Thursday, October 10, 2013

Society has no relationship with rules of conduct

The term society is attributed to a group of people or individuals. If these individuals better themselves only then shall they be able to contribute positively to the society. According to Bhagawan Ramana, unless an individual under goes a self-reform he cannot do social reform.The institution called society has no relation with the rules of conduct. In this infinite world, the society keeps changing with time. Therefore, the rules of conduct also undergo a change with time. But the real or ultimate truth does not change even with the passage of time or changes in the world.

Modesty is the ornament that adorns a society. Modesty gives a person immense strength. What is required is not making efforts to help our fellowmen, but revere them. This is possible only if a person is modest and has patience.

Another evil that plagues the country is poverty. Poverty will remain in the society as long as there is ignorance. If a person lives without selfishness, then society will benefit immensely. This is possible only when the veil of ignorance is lifted. In this entire world, there is not a single country, region, house or place that does not have problems or issues. The reason for this is that both mind and senses are not pure. Performing work or any deed without any motive on the result and with pure love will release a person from the external unhappiness. This leads you to the inner peace. Such work with love and no desire will
control the senses and the mind.

"Endless journey into eternity" - (By Gopika)

My journeys to Nannagaru there after was a divine revelation. I would be with him on the day of his arrival in Thiruvannamalai without knowing about his travel, for there was no communication what so ever. The day he reached Arunachala, an irresistible temptation to leave Chidambaram and travel would make me pack my clothes and leave, not knowing how many days I would stay. Each travel unveiled a new experience. The Glory of divine plan in various forms.

Initially I didn't know how to travel there. I was told there was no train service, nor direct bus. As I didn't know Tamil and couldn't read the place of destination, I had difficulty in making enquiry. The first time that I traveled to Thiruvannamalai was very tedious for I had to change buses in three places not knowing for sure if I was on the right path.

Traveled from Chidambaram to Cuddalore, Cuddalore to villipuram and from villipuram to Thiruvannamalai. But the last bus which was supposed to go to Thiruvannamalai broke down and it was 11 o'clock in the night. I knew no one. I didn't know the language. All I could communicate was I have to go to Thiruvannamalai. Not a women in vicinity. Few elderly men and few drunk remained on the road. I waited and waited. After which an old woman approached and I asked if any bus would come which goes to Arunachala. He said that the last bus left .I was a little puzzled but had nothing to do. Within a few minutes an old lady came from nowhere and stood beside me. She asked in Tamil where I had to go? When I said 'to Thiruvannamalai ' she smiled and said she was going there too, she said last bus was a little late that day. It didn't make sense to me but waited. In 5 minutes a bus came ,she told me to get in and she got into it too. We were the only two ladies in the entire bus. We reached Thiruvannamalai at about 12.45 night. She accompanied me up to an auto and spoke to the driver to drop me safely at my destination.I couldn't thank her enough. I smiled and waved good bye. After few hours of sleep at Andhra ashram, I met Sri Nannagaru. Nannagaru with all compassion asked me if I was brought safely and also said that I had a tedious journey and was delayed. He did the talking always. All I would do was watch him in amusement. What a divine play this life :-)

I would accompany Guruji with other devotees to Ramana Ashram for breakfast and meals. Most of the times I would be right beside him, for the world would be zeroed down. I can't remember any other faces besides his for my whole focus was him and him alone.
He would glance into my eyes for long and time would be held still. He would offer me half of what was served to him including his coffee. I wouldn't realize what I was eating for I would be chocked in his love and gulped food with tears most of the times. I feel I was walking with heaven on Earth. I would always recollect this English number, What if God was one of us!!

What a blessing it is to be in the presence of a realized master. My world was revolving round him. His compassion was amazing and out of the world.

His teachings of Ramana, Buddha, Jesus, Rama Krishna and many others were so profound.I always felt he was not one saint ,but was reflecting every saint he was talking about. It makes us realize one realized master is no different from the others except in expression. Years later it dawned upon me that his love was transforming me, without me being aware of it. So is it to all the others that have the fortune of meeting him. I've heard many devotees both Indian and foreign having their own blissful experience in his presence.

Few of his sayings etched in my memory are:

- Oneness is Truth, duality an illusion.
- God is good God is great.
- There are many paths leading to truth. Each one is unique.
- We can talk for hours on Jnana. But Bhakthi is difficult to talk because it chokes my throat.(with tears in eyes)
- One word, one loving glance, one touch, and being in the memory of Guru is enough for our lives to be transformed.
- Holy company is the best that can happen to anyone, for in it the Sadhana(spirtual practice) is effortless (like natural breeze)
- One divine virtue when practiced sincerely will be sufficient for the rest will follow spontaneously.

