Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Happy Birthday to Sri Nannagaru" - (By Hima Bindu)

Even though today is the birthday of Sri Nannagaru, all of us should wish each other as Many Many Happy returns of the day. It is because even though Nannagaru may not require this day, everyone of us are in need of the same.

Today is Nannagaru's birthday. My Father being the birthday child, I wish I could become His Mother to Love him, feed him and lull Him to sleep. I would like to convey my heartful regards to that Rajayamma garu who has been so lucky to get these opportunities. GOD is formless. In whatever form we adore Him, He will bestow His Grace upon us accordingly. Isnt it so?

Oh! Nannagaru, when you can become my Father, Can't you become my child too? Everyone pity me saying I have only two daughters.They say that the daughters leave me after their marriage and had it been sons, they would support me through out my life till death and also protect me from hell after death. But today I feel pity for them. They dont know that I have a son. How many sons are supporting their parents these days? If the parents stay here, their sons are living in America. But my son is not like that. They donot know that my son is capable enough to support me
through out my life till death. He would not only protect me from hell but also from the vicious circle of birth and death. My son is rich by birth. How much ever one may rob him, his assets will never deplete. I would like to tell everyone of how much care he takes of his mother. Preaching as a Guru, Loving as a Mother, Helping as a Father, Supporting as a child, Advising as a dearest friend, in whatever form
we adore Him, Nannagaru bestows His Grace accordingly because GOD is formless and in whatever form we adore Him, He would give His darshan(vision) accordingly.

Oh! Nannagaru, Do Bless me with the unflinching faith that you would become my Father, child and everything to support me through out my life; Do Bless me with the boon that my mind is completely filled with your thought and favour me with the luck that this Heart beats only for you.

Love you Nannagaru. I want to more and more Love you .

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  1. muddu gare yashoda mungita muthyamu veedu diddarani mahimala rajayamma suthudu_ _ _