Monday, May 7, 2018

What Is, Is NANNA! - (By A Devotee)

My experience with Nannagaru, though short, contained all I needed for a life time. In America, I had, for several years gone to school, and been like any normal student. It wasn’t until my mom had gone to India, to Nannagaru, that my life began to change. Before I had even heard the word spirituality, or of Nannagaru and Bhagavan’s teachings, when I looked at a photo of Nannagaru or Bhagavan, I felt like there was something else to the photo. It was something strange, that I couldn’t understand. This, actually, kind of made me a bit scared to look at any of the few photos we had in our house. But then, in 5th grade, I started to understand what this feeling was.

Love Itself Is The Actual Form Of God!

It all started on a day like any other, in 5th grade, where I had just come home from school. I had a English essay I had to finish for my teacher, so I thought I’d work on it. When I opened my laptop, I saw the Sadguru Sri Nannagaru website open, and on the home page. I saw a specific picture of Nannagaru and for some reason, stood up to get a paper and pencil. Then, I just started sketching by looking at the photo. I didn’t know what to expect or what I was doing. I was just doing what I felt. There was just something that came over me, which I can never put into words.When I finished sketching, I showed my mom. Later, after we had gone out for an art show, I colored it using color pencils. The result was to my extreme surprise, for I had zero experience in drawing people. This changed my life from any regular student, to one for Nannagaru.

Bhagavan’s Assurance!

From then on, I no longer cared much for the world, but instead found my interest in Nannagaru and Bhagavan. I started to understand what illusion this world really is, and what a human’s role is in life. Then, one night, I had a dream, where Bhagavan came, and merely said that the world is not real and that I was to find out soon. I woke up in deep surprise, unsure of what to think of my dream, except that I now knew what my path was.

Trust in Guru is only Sadhana!

One day, while returning from the mall, all of a sudden, I looked at my mom, and I could feel myself starting to cry, wondering why my mom was so peaceful and got to see Nannagaru so much, when I couldn’t.

Then, I worked on a charcoal art piece and when it was finished, sent it to Nannagaru through my mom’s friend. I waited for a while and when I got the video of Nannagaru seeing the art, I just cried a lot for some reason. When Nannagaru asked who did it, people were explaining who did it, but just by my name he seemed to recognize me, even after I hadn’t been to India for 5 years! The smile he gave then was simply beautiful.
Guru’s First Glance!

Next, during Winter Break at school, we came to India, and met Nannagaru for the first time that I can remember. It was only for two days but was simply amazing. I can only say I saw him for about 15-20 minutes because I had to also watch my brother outside. But in those few minutes, he smiled at me in an unforgettable way.

Surrender To Me, I’ll Take Care Of You!

For 6th grade, I was starting Middle school so I went for a camp to prepare us and teach us what middle school would be like. One of the camp days, we were reseting our school network passwords and I was unsure what to change mine to. Then, the idea of using Arunachala as my network password came to me and I was happy with the password and awed at how quickly I got saved from not having a reset password.

Selfless Work!
One Look, One Touch, One Word!

In the Fall of 2017, I had convinced my mom to let me miss a few days of school and see Nannagaru again. When I saw him, I gave him a charcoal drawing, and how much he appreciated it was both surprising, and inspiring. Then, during the morning section of the Birthday Celebrations, I got the opportunity to give him another charcoal drawing. This time, things came out in a completely unexpected way. Nannagaru, simply adored it, not to mention I was in complete awe, and with his will, for the first time, I had felt his gracious touch. I learned an important lesson that day, “any work that is done with selflessness, has its own rewards, if not pride.” That day probably raised into the best day in my life.

While at this trip, I also got some books blessed by Nannagaru, and out of all the books I’ve read, these are my favorite. Among these are The Gita for Children by Roopa Pai and Letters from Ramanashram by Suri Nagamma. These two books inspired me very much, but Nannagaru, the day he gave The Gita book to me, seemed to like it very much. Then, when I had read the book, the way it was styled in writing, and the lessons to learn from it were in direct relation to the type of reading I liked. It seemed Nannagaru had understood me to the point that he also knew how much I liked story based books.

Nanna Is Working!

