Tidbits of Nannagarus talks (Videos)

More Videos available in Parts - Part 1

Nannagaru - 'A True devotee asks only for discriminative faculty'

Nannagaru - 'Silence is the Mother of GOD'

Nannagaru - 'The True Beauty exists within'

Nannagaru - 'Good deeds done selflessly purifies the mind'

Nannagaru - 'Marriages are done only to fulfill your desire'

Nannagaru - 'Make ME(GOD) as your Goal'

Nannagaru - 'Mind attains introversion based on your behaviour in daily life'

Nannagaru - 'Humility is the sign of great people'

Nannagaru - 'Rebirth can be stopped if you experience independent Bliss on your last day'

Nannagaru - 'The importance of chanting the name of Rama'

Nannagaru - 'Sorrow itself shows you the way out if you forbear patiently'

Nannagaru - 'A Jnani's Bliss is undisturbed even if abandoned by entire world'

Nannagaru - 'The Death experience of Bhagwan Sri Ramana'