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About Vedas

Traigunyavisayaa vedaa nistraigunyo bhavaarjuna
nirdvandvo nithya sattvastho niryoga kshema aatmavaan (2-45)

O Arjuna, the Vedic scriptures deal with the matters relating to three gunas(attributes).
O Arjuna, but rise above them. Being free from the pairs of opposites, let your mind be always steady in the pure spiritual consciousness; do not endeavor to acquire or preserve that is forbidden; Become Self Realized.

Veda implies Knowledge. We have four Vedas namely Rigveda, Yajurveda, Atharvanaveda and Samaveda. The Vedas mention not only about Self Knowledge but also about material knowledge. The hymns that are chanted at the time of marriage or while performing rituals (apakarma) when the Jiva leaves the body are all but Vedic hymns. Apart from these, the Vedas also mention about how to construct a house. Hence there is nothing left out in the Vedas that remained unmentioned. The Vedas have narrated about the sattvic, rajasic and tamasic qualities. The behavior pattern that prevails in a person when a particular quality becomes predominant also has been mentioned in the Vedas. All these qualities bind you. Hence transcend them and go forward. God has put Maya in all the three qualities. Of them there may be good as well as bad qualities.Don’t get into the affair of these qualities. All these are related to Maya. Try to transcend these qualities. You must overcome these qualities. You must attain Self Knowledge.

Nirdvandvo: You will get several dualities in your life. Learn to bear them. You will become purified and your intellect (buddhi) becomes steady if you learn to bear them. If you bear these dualities, your mind will not become your enemy but will remain as your friend. If your mind becomes your friend, it will serve you. If your mind becomes your enemy, it will harm you. It is not important as to how you are treated by the society; what is important is that your mind should be within your control. You get happiness or sorrow according to your destiny. Don’t get elated when you are happy and don’t get depressed when you are sorrowful. Thus always keep your brain balanced.If you thus remain balanced, your intellect (buddhi)gets concentrated and purified.

Nithya satvastaha:That which is Truth is permanent and that which is not Truth is transient. There is a Truth within your Heart. It is very close, near and dear to you. It is not only close to you but You are That (Self). But due to your wrong thinking and wrong identification, you are not able to identify this truth. If you want to be joyful, learn to abide in the Heart. Then all of them ie your body,mind, senses and intellect (buddhi)come into your control. Only then you become joyful. If you remain within the control of your senses and mind, you cannot become joyful. Therefore we must learn to control them. The happiness derived from control cannot be attained from comfort. Therefore Bhagavan said: "If possible,learn to befriend the Self within your Heart; if you are unable to do it, try to attain Holy Company. Then you will get the yearning to attain Self Knowledge due to their vibrations."

Niryogakshema:God is here narrating about the weaknesses within man. Yoga implies earning that which you don’t possess. Protecting and preserving that which you have earned is Kshema.Everyone is involved with these both ie yoga and kshema. If you spend all the 24 hrs in acquisition and preservation when will you seek the Truth? God looks after their yoga and kshema who do not think of their yoga and kshema. But you are afraid that God may not look after the same. You don’t even have the faith that God exists. When you don’t even possess the faith in the existence of God, how will you depend upon Him? One who is looking after this world will also look after you. If you constantly think of your yoga(acquisition) and kshema(preservation) your mind will get extroverted but not introverted.

Aatmavaan: Antahkarna implies the inner instrument ie.,mind. It should always be kept pure.As you keep your body clean, even your intellect (buddhi)should be kept pure. You cannot attain Jnana without the purity of the intellect (buddhi). The water looks steady and pure when there are no waves in it. Similarly your intellect(buddhi)should resemble such water in order to attain Self Knowledge. The true Bliss and Joy are contained in Self alone. What you currently experience is only happiness and of Joy.If you are happy today, all your happiness may be converted into sorrow on one day or the other. However if you attain Self Knowledge, all your sorrow will be converted into joy. Therefore the Lord says: "Oh! Arjuna, purify your mind and attain the wealth of Self Knowledge." Wherever you see, if you experience bliss, peace and joy, why should you depend upon the external things

"Faith is a blessing of Guru" - (By Neelima)

I just wanted to share my experience as the experience shared by many others in the blog helped me deepen my faith in Nannagaru.