I would be in a trance for days even after returning to college. But the passing days would bring back the fun filled nature in me. I would be part of a hilarious friends circle. But Guru's words would echo no matter where I am

- You are not the body, you are not the mind, Supreme self you are.
- We are not here to eat and sleep but to realize the supreme state. That Blissful state of which the angels are jealous of.
- It is to be realized here and now. To attain this you have to go beyond BMI complex(Body,mind & intellect)
- Means are varied. Karma path, Bhakti path, Jnana path and dhyana path. Sweetest of all is surrender in which you leave all your worries and responsibilities to a higher power. The path of surrender is like a mother cat holding it's kitten in the mouth to carry it. So the baby has no hassles . Jnana path is like that of a baby monkey holding to it's mother, the baby could slip if it is not cautious. Surrender is sweetest and safest.
- Enquiry is a short cut way to get back to source but if negligent might cause harm. But our path depends on each ones mental make-up, so never imitate others.follow what best suits you.It doesn't matter how long we travel.But it is important to be in the right one!!

It is important to be on the right path.
- In the words of Abraham Lincoln:I am a slow walker but I shall never look back.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A real guru brings about a change

Ramana Maharishi may not look like Dakshinamurti or Sri Krishna. He looked like an ordinary man. He opened his eyes and gave self knowledge. Even if you have not recognized him, he was not affected. There was no loss or gain for him. A real guru never craves for recognition. He works from inside. He works in such a manner that even if you have no regard or love for him, he will turn your thoughts towards him. He will carve you out in such a way that you will begun to love him. A guru never uses any actions when he works. He is world-less, mindless and body-less. He is Godless also. He does not require a samsaram. The guru laughs, eats with you, behaves as if he does not even know as much as you know and walks with you just like an ordinary person. All the while the guru is bringing about a great change within you. This is how a real guru brings about a change.

Anugraham (grace) may not be seen or heard by the ears. He does think that the outside world should know what he is doing, as he has no conscious of his body. A guru need not be liberated from samsaram. When he is not conscious about his body, then where does the question of he being released from the bondage of family arise. A guru need not necessarily sit on a throne like Lord Rama. Remember, you may be very intelligent. But however intelligent you are, you can never break away from the bondage of life using our intelligence.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Joyful Journey" - (By Gopika)

It was Dasara holidays time during second year in college. For the first time felt I had to visit Nannagaru in his home town Jinnur. I had to travel from Chidambaram to Chennai and from Chennai to Palkol. I didn't know where exactly Jinnur was, with the help of friends I booked tickets and managed to travel to Palakol. I took an auto and went to Jinnur which was a 10 minutes drive by auto. I dint inform anyone about my arrival, I didn't know what time I would reach there either. By the time I stopped at Guruji's place, Guruji was eagerly waiting for my arrival, for there was nothing he did not know.

As soon as I stepped in he said - "You are late by 1 hour. I was waiting for you."

I didn't book my return tickets. I knew only today, tomorrow would be taken care of. Nannagaru asked me to rest at nights in a devotees house opposite his house and asked me to stay with him whole day. That was the only conversation we had in 5 days. Whole day I would sit beside him just watching him, reading news paper, oiling his head, having food and reading books before going to sleep. It was as if he forgot my existence and in fact I forgot mine!!

Many a times when I would be overwhelmed by love and reverence I would gently touch his feet and tears would roll down. I felt, do I need anything apart from his presence? He was so divine and serene. At times he would just do nothing & gaze into nothing. By keep observing him, he made me thoughtless and silent. I was with the timeless and didn't know how were days passing, when one fine day afternoon railway station master came to visit Nannagaru.

Nannagaru gladly received him by saying - 'I was waiting for your arrival. We need to book a ticket for Gopika for tomorrow. She has to go to Chennai. From there she will board a bus to Chidambaram. The station master nodded and said he would pick me up the next day'

Tears flowed for I didn't know four days flew by and I had to leave. That evening after his food during sunset, he came to the backyard of the house and started gazing endlessly into the sky. I kept watching him, he was so powerfully peaceful. Navaratri days in Nanna's presence was like spending my time in the lap of divine Mother.

Time had come for my departure. After spending five days with him, he finally spoke again 'Gopi, you are a blessed child' and looked straight into my eyes with tremendous compassion. 'Grace will follow you.'he said.

