Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Kanchi Paramacharya in my Dream - Sri Nannagaru

I have a special place for Kanchi Paramacharya within my Heart. He was the embodiment of simplicity. True beauty lies only in simple living. Once he came into my dream and placed two fruits in my hand. I was very happy but a little hesitant to accept the fruits. Then he said: "Are you aware what these fruits are? They are Beauty and Truth. That which is Beautiful is always Truth and that which is Truth is always beautiful. Both of them are one and the same. Dont differentiate between them. They are one and only one ie the experience of Advaita. If we attain such advaitic experience all our karmas will be burnt away."

When you perform any task without any desire, you will attain the desire less state

A poor girl got medical seat in 'B' category. As she wasn't in a position to pay her fees, Sri Nannagaru donated her entire fees. However in the second counseling, she got 'A' category seat. Therefore she came to Sri Nannagaru in order to return back the fees. However Sri Nannagaru refused to accept. Sri Nannagaru said: "You purchase good clothes and the expensive books using that money and lead the life of a normal student." Referring to that girl, Sri Nannagaru said: "She wanted to return back the money. But if accept it, it will be wrong on my behalf. When we perform any task without any desire, we will attain the desire less state. Then the Self within is revealed as 'I'. It is called as Karma Yoga. However if it has to be narrated in the words of Bhagavan, Bhagavan would ask us: Who has given you the money? The entire money belongs to God. If the sweet in the left hand is placed in the right hand, can anyone call it as donation? All the wealth belongs to God. He is the Supreme Master. The giver is God and the recipient is also God. Therefore if you say that 'I have donated', who is this 'I' you are referring to? You can't attain Self Knowledge without the annihilation of that'I'."