Sunday, December 9, 2012

Practice one divine quality

Do eliminate doubts, suspicion, but for this also god's grace is required, then you will reach the brahmic state. Emotions bring desire, anger and greed. Be unemotional. Desire and anger are thoughts. Whoever eliminates these reaches that state. A spark neglected burns the house. Usually envy and jealousy spring from the family and relatives. Arjuna was envy and jealousy less, it is a divine quality for which Sri Krishna preached Bhagawad Gita to him.

Practice one divine quality, all will follow you. In this body if you attain that brahmic state (supreme state), it will follow you even after the body gets burnt. Remember it. In body and body less, form and formless, also it will continue with you. Try to attain that Brahmic state. Gita is Truth. Keep it on your table. After taking bath do salutations to it. Gita, Ganga, Gavathri, Govinda, Chant these names before retiring to bed.

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