I took leave of him in silence, touched his feet and walked away looking back many times before his presence disappeared physically but to be continued..with me & Always!!!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pray Mother for her grace

Shiva Shankara, Shiva Shankara, Shiva Shankara

This means we chant Mother Parvathi’s name along with Lord Shiva’s name. Mother is prakruthi (nature) while Shiva is the creator (Purushudu). When we were young our mother raised us. Our mother taught us many things including how to brush teeth. Who is our mother, she is prakruthi. She is none other than Parvathi herself.

The mind, thoughts and body are a part of prakruthi. Even intellect is prakruthi. So, to reach Parameshwara, one must have a strong control over senses, thoughts and the power of discrimination. Therefore, we must have the blessings
of Mother to reach Parameshwara (God). Mother has to teach us to find a way to reach God. Pray to her for her grace.

Lord Shiva is pleased when he is given a ceremonial bath with water (abhishekam) and decked with clothes. Lord Vishnu likes to be decorated very well (alankarana) with a crown. The Sun is pleased when you offer namaskaram (joining both hands and bending in reverence) every morning and evening. Kumaraswamy does not require a ceremonial bath, decoration or a namaskaram

"Sri Nannagaru is a constant guide within us" - (By Lakshmi (Nallakunta))

Sri Nannagaru's gracious sight fell on me during my childhood itself. But he took me into his fold in the year 1988. However I don't know since how many births this relation existed.

When his sight fell upon me, I realized that the non existent mind is troubling me. It has been more than 13 years that his gracious glance fell upon me. I am able to realize that his grace is facilitating my mind to involve in self enquiry without any effort from my end.

Initially i tried my best to swerve away from this path. However his grace revealed me that I am a piece of flesh trapped in the mouth of a tiger i.e, I cannot escape from his Grace. Sri Nannagaru is the Mahatma whose mission is not just to show us GOD but to slowly remove the tendencies of the Jiva and thereby convert us into GOD. When asked about the path, I don't know how the other Guru's would respond, but Sri Nannagaru answered thus: "When the dog(made of stone) is visible, the stone is invisible. When the stone is visible,the dog is invisible i.e, when the world is visible, GOD is invisible and when GOD is visible, the world is invisible."

Sri Nannagaru is not somewhere in Jinnur. He is the in-dweller within us. As we talk with each other, we can also talk with the Guru within us. The speech of Guru is eternal. He is our constant guide within us.

He never allowed his disciples to get attracted towards miracles. When someone said: "Ash emerges from the photos in our house", Sri Nannagaru replied: " Are you able to get rid of your ignorance due to this?" He encourages us to be knowledge seekers.

His Grace is giving me the strength to face any kind of situation peacefully in my life. He enabled me to watch the mind as an object. Sri Nannagaru is the Guru who showers bliss even in the hardships and sorrows faced by the mind.

I didnot surrender my ego to him intentionally. He seized from me without my Knowledge. His Grace enabled me to constantly contemplate upon Self. Sri Nannagaru never allows us to trouble the body or mind in the name of spiritual effort. His Grace puts the mind into the path of Self-enquiry and turns it towards Self naturally, peacefully and blissfully.

Sri Nannagaru observes our sight, our walk and each and every movement that we make in our life. He comes down to our level, introverts our mind, increases our love for Self Knowledge, enhances our faith and thereby brings the truth into our experience. He doesn't even allow us to understand that such a big process is in progress. This is the specialty of Sri Nannagaru.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Start working towards your goal

This world is not real. World means unhappiness. The world is like a dog’s tail that cannot be straightened even with the best technology. Similarly, all the technologies in this world cannot eliminate all the bends in this world. Mahatma Gandhi brought independence to the country. He became a mahatma because he worked selflessly for the country. You may perform seva (service), but in the process you do not know if the other person has been benefited or not. The result is not required. But the service itself will make you a better person.

Without steadfastness of faith or no goal or purity, one cannot know what real happiness is. So Love him(God), more and more. You know what is in your heart. We worship with hands and repeat his names with the mouth. But he is in our heart and is very intelligent and mighty. He knows what is in your mind.

Perform all tasks without any thoughts. If your mother-in-law is bad, God is there to take action. But do your duty towards her. Similarly, if she is good, God will see that too. You have entered that house because of your past actions. God sent you there accordingly. So, do your duty. Why should you be bothered whether she is bad or good? God is there to judge her.

The world is filled with the desire to earn more money. People are after money. They do not know this is an illusion and will just go away once the body dies. You should not misuse your power of authority. As we get our clothes stitched to our size, similarly we need to behave properly in the house also. Never imitate others. If you imitate that means you are not confident of yourself. You have no faith in yourselves. Think individually. Why are you depending on others? You are forgetting your inner strength. Today, imitation has become the norm of the day.

