Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thought word and deed should unite

Thought word and deed should unite. Ego is limited. When foreign matter enters into your body you get fever, similarly life is not uniform always with ups and downs, you should have clarity in thinking then your mind will be pure. Prarabdha (accumulated actions) is to the mind and the body. Definition of Peace = When you are at peace even under any circumstances. Think, watch your thoughts, the first I, the body-bounded I. Indeed-sleep state, relax, no mind, no body, no sense-organs. Nobody possesses 100% happiness. True, real, royal happiness is independent.

Except Brahmam (The Supreme Divinity) everything is created by the mind. Body, mind, sense-organs are all wrong identification. Goutam Buddha, Lord Buddha does not count form, colour, caste etc, He gives importance to the truth inside Me and Give utmost importance to my Heart. By one glance of Buddha 150 people were enlightened. Face is the index of the mind. Love and Help All. Laziness is a sin. Cultivate patriotism towards the country. The Heart gets widened and deepend when you work for the country, then you get closer to God.

"Gurave Namaha" - (By Ramakrishnan)

I first met Nannagaru about 10 years ago in Hyderabad. My cousins took me to see him. I was expecting to see a Guru, who looked like one. In my limited understanding, I was disappointed on seeing a Guru who looked as Normal as a neighbourhood uncle, and not like a sage or hermit. But as time went by, I developed a fondness for him. I think it is also partly due to the fact that I started listening to his audio speeches. Initially I found them extremely humourous as Nanna always expressed some of our egoist actions in a very funny way. For eg, he once said in a speech that we only want to love God as long as we see any utility in worshipping. The moment we dont see things going our way, we would totally forget him and move to try another God. But over the years, I can see what difference listening to his speeches has done to me. I am still severely egoistic and wouldnt call myself truly devotional, but the mere thought of his words gives tremendous emotional and mental strength.

I once visited him in Srisailam where he was speaking about how important "Mumookshatvam" (the mere urge to attain salvation) was.Since I never experienced this, I went to him and requested him to bless me with it. My question got lost in translation and he thought I had asked him "How I could attain mumookshatvam". He instantly replied asking me to "Continue" listening to his speeches and it will happen. The interesting fact is that I never mentioned to him that I listen to his audio all the time. I am also fairly sure that he did understand my question but advised me based on my level of spiritual maturity.

A year later, I visited him in Bhimavaram. Since I was new to the place he enquired if I had any place I could stay during the night. I said I would go to any hotel after the evening satsang. In the evening, he asked me to stay back with him in his house. I slept in his hall and he went to his room and shut the door. The thought that I was sleeping in the house all alone with "Narayana" himself was quite enthralling. After about half an hour, Nanna came out and asked me if I was comfortable sleeping in the hall. I said yes. He then sat with me for some time and spoke with me like a friend. At some point, I couldnt believe this was happening around me. After about 20 minutes, he said he had to go to sleep. He went in and brought me a bottle of mneral water and asked me to keep it. He then asked me to keep looking at the photo of Sri Ramana and then go to sleep. I did accordingly and all night kept waking up in between just to ensure that this was all not a dream.

I have gone through varying emotional experiences in my life so far, and can say that the presence of a Guru in one's life is as important as a loving mother or a caring father, and as we move further, becomes the one and only important thing. It is a gift that everyone will get in their lifetime(s) at one point or the other. But to have the Guru with us right now is something thats definitely a blessing.

I pray for the peace and love that Gurus shed on us and hope that he will keep this sense of spiritual quest alive.

"You are" - (By Paritala Gopi Krishna)

Where are You My Lord? Where are You?

I have searched for You
In temples and ashrams
In masjids and minars
But, I failed to feel You.

I have searched for You
In churches and chapels
In gurudwaras and gopurams
But, I failed to absorb You.

I have searched for You
In discources and bhajans
In meditations and murthis
But, I failed to invoke You.

I have searched for You
In mountains and valleys
In forests and caves
But, I failed to see You.

I have searched for You
In rivers and rivulets
In brooks and lakes
But, I failed to trace You.

