Monday, February 18, 2019

Sadguru Nannagaru explains verse 40 of Aksharamanamala - Source: 23-11-88 Srungavruksham

Sadguru Nannagaru explains verse 40 of Aksharamanamala

Grant me wisdom, I beseech Thee, so that I may not pine for love of Thee in ignorance, Oh Arunachala!

When you have a great desire for money but you don't get it and whatever work you do becomes a failure, how much you will cry is unimaginable. This bride called Ramana is saying:'Oh! Arunachala, dont make me subject to such sorrow'. This sorrow is similar to the ones who has a great desire to win an election but loses the same. Recently a politician won an election after several attempts. When he was asked: 'Who are you?', he neither mentioned his caste nor his party name but referred to himself as the President. His unfulfilled desire became fulfilled after a long struggle. So he forgot his caste, religion and party name also. When he was suddenly asked about his whereabouts, he referred to himself as the President. His desire for that position makes him say so. Oh! Arunachaleswara, you made me develop the craving and yearning for you but cannot be reached. Having developed the yearning for you, if I cannot reach you, I will be subject to a great sorrow. Please dont subject me to such a pathetic state. Oh! Arunachaleswara, if this is not a pathetic state, whatelese is this? I developed love for you, I developed desire for you but cannot attain you. My heart is unable to attain you. When I want to see with my eyes, I am able to see my money and power only but not you. I desire to attain you but I dont understand how to attain you. I have a great desire to get liberated but I dont know how to get liberated. You have to reveal that secret. You have unveil that clue or puzzle. I have this pathetic state as I lack the knowledge to attain you. This is the root cause of my sorrow. Will you subject me to so much sorrow, Arunachaleswara? It is alright even if you completely abandon me. But you dont so so. You create the craving within me to attain you but are not attainable. Have you understood my helplessness, Oh! Arunachala? Though you may not bestow me with Supreme Knowledge, please show me the path to liberation, Oh! Arunachaleswara. You are only my path as well as goal. My path and goal are not different. You are only my way, my God, my husband, my friend as well as salvation. You are my everything. I need nothinglese other than you. Whether I open or close my eyes I see you alone. Whereever I see, I see nothingelse other than you. So I have an intense yearning to reach you. If I reach you, I wont have this suffering. Why are you making me subject to this sorrow and suffering? Please show me the path. It is a pathless path but not visible to eyes. Hence show me the path, Arunachaleswara. There is a necessity for you to show me the path. Dont exhibit escapism here. I can overcome this sorrow only if you bestow me with Self Knowledge. So protect me by bestowing with Self Knowledge. That which is the final truth, that by knowing which nothing else needs to be known, that by knowing which I get drowned in the ocean of Bliss, such an ocean of Bliss is within my Heart. So bestow me with your Grace to find such truth. As long as you dont do it, this sorrow, births,coming-going, disease, journey becomes inevitable. The bodies change, the circumstances change and the countries change but the ego doesnt change after death. Get rid of this ignorance and ego before the death approaches. If not, you will get a new body and new circumstances. Ego is the root cause of all the problems. So resolve this problem called ego. The loss that you incur is indescribable if you die without securing Self Knowledge. None can estimate such loss. Comfort is necessary but control is much more important. When you lack control, howmany ever comforts you may have, they will bring you sorrow only. So what is the root cause of sorrow? It is ignornace. Unless the ignorance is annihilated, sorrow becomes inevitable. Oh! Arunachaleswara, Jnana cannot be attained without shraddha. Please bestow me with that shraddha by developing which I can secure Jnana.

Source: 23-11-88 Srungavruksham

Sadguru Nannagaru explains verse 39 of Aksharamanamala - Source: 23-11-88 Srungavruksham

Sadguru Nannagaru explains verse 39 of Aksharamanamala

(A dog can scent out its master); am I then worse than a dog? Steadfastly I will seek Thee and regain Thee, Oh Arunachala!

