Monday, September 19, 2011

Who is Jnani?

He who has Jnana (Knowledge) is a Jnani (realized soul). He is only a rishi (sage). There are two types of Jnanis(realized soul):

  • Who realized the self but cannot express about the state to others.
  • Who not only experienced the self but also could preach others about the blissful state; they are called as trainers, prophets and aacharyas.

One who finds the source of mind is a Jnani (realized soul). One who finds the source of nature is a scientist. A scientist is waivered by the events in this world but it is not the same with a Jnani (realized soul). It is because jnani never looks at the world to be different from him.

He who experiences the truth is a sat purusha (jnani). In whose presence your mind senses and heart become calm is a satpurusha.

He who knows (discovers) himself is a Jnani (realized soul). Jnani’s eyes resemble the eyes of a dead sheep. There is only one difference between a jnani and ajnani. Jnani knows that he is the self and he has a body, but ajnani thinks that he is the body and has a self. As the sun is unaware of darkness, so also jnani is unaware of sorrow. Our likes and dislikes are the root cause of our sorrow and who overcomes them is a jnani. Jnanis body is a temple. God takes up the burden of protecting Jnanis body.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

True love is contained only in the self (Aatman)

My Dear Friends! When you cannot bear a single word from others how can you bear the self (Aatman)? What you get in movies or in this world are just feeling. Feeling brings you delusion which in turn binds you. But the true love is contained only in the self (Aatman) that gives you the energy to get released from the delusion.

You are saying Self (Aatman) is the witness for all our actions. But when there is nothing apart from self (Aatman) then for whom it acts as the spectator? - asked Sri Ramana. Beauties of the self (Aatman) are not revealed to you until and unless you go beyond the nature, Gods, the worlds and the tendencies.

Self (Aatman) is beyond reasoning but not against it. This is because today our so called advanced science has not been able to find out the formulation of the five elements in this nature – then how can we expect it to find out the self (Aatman)?

"Sweetness is his nature" - (By Pingali Surya Sundaram)

Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi is embodiment of “Advaita” (Monoism). He is living embodiment of the principles of Adi Sankaracharya.

Sri Ramana attained Self-Realisation without any Sadhana (Spiritual practice or effort) or Upadesham (Preaching). At that time he did not possess any basic knowledge nor did he know one single word Brahman (the Supreme). He is remaining in that blissful state for more than half a century in the living form, preached to the seekers.

Sri Ramana did not give initiation to anybody. But after his leaving the body, he blessed few great souls by giving vision (dharshan). He awakened the spiritual power which rested in the sleeping state of these great and blessed souls, Sri Jinnuru Nannagaru is one.

From nearly half a century Sri Nannagaru by his compassionate nature in his special manner is giving discourses mainly based on Sri Ramanas teachings, subtle gross and the quality of goodness. He uses very simple language and does not use any words or sentences from any Shatras (Basic knowledge). He refers and teaches from the situations in our daily life, conduct and behavior pattern for our spiritual progress which directly enter into our heart. He proves that for spiritual progress Shastra knowledge is not the only requirement. But this does not mean that Sri Jinnuru Nannagaru does not possess Shastra knowledge which is clearly revealed in this book.

“Adi Sankara Tatva Bhodha” and “Viveka Chudamani” are the two famous books on which questions were asked by a seeker and this book is a collection and union of answers and nearly in all answers Sri Ramana Maharshi is seen. This is the specialty of this book.

It was the desire of Sri Jinnuru Nannagaru that I should write the introduction note for this book. I humbly accept the honor and goodness extended to me and express my whole hearted gratitude for giving me this opportunity

"I sense is Non sense" - (By Dr.Mithin)

I hastily made my way through the crowded station at 5.30 in the morning towards the compartment in which Sri Nannagaru had come. His devotees pointed him out to me and I happily went and prostrated to him.

"I read your article in the Mountain Path journal. Arunachala-Karunachala." He smiled. "You write very nicely. Your English is ornamental."

I smiled and replied "The body cannot write. So it is you alone who have written it through this body as Chaitanya.( Conciousness ).

He smiled and put his hand over my shoulders like a friend and walked towards the car.

He got into the car and went to SR Nagar as we followed him in other cars.

We all went and sat around him in the flat.