I am 24 years old now and my earliest reminiscence of Nannagaru is way back in my childhood. I am indebted to my mother to having me introduced to Nannagaru at that tender age. As a kid I used to accompany my mother to Nannagaru without even knowing the purpose. I was told that he was the walking god and we should worship him. Little did I believe my mother then, as my perception of God as a kid was delusional influenced by the Hindu mythology. Perhaps my mind was not pure enough to see the truth.

Sometimes I went to Nannagaru willingly. sometimes only because my mother wanted me to go and some other times just to kill time. All this time people told me that Nannagaru was divine and never tried to reason much I just blindly forced myself to believe. Later as I grew I used to listen to discourses and was introduced to terms like 'Moksha' , 'Salvation'. I seldom understood what these terms meant but just understood that it was ultimate goal of human life . I liked few simple things that Nannagaru told about our day to day life and felt good when I could actually implement at least a very few of them.
Like many other people around I always thought I never harmed anyone, I was minding my own business and had a feeling that I am good person. But when I sit in front of Nannagaru and hear his discourse all my shortcomings, the impurities in my mind flash in my mind and I sometimes wonder if I even deserve to sit in front of him. I am certainly blessed to be able to sit in his presence. I continued to go to Nannagaru not with any particular purpose but it just became a habit by then. Whenever Nannagaru is in city, I try to go and meet him. There was one part in me which would say I should go meet Nannagaru and other part which would ask me to go to a movie with my friends, sometimes I did surrender to my mind and went for the movie. But many a times there would suddenly be a change of plan with my friends and I will be left with no option but going to Nannagaru. It felt like Nannagaru tethered me to a leash and would sometimes let me wander but would pull me back before I was lost. Later I began to know that Nannagaru was a divine soul but KNOWING is different from BELIEVING. My mind and heart were not ripe enough to have the faith.

His love and compassion are beyond comparison. He could not let an ignorant soul like me wander how ever undeserving I was. He had to teach me in my own ways. I always worshiped god but only for materialistic things. I used to pray to god like many college students for good marks, good job, pass in some entrance exam etc. My mother introduced to me "Shiridi Sai Jeevithe Charitra" (Biography of Shiridi Sai Baba) and "Shri Guru Charitra"(Biography of Dattetreya Swami) by Ekkirala Bhradwaja garu. Of course I did the parayana(read the whole biography in 7 days in a predefined order and with some puja) of these two books a couple of times only for my selfish motives, to get my materialistic list of desires to be fulfilled. But these two books describe the importance and glory of guru exhaustively.Do you see the master mind of Guru?? It is after I read these books and the description of Guru in these books that I started placing faith in Nannagaru and realized the importance of guru in life. I used to relate many incidents and characteristics of guru to Nannagaru and feel blessed that I had Nannagaru in my life.

Although I started placing my faith in nanngaru, my mind wouldn't let me place a 100% faith. I believe having faith is also a blessing that Guru has to bestow upon us. In Guru charithra and Baba charithra it is mentioned that when you cannot decide if you find the correct 'Guru' you should pray to the almighty to show you the right path and do Guru charitra parayana. This is also a method told be ideal in many other religions. Even after I knew about this I was never actually bothered to do a parayana for the quest of a true Guru. Again Nannagaru had to take things into hands and put me o the right path. I had a dream once and in my dream I saw Lord Dattatreya and his mother Anasooya matha. I wondered why I got the dream and I decided to do a Guru charitra parayana. As I was doing my parayana one day in my dream I saw Nannagaru. He was surrounded my many devotees as usual. I went to him and prostrated to him, he smiled at me and blessed me by placing some 'akshitalu' on my head. What more could my mind ask for to convince it that i was on the right path. From that day on my faith in Nannagaru deepened. He has been influencing my life in many ways since then, constantly guiding me and keeping an eye on so that I don't wander. Since then whenever I go to temple I pray for god me to help me keep my faith my guru. As I know that if we can keep our total faith in him and trust him he will always watch out for us and do what is good for us. This has been my experience in many cases. Whenever my faith fluctuates or I wander about in life Nannagaru is always there helping me in his own unique ways which are difficult to express but only can be experienced.

