Sunday, April 22, 2012

God knows what is best for us

Maintain cool and calm mind, even when you lose your life-long investment. Accept pleasure and pain equally. Selfless person is a Yogi. Do work, Don't leave work. Do work willingly, with love and liking then the mind gets diluted. Even when you have a strong cause for enmity but still if you do not breed enmity in your heart, then God will bless you. The Truth cannot be realized without His(God's) grace, mercy, compassion. Divine interference does not occur in spite of your intelligence, effort etc, only to whoever works for My love and grace. When you understand one Sloka(verse) Shoka(grief) goes. Karma(action) should be Yoga (without attachment), then the mind gets purified, 100% purification happens. If you are deserving God will come directly to you. God knows what is best for us.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nobody belongs to anybody

It is attachment that brings us Sin, sorrow, misery. Attachment is bondage. Nobody belongs to anybody.

Do not quote I and mine. What is knowledge? Is it information? I, I, I to know that this I is unreal. Wonderful reply and beautiful reply. Tappas(penance) means to dry the weaknesses and tendencies within you. Why cannot I see God? Due to wrong thinking, wrong attitude, bad habits, tactfulness, wrong conduct, come out of all these, then you can see God directly, I will show Him to you. To learn a bad habit it hardly takes five minutes but to overcome it takes the whole of the life and the whole of the life gets ruined. There comes a turning point in everybody's life. Don't get scared. There is a destiny that shapes your life.