Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nobody belongs to you

Ramana Maharshi's teachings and message are meant to awaken you into the truth. You must know the truth and the truth will release you from all bondages whether you like it or not. Your loss is great, your loss is great, if you do not know the truth in this body and there is no freedom from nonsense, life after life and life after life. You are living happily and you don't know to share, only you know receiving and swallowing but no giving and no sharing, and above all you have not learnt to work. Desire is the cause of all sorrows. However many troubles may befall on you keep calm and cool and quiet. Lies also are the outcome of desire. Sometimes all troubles befall at one time. Sorrow, grief, unhappiness-the mother is attachment of all these. It is attachment that brings grief, misery, sorrow, tension, death also. Nobody belongs to you and you do not belong to anybody. All are passengers in the journey of life.

Dedicate all your work to Me(God) and the result also dedicate it to Me and then use it as my property(thing) and not as yours. Then you will become I free and mine free and I less and mine less.

Aim high and aim at the highest. Try, attempt for the Brahmic state (the supreme state, absolute state.) The faults and defects in the mind should be eliminated and be careful mistakes should not be repeated. Past is past. Don't repeat it. Stability is not long lasting, for you will commit some or the other mistake because you have defects in your mind. Eliminate the faults. The mind should be disciplined. The mind should be under your control and not that you should be under the mind's control. Even if the whole world is your enemy or friend, even if they come to you or not what difference does it make. When your mind is pure and under control then the reality, truth is realized. When no mind, no need to control it. Wish for the welfare of all. Your mind should be rich not poor.

"Our savior is our Guru" - (By Vijaya)

One of our dearest relatives expired and we were all immersed in endless sorrow. Knowing that Sri Nannagaru is going to visit Sakinetipalli Gita Mandiram, I went to the place for his darshan. That was my first acquaintance with Sri Nannagaru, and from there on I used to meet him whenever any spiritual discourse was scheduled nearby.
We got transferred from Sakinetipalli to Hyderabad. It was very hard for me to move far from him.

I cried and said to Sri Nannagaru – “I can’t communicate with YOU as earlier, since I am moving to a faraway place. What should I do?”
Sri Nannagaru replied thus – “Do you have my photo? You express all your feelings to that photo”

Till now I thought photo is just like any other piece of paper, but after listening to his words I realized that he is always with me. Nannagaru’s photo is not apart from Sri Nannagaru Himself. His words conveyed what Guru really implies. From then onwards, whenever I was upset or depressed, I used to get guidance from inner self before expressing to his photo. What drives me is this sentence which says – “If you have complete faith in your Guru, your faith itself will take you to true Guru”.

Our real savior is our Guru itself. Though we might not be able to grasp his words, but through experience one will understand the deeper meaning of these words that touches our hearts thereafter. On similar lines, I would like to share an experience in my life:

One day, I was returning back home from shopping. Upon reaching home, I saw that many people surrounded my home and everyone mourning to the core. I couldn’t understand what happened, however I comforted myself and proceeded. As I entered, I was shocked looking at the dead body of my husband. I knew that he was not keeping well now and then but he was not so sick that he would die. I directly went to Sri Nannagaru’s photo, and asked him directly – “What is this Nannagaru?”

I got guidance from inner self: - “Dear child, How can you not accept God’s will?”
Whatever you’re saying is absolutely true, but this relationship is the most precious relationship in my life. We have lived together since long time. He stood beside me during all ups and downs in my life. I started to visualize all the happy moments that I spent with my husband. As I was crying at the body, I pondered over these thoughts – “There is no life in this body, then for whom am I crying so much? If I cry, it will cause him sorrow, if I am at peace, even his journey will be peaceful.

A big struggle started within my mind: should I mourn for my husband’s death, or should I remain normal to facilitate his peaceful journey? Again I went to Sri Nannagaru’s photo where I saw his spiritual discourse book lying in front. As I turned a page, it read – “Try to be like a spectator”. I continued to look at his eyes after I read that sentence.

The external circumstances are unbearable, but internally I was receiving unendurable inner strength. I realized my savior is none other than my Guru Sri Nannagaru. If his grace did not enter my life, I cannot imagine of how my life could have been.

I remember the grace that he showered on me few days back when I visited him. It is beyond my imagination to believe that my husband would die within 10 days, but there is nothing that can escape from Guru. In order to enhance my spiritual strength my father has bestowed me with his grace and love.

From that day to till date I try to spend maximum time with him, my savior Sri Nannagaru. You might not accept my words, but you have no other choice but to accept my experience.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Everything belongs to God

Work should be done for work itself. Work for result or enjoyment work with
calculations is not proper. Elephant dead or alive is valuable. If you live for yourself, you will remain as yourself till death. If you live for others you will live forever. If you want to get united with Me (god), you need purity of mind, selfless action, no expectation for results. Divine qualities are no agitation, no emotion, no tension, no repeating the past. By repeating the past you get sorrow, grief and fever, disease also. As long as I remains, karma action happens. One's own true self is one's own notion. When I, other thoughts arise, go deep into the source of the first I, then it gets melted, it gets united into that truth. Experience of the truth, the self, that is the goal of life. Withdrawal from I, withdrawal from body-boundedness. This is true sadhana (spiritual practice). Any other sadhana is incomplete. Do not remember
the past. The present will slip away from you.

Perform your allotted duty selflessly, without desire, with no name, fame, recognition and not with irritation. Your work should be silent and pure, without publicity, even your neighbor should not know it otherwise it will not stand. Those who do not have self control, no proper intellect, no goal, no control over mind and sense organs cannot attain anything. 80% people are carried away by others words. Everything belongs to God. Dedicate everything to God, at home or in the

"It is to be experienced" - (By Kishore)

Though I have many things to share in mind, words are falling really short to express my experience. Now I understand why gurudeva always says "IT IS TO BE EXPERIENCED"(In front of him I talk to him addressing him as NANNAGARU only, but otherwise I can only address him as GURUDEVA).

Yesterday 9th of Nov 2012 was the 5th time I physically met Gurudeva since 1997 when I first saw him,at his residence at jinnuru. But it was so special because this was the first time I saw him along with my wife and that too on my first marriage anniversary. It was totally unplanned. Till now whenever I met, he spoke for not more than a minute, but today it was 15 min and these 15 min were so far the best 15 min in my 30years after birth.

I was staying at Raipur earlier and now I am shifting to Rajahmundry and on hearing this when gurudeva held my cheeks with his hands for the first time and said - "I will come to your house once you relocate to Rajahmundry". That moment of joy is enough for me to cherish my whole life. He said "You will progress in your devotional path only, don't worry", then he asked me to give my phone number and address once I relocate. And before he asked us to take leave held my cheeks again and said "I want you and your wife to be happy in life". My wife was so overwhelmed with joy when has asked her "Are you happy?" 5 times and then finally said - "If you have any problems you come to me and tell me" and then he looked at me and said "You should take care of Aswini (my wife) very well".

To be honest, no one since one year of our marriage has said the above things either to her or to me. I have been hearing discourses from about 15years now and I think my time has now come so that my gurudeva has graced me with so much, so much and so much of love. Since 6 months I have surrendered totally to him and said to myself in my heart filled with him that whatever happens to me in life (good or bad) is only his grace and now I felt only then he accepted me.

Initially I was not able to start and now I am unable to stop writing :))
"MY GURU, MY GREAT GURU, MY GREATEST GURU", 24hrs after his physical touch, I still feel his hands on my cheeks.