Remember and believe the real peace and unlimited happiness in inside you. The happiness that you see outside is not true. It stays with you for a short period. So, start working towards your goal.

"Sri Nannagaru is a great Doctor" - (By Vasundara (C.T.O))

In 1996, I was transferred from Vijayawada to Narsapuram as C.T.O. One day, while going to office, I happened to see the board 'Jinnuru-Ramana Kshetram'. Upon looking at the board , I visited the house of Sri Nannagaru and met him. I consider this as the fruit of my past good deeds. I always had a yearning to attain spiritual progress. Though I used to chant thousand verses on deities and perform various pujas(worships), I was not completely at peace. Sri Nannagaru behaved like a friend and thereby
increased my love for him. Whenever I visited him, he asked me about the hardships at my workplace, not as a Guru but as a friend. I am very fond of literature. Even Nannagaru is interested in literature. Therefore my duty as well as my liking for literature made me closer to Sri Nannagaru.

Once upon a time I was proud that I performed my duty perfectly as per law. But due to some unforeseen disturbances at workplace, I was transferred to Hyderabad. But the relationship with Sri Nannagaru is the greatest turning point in my Life. After coming to Hyderabad, I started listening to the discourses of Sri Nannagaru. Listening, Listening and Listening - That is all; it brought a great reformation within me. From then onwards an intense yearning started within me and my relation with
Nannagaru started converting into that of a Guru-disciple's relationship.

Previously I never mingled with people. But now there is a great change within me. To put it in one word- I got perfection and completeness in my work. I developed a positive attitude and got habituated in accepting people as my very own.I got introduced to other devotees and developed intimate relationship with them. The most important thing is that I forgot my status in society. Previously, I considered myself to be so and so even in my sleep. I used to feel superior than my subordinates. Now, I lost all such superiority complexion. Love and affection nurtured within me. The depths of my heart increased as I listened to the good and bad of others lives. It all happened only because of Sri Nannagaru! All the culture(ie pujas, abhishekas etc.,) that I nourished since childhood disappeared all of the sudden. Now SriNannagaru is everything for me!

There is lot of energy and power encapsulated in words of Sri Nannagaru. Sometimes even if I want to utter something very loudly, I am reminded of his words. His words literally chase sometimes, they seem to be beautiful sometimes, loving sometimes and thrashing sometimes.

One more quality that I liked most in Sri Nannagaru is that he never forced anyone in anything. This is a very rare quality. In fact everyone including our Mother, Father, friends try to dominate us by interfering in our thought process. But Sri Nannagaru never dominates us. He gives us 100% independence. He gives his advice and says: "You think over and do accordingly." It is a great secret that the freedom which Sri Nannagaru gives us which is not given to us by any other Guru. Every other Guru says: " I am your Guru; Adore me. You must abide by my words." But Sri Nannagaru says:" Everything happens as per one's destiny. Therefore just give away your mind to the Lord." I always feel it would be enough if I give my mind to Nannagaru. He is a great doctor who cures all our mental diseases so that we may mentally attain the proximity of GOD.

Perhaps I am narrating more about my material life than my spiritual life. Reminiscing Sri Nannagaru words gives me immense inner strength, which states - "It is possible to make spiritual effort in the materialistic life". Sometimes I feel as if divinity itself took the form of Sri Nannagaru. Adoring him as divinity is a greatest feeling. There would be no greater blessing if I can constantly attain that feeling in my every breathe.

Can we ever find anyone as loving and as intimate as Sri Nannagaru? Who would make us intimate to Arunachala and also say that you are Arunachala itself? Where can we find the Gurus who would say 'Know Thyself' and also make us eligible for the same? I feel as if thousands of people, in fact the entire delta belt(of West Godavari) attained the eligibility to attain Self Realization. I consider everyone whomever I see as Sri Nannagaru himself. Its our greatest fortune that we are able to listen to the words of Sri Nannagaru.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Love God from the heart

Aham (ego) means saithan in Christianity. The mind thinks that this body is mine, and has a sense of doership (kartutvam). The body always looks to cling to a form. Just before death also, it crises for a form (such as mother, son, and others). The body dies crying for the form it wishes to cling on to. But once the body dies, the chaitanyam (pure consciousness) inside you does not shed tears. Chaitanyam does not require any form or this world.

Ishwara is the administrator and we cannot do anything without his will. Some die in accidents, a few at home and others in hospitals. All the bodies die in different states. All this is Iswara’s wish. It is he who decides when a person and where a person should die.

