Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Start working towards your goal

This world is not real. World means unhappiness. The world is like a dog’s tail that cannot be straightened even with the best technology. Similarly, all the technologies in this world cannot eliminate all the bends in this world. Mahatma Gandhi brought independence to the country. He became a mahatma because he worked selflessly for the country. You may perform seva (service), but in the process you do not know if the other person has been benefited or not. The result is not required. But the service itself will make you a better person.

Without steadfastness of faith or no goal or purity, one cannot know what real happiness is. So Love him(God), more and more. You know what is in your heart. We worship with hands and repeat his names with the mouth. But he is in our heart and is very intelligent and mighty. He knows what is in your mind.

Perform all tasks without any thoughts. If your mother-in-law is bad, God is there to take action. But do your duty towards her. Similarly, if she is good, God will see that too. You have entered that house because of your past actions. God sent you there accordingly. So, do your duty. Why should you be bothered whether she is bad or good? God is there to judge her.

The world is filled with the desire to earn more money. People are after money. They do not know this is an illusion and will just go away once the body dies. You should not misuse your power of authority. As we get our clothes stitched to our size, similarly we need to behave properly in the house also. Never imitate others. If you imitate that means you are not confident of yourself. You have no faith in yourselves. Think individually. Why are you depending on others? You are forgetting your inner strength. Today, imitation has become the norm of the day.

Remember and believe the real peace and unlimited happiness in inside you. The happiness that you see outside is not true. It stays with you for a short period. So, start working towards your goal.

"Sri Nannagaru is a great Doctor" - (By Vasundara (C.T.O))

In 1996, I was transferred from Vijayawada to Narsapuram as C.T.O. One day, while going to office, I happened to see the board 'Jinnuru-Ramana Kshetram'. Upon looking at the board , I visited the house of Sri Nannagaru and met him. I consider this as the fruit of my past good deeds. I always had a yearning to attain spiritual progress. Though I used to chant thousand verses on deities and perform various pujas(worships), I was not completely at peace. Sri Nannagaru behaved like a friend and thereby
increased my love for him. Whenever I visited him, he asked me about the hardships at my workplace, not as a Guru but as a friend. I am very fond of literature. Even Nannagaru is interested in literature. Therefore my duty as well as my liking for literature made me closer to Sri Nannagaru.

Once upon a time I was proud that I performed my duty perfectly as per law. But due to some unforeseen disturbances at workplace, I was transferred to Hyderabad. But the relationship with Sri Nannagaru is the greatest turning point in my Life. After coming to Hyderabad, I started listening to the discourses of Sri Nannagaru. Listening, Listening and Listening - That is all; it brought a great reformation within me. From then onwards an intense yearning started within me and my relation with
Nannagaru started converting into that of a Guru-disciple's relationship.

Previously I never mingled with people. But now there is a great change within me. To put it in one word- I got perfection and completeness in my work. I developed a positive attitude and got habituated in accepting people as my very own.I got introduced to other devotees and developed intimate relationship with them. The most important thing is that I forgot my status in society. Previously, I considered myself to be so and so even in my sleep. I used to feel superior than my subordinates. Now, I lost all such superiority complexion. Love and affection nurtured within me. The depths of my heart increased as I listened to the good and bad of others lives. It all happened only because of Sri Nannagaru! All the culture(ie pujas, abhishekas etc.,) that I nourished since childhood disappeared all of the sudden. Now SriNannagaru is everything for me!

There is lot of energy and power encapsulated in words of Sri Nannagaru. Sometimes even if I want to utter something very loudly, I am reminded of his words. His words literally chase sometimes, they seem to be beautiful sometimes, loving sometimes and thrashing sometimes.

One more quality that I liked most in Sri Nannagaru is that he never forced anyone in anything. This is a very rare quality. In fact everyone including our Mother, Father, friends try to dominate us by interfering in our thought process. But Sri Nannagaru never dominates us. He gives us 100% independence. He gives his advice and says: "You think over and do accordingly." It is a great secret that the freedom which Sri Nannagaru gives us which is not given to us by any other Guru. Every other Guru says: " I am your Guru; Adore me. You must abide by my words." But Sri Nannagaru says:" Everything happens as per one's destiny. Therefore just give away your mind to the Lord." I always feel it would be enough if I give my mind to Nannagaru. He is a great doctor who cures all our mental diseases so that we may mentally attain the proximity of GOD.

Perhaps I am narrating more about my material life than my spiritual life. Reminiscing Sri Nannagaru words gives me immense inner strength, which states - "It is possible to make spiritual effort in the materialistic life". Sometimes I feel as if divinity itself took the form of Sri Nannagaru. Adoring him as divinity is a greatest feeling. There would be no greater blessing if I can constantly attain that feeling in my every breathe.

Can we ever find anyone as loving and as intimate as Sri Nannagaru? Who would make us intimate to Arunachala and also say that you are Arunachala itself? Where can we find the Gurus who would say 'Know Thyself' and also make us eligible for the same? I feel as if thousands of people, in fact the entire delta belt(of West Godavari) attained the eligibility to attain Self Realization. I consider everyone whomever I see as Sri Nannagaru himself. Its our greatest fortune that we are able to listen to the words of Sri Nannagaru.