once, an old lady said to Nannagaru: "I have a problem with my husband. He doesn't take his food until I give it with my own hands. Even if daughter-in-law are ready to do, he wants me alone to accomplish all his tasks. Now both of us have become old. If I die before him, he will have to strive a lot. Therefore it is better that he dies prior to me." After she left, Sri Nannagaru said: "Everything happens according to one's body's destiny. If not now, her desire will be fulfilled in some other birth. She will become a widow at a young age. Therefore one should not desire anything but permit the body's destiny to take its course."