Saturday, April 25, 2020

Narayanam Parabrahmam Sarvakarana Karanam

Addressing to one of the devotees few years back, who lately lost his son, Nannagaru conversed below:

Kausalya was such a kind of a person who did not procure peace either in Mothers place nor in in-laws place. After long time when Rama was born it was a glorious moment for all and it was much more for Kausalya and she was happy and peaceful later. While Rama was exiled, Kausalya had got negative feelings and differences with Kaikeyi.

When Rama was exiled for 14 years, and was about to start his journey he approached Kausalya and addressed all aspects of life. In this world there is one Dharma thats laid out which is, until children are independent by themselves its parents duty to bring them up, and once the children are grown up its their duty to take care of parents by looking after their necessities etc. When such time has arrived to take care of parents I am leaving now without fulfilling my duties.

Nannagaru was narrating what Rama told to Kausalya - We can store money, gold, assets, and whatever we earn materialistically, similarly I will tell one sentence, you store these words similarly in your heart.

"Narayanam Parabrahmam Sarvakarana Karanam" and repeated multiple times.

Narayana means not the diety found in temples, Narayanam means parabrahmam, the one that resides in you and in everyone's hearts as pure consciousness. Sarva karana Karanam means in this life there are many incidents that happen, so everyone have their own destiny and we find reasons for those, but there is one reason which Narayana only knows which is unseen. There is no incident without his conduct, we see reasons but its limited to our mind because we are identifying with our body, but his final message is there is only consciousness. Even if we realize or do not realize there is a reason behind the reasons and that reason is Narayana. We may make mistakes but Narayana will not make any, so let us accept and respect his will. We can not point anything in life and question why this happened this way etc, by accepting alone we shall gain peace. We shall continue to live in world and be aware of the source of reasons.

Just like how you store gold and money in your bank, store it in your heart.

Thus Devotee wrote those words in her heart and rejoices how Guru took our lives in his authority, and sobers all the unhappiness in us in various forms and ways even in amidst of adverse situations.