Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Beauty exists within - Sri Nannagaru's experiences

All the beauty lies within the Heart. Beauty doesn't exist in external things. Once I had the vision of Anjaneya swami in a dream when I was in Shirdi. I neither had the vision of Anjaneya swami in a dream nor did I ever adore him before. Leave out the god or devil. Unable to view the beauty, I closed both my eyes. When I say beauty, I am talking about the external beauty, I am not referring to Inner Beauty. Hence the name Sundara Kanda has been named thus, Anjaneya Swamy is most beautiful. Therefore the name itself became Sundara Kanda. When he came in my dream in Shirdi, I felt, will anyone with body possess such beauty and tried to view with both the eyes. Ultimately unable to view that beauty, I closed both my eyes. Whenever Shakesphere had to refer any beautiful people, he described them thus: 'The Beauty walks on the Earth.' It implies the Beauty itself took a form and started walking on this earth. I felt even Shakesphere cant describe the beauty of Anjaneya swami. I felt I can never visualize the inner beauty of Anjaneya Swami as I am closing my eyes on viewing the external beauty itself. I felt, how wonderful should be the Inner Beauty! The true beauty exists within.

In 1987, I was very sick and thought that my death is very near. Even the doctors of Palakollu sent me message thru their assistant's asking me to eat all that I relished(thinking my days are over). I felt very happy when I heard that I would die very soon for I need not travel or do any service to the body. But feeling happy is also not the correct state. Even that is a weakness. We should neither feel happy nor feel depressed when the death approaches us.We will not be abiding by God's will if we get either pleasure or pain on hearing about our death.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Ramana Bhaskara

None in this Universe has attained Self Knowledge till date without possessing dispassion

A person said very happily: "Nannagaru! I don't have any dispassion but all my desires are getting fulfilled effortlessly. Now I am very happy. I will get liberation also effortlessly." Sri Nannagaru did not get into any argument with that person but merely said: "You are much better than us". However after that person left, Sri Nannagaru said: "None in this Universe has attained Self Knowledge till date without possesing dispassion."

If you willingly perform the task allotted by God, you will get the result of doing Japa and Dhyana (meditation)

Once a lady approached Sri Nannagaru and said: "I don't know the reason but I was unable to honor my husband from the very first day of my marriage. He is a good person, I have been giving him food and coffee mechanically. But recently I happened to read the magazine 'Ramana Bhaskara'. It contained: 'Even though you may not like the task allotted to you by God, if you perform it willingly (putting aside your likes and dislikes) as it is allotted by God, you will get the result of performing japa and dhyana through that work.' Ever since I read this sentence, I started giving food and coffee to my husband willingly. By doing thus, I am feeling much happier than before. Even my husband seems to be happy."

Sri Nannagaru said:" I was thinking to stop the publishing of Ramana Bhaskara. But after listening to you, I now realize the utility of publishing it. Now I will drop that idea."

Sri Nannagaru's experience on Bodiless power

When I had a temperature of 104 degrees Celsius, I experienced a bodiless power. The doctors suspected the disease to be cancer. My mind was prepared to leave the body. I had no other thoughts.I dint even get the thought that if the fever comes down, I would visit Arunachala and do Girivalam or Giripradakshina.

One day a bodiless power came and asked me if I ever listened the name of Udipi. I said Udipi is in the state of Karnataka.Then it asked me in return whether I am aware of the GOD there? Then I replied as Balakrishna. The body was invisible and making me give the answers for its questions. Then it asked whether I knew who established Udipi Krishna? I replied as Madhvacharya. Then it told me to make the darshan of Udipi Krishna for my fever to vanish and the voice disappeared. But I dint get the thought of going to Udipi and make the darshan of Krishna.

I told the doctor about my conversation with the bodiless power.The doctor said that they were clueless about the cause of the disease and hence asked me to take a vow of visiting Udipi. But how much ever I tried to take the vow, I was unsuccessful, not that I dint want to visit Udipi or disliked Udipi Krishna. I dint even get the thought of doing Girivalam or Giripradakshina if the fever comes down.

I felt all this to be a dream. What even if I die? This body is made up of five elements. Until the Prarabdha karma is burnt out the life energy (Prana) clings to the body. Once the Prarabdha is finished, the body expires.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Sri Nannagaru - Sivaikyam

Sadguru Sri Nannagaru dropped his mortal frame on December 29th 2017 12:00 AM at his residence, on the day of Vaikunta ekadasi.

The greatest gift & blessing for this life time is our dearest universal father who will rest only physically but will ever work till each one of us attain oneness!