Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Truth will never change

It is a common tendency among all to think one person is good and the other is bad. Who are we to pass such judgments? It is the mind that creates such feelings. You have to restrain the mind and stop judging people. People who have a calm mind though being in midst of nasty people are great.

Here is another example. A few do not have peace when they are in their in-laws or mother's house. They feel very restless or as if they are sitting on a thorny bush. They keep complaining that in-laws or others are creating trouble. It is their nature. The trick here is if you can have a relaxed mind then one is at peace. Any external disturbance will not trouble you.

Another aspect is the ever changing rules of conduct (Neeti shastramu). These rules keep changing with the passage of time. Earlier, second marriage was considered an evil crime. Today, it Is widely accepted. So, as times passes by, depending on the circumstances, the rules of conduct keep changing. Let the world change but the truth in you will never change.

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