Oh! Arunachala, am I meaner than dog? When a dog gets strayed from its Master, it tries to reach him back by sensing the odour of his footsteps. Oh! Arunachala, you are my Master. Let me search, seek and merge within you. Oh! Arunachala, where are you? You are within my heart. How are you there? You exist in the form of Self. Where does this 'i' sense originate from? It originates from the heart. There are many people who dont accept the existence of God. But are there any people here who dont accept their existence? Noone gets angry when the existence of God is negated but everyone gets angry when their existence is negated. Everyone of us refer to ourselves as 'i'. But what is the origin of this 'i'? Look into the source of this 'i'. Till then one cannot get rid of their ego, births, bodies, diseases, rebirths, sorrows, anxieties.Where is the source of this 'i'? It is within you. Till you realize this, you cannot come out of this conflict and disturbance. Find out that source. That source only is your Master, God, liberation, nirvana, perfection, peace and eternity. When you find out that source, the i which is limited to the body, senses, world, ego, sex subsides and an unlimited 'I' which is not limited to either birth-death or religion or caste arises in its place. The limited 'i' cannot exist without the unlimited 'I' whereas the unlimited 'I' can exist without the limited 'i'. Whatever you are referring to is not the true 'i'. Therefore you are being asked to seek 'Who am I?' This is pure logical. What other logic do you need other than this?
All of us dont seek for Atmananda (Self related Bliss). We only seek arthikaananda (Money related bliss). If the amount of effort put to achieve arthikananda is put towards achieving Atmananda, the Self gets revealed. If you have to experience an indescribable and eternal Bliss, you have to know the source of your mind. When the mind tries to know its source, it loses its existence. Hence the mind doesnt like making that effort. Therefore the mind states: 'There are several subjects in this world. Try to learn any of them but dont bother me. Every person may feel that he is thinking great. But who is that thinker? You may claim of doing Japa. But who is the one that performs Japa? Ramana says: ' I is the source of all the thoughts. Dive deep and Seek the source of this i. As a strayed dog tries to reach its Master by sensing the odour of his footsteps, catch hold of this 'i', introvert your mind, make self enquiry and experience the Self'. Seek for the Self. It will certainly be revealed. Without knocking the door, who will open the door? To master any science, one should have the seeking to know. There should be an intense yearning. Lord Krishna called this as shraddha ie to know. When there is a seeking to know the Self, it will certainly be revealed. You need not count the foot steps. Even if you walk while chatting with your fellowmates, you will reach your destination. Similarly if you are in the journey to reach the Self, you will certainly reach it. Bhagavan said: 'Oh! Arunachala, I have not become so mean. I have not become totally idiotic. I can do the work of a dog. I will seek for you and find out your whereabouts. I will search for truth and reach you. Oh! Arunachala, I wont leave you. I will certainly merge within you. I will unveil your secret. Whereever you are I will reach you'.

Source: 23-11-88 Srungavruksham

Friday, February 15, 2019

Sadguru Nannagaru explains verse 38 of Aksharamanamala Source: 23-11-88 Srungavruksham

Sadguru Nannagaru explains verse 38 of Aksharamanamala

Thou didst display Thy prowess once, and the perils ended, return to Thy repose, Oh Arunachala!

Oh! Arunachaleswara, you have shown your prowess to eradicate the ignorance within the bride called Ramana. Having eliminated the ignorance of Ramana, Arunachala sat down as if he knew nothing. Arunachala neither talked to Ramana nor enquired about his welfare. He did his work calmly and silently. Arunachala conducted this operation in such a manner that not even an iota of pain or disturbance was found in Ramana's face. Arunachaleswara is surgeon of surgeons. Even without Ramana's knowledge, He has eradicated Ramana's ignorance painlessly. Bhagavan said: 'What a prowess you have displayed Arunachala! What a skill you have displayed Arunachala! If you have performed operation upon me without my knowledge, is that skill mine or your's? It became possible to you as you are a Divine being. Is this ever possible for a human being?' Working people never come into limelight. Arunachaleswara works silently and is not concerned with words. Which friend or relative can do this help that Arunachala has done to Ramana?
Once a devotee asked Bhagavan: ' As Srikrishna performed great deeds like lifting the Govardhana Hill, even I would like to perform great deeds like Lord Krishna. Please bestow me with such power' Then Bhagavan replied:'Did Lord Krishna ever tell you that he has performed great deeds or is it you who thinks that Lord Krishna has done great deeds? Krishna never felt it as a great deed. He did it as naturally as we wash our face or drink water or take bath or eat food etc., Great people never come into limelight. All the help is received from them automatically. Thats the reason this world can never understand a great man. It is very difficult to understand either a rishi or a mahatma or a Jnani. It is very easy to misunderstand them. Once someone criticized Bhagavan Ramana in a public meeting that was attended by me. When I mentioned this to Mahadevan garu, Mahadevan garu said: 'What happens if one tries to spit over Sun? Will it reach him? No. It falls back on their face'. As the society lacks the greatness, it can never understand a great man. When you dont have a great quality, you cannot acknowledge it in others. We are so petty minded that we think: it is enough if it rains in my field. It is alright even if it doesn't rain in other's fields. It is enough if I get the sunlight. It doesn't matter even if others dont receive it. Will Sun ever think like this? No. He occupies the entire world. Why? To give his light. This is the attribute of a Mahatma. Why is God expecting surrender from us? It is only to reform us and not to make us slaves. Bhagavan said: ' You have relinquished my maya and ignorance. You have done this help very silently. Who can praise your glory? Who can speak express your glory in words? Having done such a great help, you have remained silent. So who can speak about your glory?'

Source: 23-11-88 Srungavruksham

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Sadguru Nannagaru explains verse 37 of Aksharamanamala - Source: 23-11-88 Srungavruksham

Sadguru Nannagaru explains verse 37 of Aksharamanamala

Happiness lies in peaceful repose enjoyed when resting in the Self. Beyond speech indeed is Thy prowess resting in the Self. Beyond speech indeed is this my State, Oh Arunachala!