Even now I don't think I am intellectual enough to truly understand the purpose of life and about salvation. But what I know for certain is if keep my total faith in him he will show me the path sooner or later.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Essence of all the four yogas

Matkarmakrit Matparamo Matbhaktaha Sangavarjitaha
Nirvairaha Sarvabhooteshu Yah Sa Maameti Paandavah


'Work for My sake.' We should do such a work which would be admired by God. Doing the work as an offering to God implies that good deeds have to be performed selflessly. Whatever work you do selflessly is God's work only. You work with your hands and remember God with your mind. You will get the clarity of mind only through selfless work. If you don’t perform good deeds you will not even find the path towards the spiritual Heart. If you perform the acts as prescribed by God and refrain from doing the acts as forbidden by God, it is equivalent to doing God's work. Whatever you do , you should remember that God exists in the form of society. You should not possess independent intellect (buddhi) ie your thinking should not be based on egosense. God has prescribed the dos and don’ts.You should not question as to why a particular act has been forbidden. God has mentioned it only in your welfare. But you are not concerned about your shreyas (welfare). You are concerned only about your preyas (that which you Love).We always like them who praise us and not the one who tell us Truth. Adi Shankara has said: 'If you do good deeds selflessly, it will purify your mind ie your intellect (buddhi) will get purified. Once it is purified, you will become fit to attain Self Knowledge. You will not attain Self Knowledge by merely doing a good work. The secret here is if you perform the deeds not as per your liking (preyas) but as per God's liking (shreyas), He will bestow you with such intellect (buddhi) by which you can know Him.' Lord Krishna said: "You have come here to fight. It is in your body's destiny. If there is no destiny, you will not even get the body. If you work with a desire, your destiny is formed and when the destiny is formed, it is inevitable that you will get a body. As per your body's destiny, you have to fight. Whether you like it or not, the battle will be fought through your body.If you fight willingly, this destiny will not repeat again in the future births. Work is unavoidable. If you work unwillingly,you will be chased by the same destiny even in future births. This is the secret of Bhagavad Gita." Hence Matkarmakrit refers to the Karma Yoga

Mat paramaha

'Make Me only as your goal.' The Lord implied: ‘Whatever may be your work, whatever may be your nature, always keep Me as your goal. You have to attain Me only in your life. Therefore make effort to reach Me.'


Become My devotee. By being My devotee, you will get purity of thought. By getting purity of thought you will attain purity of mind. You will attain Liberation only through the gate of 'Purity of mind' but not through any other gate. Once we start loving God, we will lose all the unnecessary thoughts and the body consciousness gets reduced. The Lord said: "Whether the circumstances are favourable or not, you should not lose your faith in Me. Be my devotee. Possess love, devotion and faith in Me. You must chant my name and meditate upon My form. I assure you that if you perform good deeds, there is no distressing state." It does not matter even if you lose your breath but do not lose your faith in God. Though Vibhishana was a demon, he abandoned his brother for the sake of virtue. He left everything for the sake of Rama ie for the sake of God and took His shelter. This is the sign of a devotee. It is complete surrender. It is enough if you have the living faith in the existence of God. Your mind will become conditioned and you will get reformed. Hence Matbhakataha refers to the path of devotion


This is Jnana Yoga. You should not possess any passion towards any object in the world or towards your body. Whatever thought comes to you arises out of the thought 'I am the body' ie ego. All the thoughts are based upon this single thought of 'I am the body'. As long as this ego (the thought of I am the body) exists, the other thoughts keep arising and cannot be avoided. From where does this ego arise? Is it from inside or from outside? It comes from within only. If you are able to catch hold of the source of ego, then it vanishes and you are caught by another 'I' which is Brahman. Even Brahman is revealed to you as 'I'. But it is not limited to a body or an object or the world. It is complete and perfect. It is the embodiment of Bliss, Truth and knowledge. It is only Existence.

Jesus said: "There is a Truth within your Heart. As the sun is not aware of darkness, even the Self within your Heart is not aware of either birth or death. It is not dependent but it is independent. If you want to achieve permanent abode or the other world or the endless peace or the endless bliss or independent happiness, You must know the Truth ie you must experience the Truth. Till then you will not have either freedom or happiness or bliss."