I have searched for You
In flowers and fragrances
In the universe and ether
But, I failed to know You.

I have searched for You
In swamis and sadhus
In gurus and samadhis
But, I failed to get You.'

I have searched for You
In japa and tapa
In fasting and reciting
But, I failed to hold on to You.

I have searched for You
In retreats and resolutions
In resorts and rationalisation
But, I failed to meet You.

I have searched for You
Everywhere day and night
It is now beyond my imagination
Reveal Yourself Oh my Lord!

Ah! You are here my Lord, within Me!
Just waiting for me to open up to You
Yes, You will not reveal to half-hearted efforts
Unless I submit myself by thought, word and action

My Lord! You are within me
But, fool am I that
I searched for you outside
Without giving up what I am holding on
And living upto your expectations.

Due to my ignorance and arrogance
I failed to enjoy Your love for me so far
You are just waiting for my correct moves
To take me into Your lap.

Thank You My Lord!
For the transformation
Now, I can see You clearly
In every beam of Sun-rays
In every moon-lit night
In every flower
In every smile
In everything animate and inanimate
In fact, YOU ARE and nothing else.

Thank You My Lord for Your Blessings and Love

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Independent Happiness

When you gain happiness from worldly enjoyments it turns into sorrow. What does exist in this world except likes-dislikes. Awaken into the state, the fearless state, where there is Independent Happiness. The True Mahatma(great soul, saint) is the one whose heart bleeds for the poor. God exists in every Heart, that is the correct address of God, the spiritual Heart. The truth is in the Heart. You should trust yourself and you should trust God.

There should be no faults in the Heart. He is like a Black Horse - means, gentleness and goodness externally but full of conspiracy, cheating, deceit inside. God cannot be deceived by physical exercise. Because God is the indweller in your heart.

"You are forever and forever" - (By Dr.Mithin)

What is the use of seeing you physically Sri Nannagaru? You come and leave.

Let me instead realize you in my Heart. For there you are forever and forever.

In the recesses of my Heart I will sit at your feet and gazing at your face I will chant your name.

Where then is the seperation O Sweet Old Man of Jinnuru!

The Silent Satsang - (By Dr.Mithin Aachi)

The next day again I was late for satsang but fortunately not very late. Sri Nannagaru was just about to sit in the chair.He beckoned me to come closer and sit in front of him but I could not due to space constraint.

Sri Nannagaru thought for a moment and said "Ok no problem. Be seated where you are. It will suffice."

I wondered what he meant by that.

I soon found out.

The next one hour was PURE BLISS.Sri Nannagaru was Silent throughout.Not a word escaped his lips. He closed his eyes and went into deep meditative trance.I watched him for a moment and then decided to feast my eyes on the physical form of Sri Nannagaru.It is a rare birth where one can see God so closely I felt. Let me utilize this oppurtunity to the maximum I decided.I looked looked looked at him. I looked at his face, at his wrinkles at his eyebrows, his head, his arms, his shoulders his waist, his legs, his feet.I drank in with ecstasy the Vision of the Beloved.

To increase my ecstasy Sri Nannagaru raised his left leg and placed it on his right knee.

My face was millimeters away from the left foot sole.

I could see small dust particles sticking to the sole, the creases of the skin, the hue of blood in its veins etc.

Ah! I though mesemerized.

How many millions of Universes lie in this foot. Is that dust particle a galaxy or a universe? It must be a universe for galaxy is such a small thing to come in Sri Nannagaru's foot I thought excitedly.

I saw his skin fold on his toes, the wrinkles, the prints and marvelled at them.

The Great Foot of God coveted by the gods and rakshasas alike!

The Supreme Being Sri Nannagaru!

Lord Subramanya! I thought about all the body marks of Sri Nannagaru which are Self Evident as the birthmarks of Lord Subramanya.

I had only not seen Palani Hill in his body.

I prayed intensely and silently 'I have seen all body marks of Lord Subramanya on your body. Kindly show me Palani Hill.'

No sooner did I pray thus, slowly I saw Palani Hill beautifully carved out on the Being of Sri Nannagaru';s throat. Also I was able to see a Shiva Linga there!

