Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Selfless service

Performing good deeds for the society is a noble cause. People do earn money. But spending money for good deeds is very difficult than earning money itself. So, all cannot strive for the welfare of the society. God has created some souls to live for others or to do samaja seva (social work). It is in the society that they see God (Samaja bhagavan). They see the same god as in the shrine in the society. These people are great because they utilize their bodies to liberate themselves.

Working for others is not a simple job. There are a few people who cannot think about helping others. They are termed as petty minded people. A person who has love towards the body cannot attain realization.

Social work can lead to liberation, which is achieved through selfless service and not craving for recognition. Both mind and senses are reined, which leads toliberation or realization of the soul, the real truth or supreme bliss. Such a person is free from the cycle of birth and death, as there Is no difference between the soul and the body.
Therefore, to attain this no difference state a person has to face and overcome fear and sadness. Fear is caused mainly due to duality that both soul (atma) and body (jeeva) are different.

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