Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Gurave Namaha" - (By Ramakrishnan)

I first met Nannagaru about 10 years ago in Hyderabad. My cousins took me to see him. I was expecting to see a Guru, who looked like one. In my limited understanding, I was disappointed on seeing a Guru who looked as Normal as a neighbourhood uncle, and not like a sage or hermit. But as time went by, I developed a fondness for him. I think it is also partly due to the fact that I started listening to his audio speeches. Initially I found them extremely humourous as Nanna always expressed some of our egoist actions in a very funny way. For eg, he once said in a speech that we only want to love God as long as we see any utility in worshipping. The moment we dont see things going our way, we would totally forget him and move to try another God. But over the years, I can see what difference listening to his speeches has done to me. I am still severely egoistic and wouldnt call myself truly devotional, but the mere thought of his words gives tremendous emotional and mental strength.

I once visited him in Srisailam where he was speaking about how important "Mumookshatvam" (the mere urge to attain salvation) was.Since I never experienced this, I went to him and requested him to bless me with it. My question got lost in translation and he thought I had asked him "How I could attain mumookshatvam". He instantly replied asking me to "Continue" listening to his speeches and it will happen. The interesting fact is that I never mentioned to him that I listen to his audio all the time. I am also fairly sure that he did understand my question but advised me based on my level of spiritual maturity.

A year later, I visited him in Bhimavaram. Since I was new to the place he enquired if I had any place I could stay during the night. I said I would go to any hotel after the evening satsang. In the evening, he asked me to stay back with him in his house. I slept in his hall and he went to his room and shut the door. The thought that I was sleeping in the house all alone with "Narayana" himself was quite enthralling. After about half an hour, Nanna came out and asked me if I was comfortable sleeping in the hall. I said yes. He then sat with me for some time and spoke with me like a friend. At some point, I couldnt believe this was happening around me. After about 20 minutes, he said he had to go to sleep. He went in and brought me a bottle of mneral water and asked me to keep it. He then asked me to keep looking at the photo of Sri Ramana and then go to sleep. I did accordingly and all night kept waking up in between just to ensure that this was all not a dream.

I have gone through varying emotional experiences in my life so far, and can say that the presence of a Guru in one's life is as important as a loving mother or a caring father, and as we move further, becomes the one and only important thing. It is a gift that everyone will get in their lifetime(s) at one point or the other. But to have the Guru with us right now is something thats definitely a blessing.

I pray for the peace and love that Gurus shed on us and hope that he will keep this sense of spiritual quest alive.


  1. Wow!!!!wonderful article!!

  2. a single day spent with the Guru is sufficient for a lifetime,I think!Thank u for sharing with us.