Nirvairaha sarva bhuteshu:

You should possess Love and Compassion towards all beings without possessing any hatred. We develop enmity towards those who harm us. Though there is a sufficient cause for developing enmity, possess Love only and not any hatred. If you have enmity, you will develop hatred. Then inspite of doing pranayama or yoga, your mind will always travel towards them whomever you hate. Likes and dislikes are the only cause for the extroversion of the mind. If you develop enmity or hatred, your mind gets polluted. Therefore possess Love for everyone. God exists in the hearts of all as the indweller. He is the enjoyer. If you give food to anyone, you may think that so and so person ate the food. But it is not they who eat it. It is God only who enjoys inside.

The goal of Karma Yoga is to control and reform the senses. The goal of Bhakti yoga is to identify and eliminate the weaknesses and sorrows within us. The goal of Jnana yoga is to attain the subtle intellect (discrimination) to understand the words of God in true sense.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

True state has no desire (By Dr.Mithin)

Once I had a beautiful experience.

It was probably 7 in the morning whence I had woken up and still had not left the bed. I sat up to realize that something was different.

I could see my bedroom and the dressing table and fan etc but they all appeared to be absolutely beautiful. They were pulsating with beauty. Even an insignificant thing like a doormat appeared so beautiful.

I realized that the reason for their beauty was a subtle absence of thought in me. Try as I might I could not have thoughts. All was pulsating Awareness.

I tried to think of Lord Venkateshwara and even Sri Nannagaru.

I couldn't! Also I felt a sort of indifference to even them. I felt why think of Sri Nannagaru and dilute this Blissful Experience. But the damage had been done!

The state which was there for about 1 min dissipated and thoughts came flooding in.

When I met Sri Nannagaru in Jinnuru next time I told Him about this. He dismissed it by a wave of His hand as if He knew already and said 'You will be a Jeevanmuktha in this life itself'

Even though i tried to replicate that state again I could not. I understood it comes by Grace alone and how can one have Grace?

By abiding in Guru's Will

Another time a devotee came and met Sri Nannagaru. The devotee was grieving because he had lost his wife in old age and was companion less

'I cannot forget her.' He said.

Sri Nannagaru smiled and said 'Don't think of her as your wife. Think of her as a soul which belongs to God. That's why he took her away. Think lie this and you will lose attachment.'

Another time a couple came and told Him about the.loss of her their young son in an accident

Sri Nannagaru said 'It has happened by God's Will. If you accept this then in your next birth you will be spared this grief which comes by prarabdha.'

other teachings which he gave were

True state has no desire. There cannot be any desire in Truth.

God World and the devotee are one and the same in Actuality. Realizing this is Moksham.

Thank you Sri Nannagaru (By Dr.Mithin)

I kept meeting Sri Nannagaru occasionally either when he came to Hyderabad or in Jinnuru.

I was having a dull phase in practice and was wondering when it will.pick up. I thought it is by Sri Nannagaru will that I had good practice and now by His a will only my practice is down.

Once when I met him, he was telling a devotee 'Man thinks that by his effort he has become successful. But he doesn't know that it is by God's Will that everything happens.'

I thought it was very apt teaching for the type of phase I was going through.

I decided to tell Him my woes. When I met Him the next time He asked me ' How is your practice?'

'It's dull' I said.

He looked grave and said 'It will improve.'

I thanked Him. I waited but the previous income which I used to generate did not happen. I was wondering as to how Sri Nannagaru's words could be wrong.

I met a few times like that always complaining about my practice hoping he would turn it around. But practice just went on average.

It was then I came across a sentence of Meister Eckart a German Philosopher of the medieval times.

'If the only words that you utter in your prayer everyday are Thank You then that will alone suffice.'

These words hit me hard. I rued my greed and faithlessness.

Next time when I met him my practice was still less but when he asked me 'How is your practice now?'

I told Him 'It's very Good. Thank You.'

Sri Nannagaru nodded slowly and said 'It will improve'

My practice started improving and I understand the beauty of being Thankful to God for everything.

After that whenever I faced anything good or bad in my life...I learned to say Thank You Sri Nannagaru. Thank You.

I realized life is not about being desirous of better times or hoping for greater materialistic or even spiritual status.

It was about being Thankful to God at all times.

Thank You Sri Nannagaru