In Art class at school, we were doing a paper mache “culture sculpture”, in which we each made our own sculpture that represents you in some way. I had many ideas like doing a paintbrush but suddenly I got one undefeatable idea. I thought I’d do a sculpture of Arunachalam! I wasn’t sure what made me do it, for I knew a realistic mountain would be very time taking. But I still did it. It was amazing how when I did something like this, time worked in my favor. In fact, I finished two days prior to the due date!

The Outer Guru Is Saying That The Real Guru Is Within!

Later, in December, my mom went and came back from India without me, and saw Nannagaru. Then, on December 29th, I was sleeping, and my mom was trying to wake me up. Knowing that my mom never wakes me up by shaking me, I looked at her very confused. Then she broke the news of Nannagaru’s samadhi to me. I couldn’t help but cry. For some reason that day, I could not be myself. Whenever I got a chance, I’d look at the few pictures I had of him, hoping for assurance that he was still here.

Then, on an unexpected day in January, I got my assurance. I had a piano recital that day, and was very nervous. I had practiced the song I was playing and mastered it to the best of my ability. When I was in line to go up for my performance, for a minute second, a force overcame my body, and I just heard Nannagaru’s voice, “I am still here.” I didn’t know what to make of it, except that now I knew 100% that he is there with me. When I went to perform, I did make many mistakes, but I felt they didn’t matter that much since the main event for me was my assurance of Nannagaru’s presence.

Have Faith In Yourself!

Once, my school friend texted me a inappropriate message which was seen by my parents. They, like any other parents guarded me and corrected me to be careful. I, within myself struggled a lot thinking, “Is this something I really want Bhagavan?” and I slept thinking over it.

The next day, I had another dream where Nannagaru’s voice was echoing saying that, “Your path is spirituality.”

Nannagaru has changed my life in many ways, and has always shown me the way to go. He had given me the initiative towards art and math, and has warned me of what to expect in my teenage years. He is my best friend and my inspiration. He is an embodiment of love, compassion, and kindness and I believe that he is still here with us today, and will always be there for a tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Kanchi Paramacharya in my Dream - Sri Nannagaru

I have a special place for Kanchi Paramacharya within my Heart. He was the embodiment of simplicity. True beauty lies only in simple living. Once he came into my dream and placed two fruits in my hand. I was very happy but a little hesitant to accept the fruits. Then he said: "Are you aware what these fruits are? They are Beauty and Truth. That which is Beautiful is always Truth and that which is Truth is always beautiful. Both of them are one and the same. Dont differentiate between them. They are one and only one ie the experience of Advaita. If we attain such advaitic experience all our karmas will be burnt away."

When you perform any task without any desire, you will attain the desire less state

A poor girl got medical seat in 'B' category. As she wasn't in a position to pay her fees, Sri Nannagaru donated her entire fees. However in the second counseling, she got 'A' category seat. Therefore she came to Sri Nannagaru in order to return back the fees. However Sri Nannagaru refused to accept. Sri Nannagaru said: "You purchase good clothes and the expensive books using that money and lead the life of a normal student." Referring to that girl, Sri Nannagaru said: "She wanted to return back the money. But if accept it, it will be wrong on my behalf. When we perform any task without any desire, we will attain the desire less state. Then the Self within is revealed as 'I'. It is called as Karma Yoga. However if it has to be narrated in the words of Bhagavan, Bhagavan would ask us: Who has given you the money? The entire money belongs to God. If the sweet in the left hand is placed in the right hand, can anyone call it as donation? All the wealth belongs to God. He is the Supreme Master. The giver is God and the recipient is also God. Therefore if you say that 'I have donated', who is this 'I' you are referring to? You can't attain Self Knowledge without the annihilation of that'I'."

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

"About Sri Nannagaru" - Dr. Usha (an article shared with a Kerala magazine)

Nannagaru which in Telugu means Revered father is an epitome of Love, light, compassion & solace to seekers of all kinds. He was realized through Extreme love for Bhagavan Ramana at a very young age., From whence people started flocking to him in huge numbers. Not only truth seekers but people of all categories came to him. Few for financial help,few for health issues,marriage issues,kids issues,job issues & every other issues. He would receive all of them with the same warmth & compassion & guide them in a way that everyone went home with hope & contentment.

