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Shri Bhupathiraju Venkata Lakshmi Narasimharaju, as has been christened by his parents, born on September 23 1934, hails from a tiny village Kommara in West Godavari Dist., Andhra Pradesh, (India), has settled at Jinnur of the same district. He was born in his grand parent's house. His father Sri Suryanarayana Raju died when he was a child, and his mother Smt. Rajayamma and grand mother have fostered him. His devout family of pious disposition had its own imprints on him in his childhood. He accompanied his grand mother and visited holy places , even as a boy. Sri Sivananda of rishikesh blessed him saying "BE GOOD AND DO GOOD."

He had his early vision of Shri Bhagavan Ramana in a vivid dream in the year 1957, when the Maharshi kissed him on his cheeks thrice and ever since there from, there has been a marked turn in his daily life.He is acclimed and hailed by his devotees and disciples as " NANNA GARU." "Nanna" in telugu meaning "Father" and "Garu" is a honorific. Thus, he is endearingly, called as "Respectable Father."

People throng around him in thousands and listen to him with rapt attention and lisp, "The Raman, Manna," his mouth drops and get surcharged by it, which modulates their lives and they turn towards spirituality. His meditation sittings attract men and women from all corners of the world and those that meditate in his presence aspire for his occasional "piercing" looks, which turn their minds and thoughts from things external towards the "Heart" center. His silence preaches volumes and a single powerful meditative glance of him confers inexplicable bliss.Nothing can be explained about him in words. He is a living legend who always showers peace wherever he is ! In the presence of Nannagaru mind remains in happiness state that cannot be explained and also cannot be withdrawn!!Sri Nannagaru tours exhaustively to quench the spiritual thirst of his devotees and often visits the holy Kshetra, Arunachala.

Sri Nannagaru dropped his mortal frame on December 29th, 2017 12:00 PM. The greatest gift & blessing for this life time is our dearest universal father who will rest only physically but will ever work till each one of us attain oneness!

This web site is published by devotees to share all words of Nannagaru, and discuss experiences with him. This website is a satsang. 

"Satsangh externally happens with Holy company. But Satsangh internally is with the Heart Centre. The latter is difficult for beginners and only advanced souls can commune like that. Till then external satsangh with holy souls is good." - Nannagaru

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  1. A true guru..and each word from his mouth is veda saaram