I understood, Sri Nannagaru was not only Lord Subramanyam but also Neelakanta Shiva who drinks the poisons of our lives and gives us the nectar of Bliss!

I left Sri Nannagaru that day and returned in the afternoon to another place where he would be coming. It was from here that Sri Nannagaru would leave to the Railway Station in the evening.

I arrived and soon made my way to the flat.

Already a lot of lady devotees were seated in the flat waiting for the Guru to come. Amidst all of them I felt a little embarassed and quickly left the place.

I arrived again in the evening with my family and introduced my son, wife and mother in law and my neice to Sri Nannagaru. My wife and son had met him previously but my neice and mother in law were meeting him for the first time.

My mother in law was impressed at his peace and my neice felt that she saw Sri Venkateshwara Swamy in him. She was just 14 yrs old

It was then time for us to leave. I saw many Sri Nannagaru devotees staying back for dropping him to the railway station. I felt sad.

Then on an impulse I decided to go the railway station after dropping my family.

Dropping them at home I took out my 1965 Royal Enfield Bullet and raced my way to the railway station.

I arrived and rushed into the Railway Station wondering whether I had missed him.

I hhad not. His train had not arrived and he too was on his way.

I met Ravi Shankargaru in the railway station and we soon saw Sri Nannagaru enter the platform.

He was surrounded by his devotees like Gopika, Greeshma, Karuna etc who formed a human shield of protection around him and quickly ushered him to the place his compartment would stop.

I had a brief eye contact with him and he smiled knowing very well that it was my destiny to be in that railway station that day.

As we came to the place where his train would stop someone asked me 'Where can he wait? Is this the place where the train would come?'

I nodded confident that my enquiries previously from the Coolies were correct.

But can he sit here and wait?

I was immediately answered by a fresh wave of air coming form the fan above.

I gestured that Sri Nannagaru can wait here.

Sri Nannagaru caught my eye looking at the ceiling fan and he looked up and decided to stay there.

I was Stunned at his grace!

But soon some devotees came and told him that a few yards in front there was a better sitting place.

Sri Nannagaru moved to that place and sat. I felt sad that I offered the Guru a poor place to wait where there was no air but the fan was good.

Sri Nannagaru sat on the stone slab for a momnt and then got up and said 'There is no air here. We will go back to the place where the fan is.'

I was stunned again beyond my senses at his Mercy.

A chair was arranged for him and he came and sat there under the fan.

All devotees came and sat around him and there was a huge crowd much to the exasperation of the railway police.

'Who is he?' asked many a curious passerby

'He is Sri Jinnuru Nannagaru' the devotees would reply. The stranger would look at Sri Nannagaru and I would immediately wonder at his great destiny that made him gaze at God.

I was at the end of the crowd hidden from Sri Nannagru's eyes all that time. I was hesitant to approach him because I was wearing chappals. All my life I never wore sandals in front of Sri Nannagaru and I was ashamed that I broke the rule here.

Slowly the train arrived and Sri Nannagaru climbed it.

He stood at the doorway and looked at everyone slowly showering them with Grace.

I stood nearly concealed behind a pillar watching him and saluting him

For a millisecond, his eyes rested on me and there was a perceptible nod.

I raised my salute and his eyes moved on.

I felt thrilled to ecstasy!

Soon he moved inside and the train left.

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

No coming and no going

We think that body is Brahmam, it is body-boundedness. You are deceiving yourself and the world you are in duality. Inside and outside you are body-bounded therefore you are out. You should remain in the self(Atmabhavana). We are in body-boundedness(Deha bhavana) but we think that we are in Atma bhavana (self-bounded), hence no Self-realization. Those who criticize are like a blade of grass, the tail of arrogance is not gone, they are like the eagle which is high in the sky but its sight is on the dead bodies. Scholars also are the same they find faults with others. You are deceiving yourself, even without knowing about Brahmam (the Supreme Being) How will you reach it? Self-realized person does not have any journey, no coming and no going. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa said that I never enjoyed the world even in the dream.