He was a pillar of support to thousands of families & was more like a God father guiding them smoothly through life’s difficulties. When it came to spirituality, he was a class of his own. He would capture the hearts of all Devotees with grace & divinity. Many experienced glimpses of enlightenment in his presence. Always clad in pure white clothes & ordinary footwear, he traveled far & wide spreading the light & teachings of Bhagavan in a way that even layman & illiterates understood his message.

Unlike many modern saints & sages he never had any restrictions or Privacy. He was available to all at all times.He served society in a way that is unimaginable to people of present times. As Jesus said ’Let not the left hand know what the right hand has served’, he spent every penny of what he received to uplift humanity from need & suffering. His goal was to bring humanity out of suffering. There were many instances where he literally absorbed the sorrow of people in pain & loss.

His very look would calm many hungry souls & his words healed their hearts. His teachings were extraordinary & holistic. There was not a topic he hasn’t covered nor left any path unattended. He gave importance to all faiths & all religions & guided them all within to attain the oneness which is the essence of all religions!

In a nutshell Nannagaru was the guiding light in the form of Loving father,mother,friend., closest relative & Guru who guided Devotees to an inner life with ease, washing out all troubles to each one of them making their effort effortless & filled their hearts with peace eternal!

Friday, March 16, 2018

"Everything happens as per Gods will" - Day by Day with Sri Nannagaru

You must possess neither too much nor too less of money

A Collector's wife said to Sri Nannagaru: "My husband has a great honour in the society but he has not saved much money." Sri Nannagaru replied: "Don't you have sufficient savings? What will you do by earning more money? Your daughter's marriage is already completed. They are already employees of a bank. Even you will get pension on retiring from your job. Though you don't have surplus money, the money you possess is sufficient. If you have excess money, you will be constantly afraid of the Income tax raids. Also excess money will slowly pollute your mind. Possessing money is equivalent to wearing slippers. The slippers should be neither too small nor too big. If they are too small, you will get prickled by the thorns. If they are too big, you may slip down. Similarly you must possess neither too much nor too less of money."

Keep your 'I intact but make it as servant of God

A devotee said: "Nannagaru! These days I am being subject to fear. However, Bhagavan had asked us to get rid of 'i'(ego). I am habituated to chant the name of Ramana. But whenever I chant his name, I am reminded that Bhagavan has asked us to get rid of the 'i' ie ego. Once I am reminded of that, I am being subject to fear. I am afraid what will happen to me once I lose the 'i'?" Sri Nannagaru replied: "Don't lose anything. Keep your 'i' intact and make it as servant of God. Whatever has to happen will happen. As Hanuman always stayed at the feet of Lord Rama, even you place your 'i' at the feet of Lord Rama. Hanuman used to carry out the task assigned to him. Again He used to return back to the feet of Lord Rama. Similarly, even you carry out your task and put back your'i' at the feet of God." The devotee said: "Nannagaru! Your reply has been very satisfactory. I will act according to your instruction." Sri Nannagaru said: "Now, you will not be subject to fear anymore."

All your sorrow will be converted into Bliss when you experience that everything happens as per God's will

A devotee asked Sri Nannagaru: "Nannagaru! It is said that everything is happening as per God's will. It is alright as long as we read it or hear it. But when the situation demands, we are unable to digest it." Sri Nannagaru replied: "Even after performing spiritual practices for 100 births, you may or may not understand the above sentence. If you are able to bring it into experience, even a heap of sorrow will get converted into a heap of Bliss."

You resemble the fish caught in a net if you are happy due to external circumstances

Once, Sri Nannagaru asked a college principal: "How are you?" The principal replied: "I am alright. All my sons, daughters, daughters-in-law and grandchildren are alright. All of them are doing well. I am doing well only because they are doing well." Referring to this principal, Sri Nannagaru said: "All of you resemble the fish caught in a fisherman's net. The Master of the net has thrown the net into water. All of you are caught in that net. When the master of the net arrives and pulls out the net from water, unable to find water, you will become breathless and then die. Until the arrival of the death god, enjoy that blissful ignorance. There is nothing worthwhile of being proud in this entire Universe. What is man's life when compared to eternity?"