Oh! Arunachaleswara, I have become lazy not being of any use to this world. I have transcended the dualities. I have transcended the ignorance and ego. Whatelse do I have other than the state of blissful sleep? We all try to earn honour and fame. Does Ramanaswami have anything to earn? Does he have others in order to earn fame from them? So he has nothing to work. A Jnani has nothing to work on this earth. If a Jnani has any work to perform, he cannot be called as Jnani. What is blissful sleep? We are all happy and blissful in deep sleep. All of us desire sleep. Why? It is for the sake of bliss and happiness. If we are unable to sleep, we use sleeping pills. The peace that we cant get from the senses, mind, money, fame and education is experienced in deep sleep. So there is an unknown bliss in deep sleep which every Jiva craves for. So I have nothing else to earn other than having a deep sleep state says the bride Ramana to the bridegroom Arunachaleswara. All of us are sleeping well. But what Ramanaswami means here is that we all should sleep well in the waking state. There should be the consciousness pertaining to waking state and the bliss relating to deep sleep- this is what is meant by blissful sleep. Does a woman consider herself as a woman in deep sleep? No. Does a man consider herself as a man in deep sleep? No. Does an Indian consider himself as an Indian in deep sleep? No. Does an American consider himself as an American in deep sleep? No. Does a Russian consider himself as a Russian in deep sleep? No. Only you exist in deep sleep but not the illusions created by you. There is neither ego nor nation nor sex nor color in deep sleep. But you exist in deep sleep. Once you wake up from sleep, you say I have slept well. If you dont exist in deep sleep, how can you say so? You exist but not your illusions in the deep sleep. Does your Jesus Christ or  Mohammad or Rama or Krishna or any other god exist in deep sleep? No. The world itself doesn't exist in deep sleep. It is because you have world in the waking state, you are searching for God. Attaining such blissful sleep state ie transcending dualities and securing oneness alone is my goal. It is only the true state. It is only the eternal state, the eternal peace and liberation. It is only my goal. Does Ramana swami need anything related to this world? No. He is untouched by all the things related to the world. As far as the world is concerned, he has died. Therefore Ramanaswami is referring himself as lazy. He is above this world. Ramana Maharishi is bodiless, mindless and godless. The question of god arises only when you identify yourselves with a body. But once Self Realization is secured there is no question of either body or world or god. Who is Ramana Maharishi? He is bodiless, mindless and worldless. You must stay in the world and secure the worldless state. So Bhagavan says: What else is my goal other than securing such a state? Do I have any other destination or ideal other than liberation? No.

Source: 23-11-88 Srungavruksham

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Sadguru Nannagaru explains verse 36 of Aksharamanamala - Source: 23-11-88 Srungavruksham

Sadguru Nannagaru explains verse 36 of Aksharamanamala

In silence Thou saidst, 'Stay silent!' and Thyself stood silent, Oh Arunachala!

Aksharamanamala- This is not a garland that gets worn out. It is a garland of letters prepared by the bride called Ramana Maharishi for the sake of bridegroom called Arunachaleswara. This garland remains forever. For whose sake is this garland being prepared? It is for our sake so that we can read it, assimilate it and thereby get liberated.
Oh! Arunachala you have asked us to remain silent and you have mentioned this in your silence and not in words. We cannot remaint silent even for 5 minutes. We can speak for any amount of time but cannot remain silent because we are not habituated to being silent. Silence is much greater than speech. Silence is more powerful than speech. But we are not understanding the value of Silence. Many people have a misconception that Silence cannot give a message. Even Silence has the power to convey message. There is a saying in English: 'Silence is gold whereas speech is silver'. When a heart understands another heart, there is no need of any words. Many lives got reformed by the mere darshan of Ramana even without listening the name of Ramana or listening to His words. Where there is purity, beauty and concentration- whenever we see such a person, we will certainly change our mind. We will change our lifestyle and turn our mind towards Jnana. Once RajendraPrasad asked Bhagavan: ' What is your message to Bapuji?' Bhagavan replied: 'When there is a heart to heart commmunication, there is no need of any words'. My dear brothers and sisters, we cannot catch hold of God through words. When you dont have the experience of God, it doesn't matter whether you state that God exists or God doesn't exist. God is not so innocent that he gets deceived by your words. God cannot be reached through thoughts also. Silence is much greater than words and thoughts. By shutting the mouth can we call it as Silence? No. We can't say whereall the mind roams around and comes back. Who is a true mouni (Silent one)? One who meditates in a true sense is a true mouni. Topmost importance has been given to meditation in our Upanishads. Only a true dhyani can become a mouni. Bhagavan is describing the power of Silence here. Meditation is possible only through concentration. How is meditation possible? You must love God. Without loving God, if anyone states that they are meditating, it is a dry, dry word. It is equivalent to a sugarless coffee/tea. Try to increase your love for God. Oh! Arunachaleswara, you have asked me to keep Silent. Saying so, you have remained Silent.

Source: 23-11-88 Srungavruksham