During the satsangh he looked at me and said "Write when you get the 'feeling'. Dont write just like that. Write only when you get the 'feeling'. You will become a writer then."

He looked at me and smiled. I nodded. Next he asked me about my article and my discovery of Karunachala.

"Is there really such a mountain under the sea?"

I nodded. "Is there proof?"

I nodded and again showed him the terrain scan photos of Karunachala.

He looked at them and smiled.

"It is in the Pacific Ocean." I said.

He nodded.

"Will this in anyway help in Self Realization?" he asked and smiled.

I was struck dumb. "No" I said slowly.

He smiled and nodded.

"Your name is Mithin Aachi?" he asked smiling.

I nodded as other devotees began to giggle.

He closed his eyes for a moment.

He opened them again and said "They are calling you Mithin Aacharya!"

There was ripples of laughter across the devotees. I laughed but was struck dumb.

Who were the 'they' I felt.

Was there an unknown world that Nanna was communing with,I wondered.

He smiled again.

"You will attain Oneness with the Universe," he said "In this life you will attain God Realization." He said and smiled.

I looked on at him.

He next pointed out a lady behind me.

"She is also a refined soul." He said.

I turned around and looked at Mrs L who was watching Nanna intensely smiling.

She was the same lady whom Nanna had asked a few weeks back whether she wanted Moksha or wanted to come to Hyd.

She had just looked at him

He had added then "To come to Hyderabad you dont think.You climb a train and come. But when moksha is being offered to you then the mind doubts. Anyways think about it and tell me. When the time comes I will open the gates."

Today morning as I sat in front of him he said "You dont have any doubts na Aachi?"

The devotees giggled.

I nodded and said "Yes, Nannagaru, I dont have any doubts." Mentally I thought...when I have surrendered what should I doubt?

He nodded and smiled.

He looked at another lady for sometime.

"The body is not our natural state. We think it is.But it is not. We are eternally the Truth. Even now we are the Truth. But we think we are body thats why we dont realize our true nature. What we were in deep sleep when we dont have a body, we are now also. But we dont realize it. The body comes due to mind associating with it and works its way through prarabdha. Highs and lows come out of prarabdha but our true nature remains unaffected. Destiny will work out through the body. We need not worry or exult in sad or happy states for those are not what we are."

He paused.

"Bhagwan never encouraged people to see their faults. If someone came to him and said 'I am a bad person.' He would say 'You are neither bad nor even good. You just are. So just be."

"Sex is due to body conciousness. One who feels he has a body will not transcend the idea of sex. Jesus said that some people were born eunuchs but some had become eunuchs for Him, in their search for Truth. He said it is better to marry than to burn. This is a path and a high teaching. But do not think that if you dont marry you will attain Realization. Bhagawan teaching path was different. He asked us to see from where the sex thought comes. Once you know the Source of the thought (mind+body) you realize its not you and hence can transcend it. Other teachers taught us how to modify habits. But Bhagawan taught us to root out habits by knowing the Source of habits. Its a very high teaching. When one knows there is nothing seperate to enjoy then the yearning for enjoyment ceases."

"Feeling proud due to praising by others leads to higher manifestation of body consciousness. We can transcend sex and anger but to transcend feeling proud when showered with praise is the most difficult. By praising others you invariably help in the karma of increasing body consciousness which ultimately leads to rebirth. If you praise Dr that he has done a good surgery, you will increase the idea of body consciousness in him. Instead if Mr X comes and someone says Dr has done a nice surgery he will say 'He has done his duty, thats all.' This sort of words will not lead to feeling of pride and hence will help Dr in losing body consciousness over a period of time. A person who is accustomed to praise will never have introversion of mind. He will have expectations from the extroverted mind. Hence equanimity of mind is very important. It is a basic principle."

"Someone asked me why dont you meet other Bhagawan's devotees? I replied ' Where are ""they"" in Bhagwan's devotees. It is all One. Whom to meet and Whom not to?"

Then he looked at me and said " The basic teaching I give you today is this. The basic principle of Bhagwan's is 'I-sense' is nonsense. Repeat it."

I repeated it.

"Yes. I-sense is nonsense. When there is no 'I' where is the world? Your true nature is That. It is not the mind or the body. You exists in all states. It is Truth."

He paused.

"This is PURE SCIENCE. Now it has to be applied. Then it becomes APPLIED SCIENCE."

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.