Being completely devoid of tendencies is much more difficult than attaining Self Knowledge

A devotee asked Sri Nannagaru: "Some people state that until all the tendencies are annihilated, Self Knowledge cannot be attained. However some people state that it is easy to attain Self Knowledge but it is very difficult to become completely devoid of tendencies. Is it true that tendencies exist even after attaining Self Knowledge?" Sri Nannagaru replied: "We can infer that sometimes tendencies do exist even after attaining Self Knowledge. For instance, in spite of attaining Self Knowledge, Sage Vishwamitra built the Trishanku heaven and got ruined. To take another instance, in order to test Vyasa Maharishi, Mother Annapoorna ensured that he didn't get food for 4 days. Then in a great rage Vyasa Maharishi became ready to curse the city of Kashi. Instantly Mother Annapoorna appeared before him and said: "You have become ready to curse the city of Kashi! I will not curse you but will order you to live in the outskirts of Kashi. Therefore Vyasa Maharishi lived in the Vyasa Kashi and continued with his writings. Thus it is possible that one may get ruined in spite of attaining Self Knowledge. Hence being completely devoid of tendencies is much more difficult than attaining Self Knowledge"

You need not give up chanting the name of Lord in the name of Self enquiry

Sri Nannagaru asked a devotee: "Which God's name are you chanting?" The devotee replied: "I am chanting neither Rama's name nor Krishna's name nor Shiva's name. I am doing the Self enquiry as prescribed by Bhagavan." Referring to her Sri Nannagaru said: "She got a good hold over Bhagavan's preaching. Hence self enquiry is enough for her. But we need not give up chanting the name of Lord taking her as an ideal."

Your doer-ship alone is the cause of your sorrow

A devotee came to Sri Nannagaru and said: "I have been doing medical practice along with my son-in-law. But recently we had a dispute. I had a slip of my tongue and said to him: 'It is all due to our hard work that today you and your wife are able to roam in a car.' My son-in-law became angry and replied: 'Now we will not use that car anymore.' He didn't stop there. He further said: "We will leave this place and set up our own medical practice.' Nannagaru! This is subjecting me to an intense grief and anxiety." Sri Nannagaru replied: "Why should you become so anxious? Let him set up his own medical practice. Till now he has been dependent. Now he will become independent." Then the devotee said: "Their departure is not making me sorrowful. But I am subject to sorrow when I remember that they are leaving only because of me". Sri Nannagaru said: "It is only called as doer-ship. Why do you consider yourselves responsible of their departure? It happened thus as God has ordained the same. Your doer-ship alone is the cause of your sorrow. Until the doer-ship is annihilated, sorrow becomes inevitable."

Adopt the harmonizing path

A devotee narrated the following to Sri Nannagaru: "Someone asked me: 'Which path is prescribed by your Guru? Is it the path of Karma or Bhakti or Dhyana or that of Jnana?' I could not give him an apt answer." Sri Nannagaru replied: "Tell them: 'My Guru prescribes the path that harmonizes all the above paths.' Not only now but if you are asked the same question anytime in future, tell them: 'My Guru's path is the Harmonizing path'."

Joy is different from Enjoy. That which emanates from God is Joy

Sri Nannagaru asked a devotee: 'How are you?' The devotee replied: 'I am alright. I am killing my time in some form or the other.' Sri Nannagaru felt :" In spite of being a very rich man, he has spoken thus. It may be due to an unknown sorrow and un-fulfillment. As long as one enjoys the worldly things, they are bound to become sorrowful. Joy is different from Enjoy. That which emanates from God is Joy. It will gradually lead them to the sorrow less state through constant remembrance of God and performance of spiritual practices."

To see wrong in others is one's own wrong

Sri Nannagaru said to one of the devotees: "Gandhiji and Kanchi Paramacharya have mentioned several things regarding 'What life has taught me.' Narrate to me any lessons that you have learnt from your life." The devotee said: "One should stop finding faults with others; rather one should find one's own faults." Sri Nannagaru replied: "Bhagavan has mentioned this more wonderfully. He said: 'To see wrong in others is one's own wrong.' Whatever flaw you see in others exists even within you. If you are not able to see any flaw in others, it implies that you are completely flawless. If you are flawless, you can't see any flaw in others though they may possess a particular flaw." Then the devotee again said: "I have realized that the wealth of Divine Qualities is the true wealth." Sri Nannagaru said: "Divine Qualities refer to those qualities which lead us towards the Divine. If you possess at least one good quality amongst those Divine Qualities, you will be decorated with the other Divine Qualities automatically."