God has said kama and krodha (desires and anger) result in unhappiness. Again, he has also said these come from the mind. So to tame them, speaking sweet words will not work. But constantly performing all tasks without expecting anything and abiding by God’s will is required. Do not attach any sense of doership to a work. Practicing to work in this way will lead you to peace.
Shastram (sacred scripture) never misleads you. This life is just like the railway tracks, which are parallel to each other. Following the teachings in sacred scriptures, never causing any harm to others, by not speaking ill about others, visiting a temple every week and possessing steadfastness of faith is required to reach the ultimate goal of life (unlimited happiness or pure consciousness).

Just as one cannot stop a person who loves to read from studying, one needs to have the same intensity of love for God. It is not worldly-wise love, but love from the heart. Never go with a desire to a temple. But instead tell God to give you of what you deserve. He is the right judge.

"He is verily my innermost Self" - (By Dr.Mithin)

I met Sri Nannagaru after this a few times but don't remember anything particular. It is as if he has blocked my memory of the events. He came for the Guru Poornima and Birthday celebrations but I don't remember anything in particular to share. After his birthday celebrations whence he had gone back I had a chance to meet him when I had gone to Bhadrachalam ITC for a medical camp.

Before I left for Jinnuru I thought it will be nice for me to visit Lord Sri Ramachandra in the world famous temple there. All my life I knew I would have a profound spiritual experience in Bhadrachalam. I wondered what was in store. I had with me two others who were accompanying me. One of them was my physiotherapist and the other was a very close friend of mine since two decades. He was a physician and very much interested in spiritual matters. He was ardently waiting to meet Sri Nannagaru.

'Is he omniscient? All knowing? If Sri Nannagaru has attained God he must be knowledgeable about our every action.'

I nodded and said 'You will see'

When we entered the temple a young priest came and greeted us and took us inside. We didn't know anyone in Bhadrachalam and were worried as to how our darshan will take place. Surprisingly there was no rush in the temple and the young priest on coming to know tat we are doctors took us personally into the sanctum Sanctorum and made us sit a foot away from the main idol!

He waved the Aarti and showed us the faces of Lord Sri Ramachandra and Goddess Sita clearly. I felt my life was blessed having seen AtmaRama.

I had an amazing darshan of Lord Sri Ramachandra in Bhadrachalam by the Grace of Sri Jinnuru Nannagaru I thought. Next I came out and saw the Bhadra Maharshi Rock in which he is in eternal Rama Nama Chant. Legend has it that a pure devotee of Lord Rama will be able to hear the Name of Lord Rama emanate from the depths of the rock. I decided to test my heart's purity. I put my ear to the rock.

When I put my ear to it I didn't hear the chant of Lord Rama. I didn't hear the chant of any deity. Instead...
I heard the Silence of the Infinite Brahman, the Vast Ocean of Supreme Beatitude. It was so Silent, Calm, Vast, Infinite, Immense.

People came and went. But I had my ear stuck to the rock for two hours before I could finally let go with sadness. My mind drowned in Peace.

Om ParaBrahmane Namaha
Om Paramatmane Namaha.

I mentally saluted Sri Jinnuru Nannagaru for this profound spiritual experience. Next day we headed to Jinnuru. Sri Nannagaru was waiting for us. My friend was waiting to be convinced by Sri Nannagaru's personality. No sooner did we reach Jinnuru than we went to Sri Nannagaru's residence to meet him.

The saint greeted us warmly and asked about our journey. When we told him about our stay in Bhadrachalam , Sri Nannagaru smiled and said -'A young priest must have come and escorted you into the sanctum isn't it? He must have made you sit near the idol. There must have been no rush of people a all there isn't it? The temple must have been less crowded? The priest must have waved the Aarti and shown you the Faceof Lord Sri Ramachandra?'

Saying this Sri Nannagaru looked at my friend who was stunned to the core.

By the time we left Jinnuru the next day we had spent priceless moments of ecstasy with him and my friend became a believer.

Another tone Sri Nannagaru told ''What is the world but a play of the 5 senses? The mind gets easily externalized. Only he who has experienced the Bliss of the Self goes beyond them. Even if you have attraction for even one sense related object you will not get Self Realization. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is a great example of Supreme Indriya Nigrahanam. Even sugar never got wet when it was put on his tongue.

'What is the world but the play of the 5 senses?'

Why do I Love him so much?

'One day a devotee asked Sri Nannagaru as to why people loved him so much?

Sri Nannagaru replied 'You love yourself the most isn't it? That is why they too love me.''

He is verily my innermost Self.

Whenever emotional instability overwhelms me, whenever restlessness ceases me, either due to happiness or sorrow, I think of the Divine Face of Sri Jinnuru Nannagaru and feel calm.

The waves stop in Awe of the Supreme Vast Ocean of Immortality.

I am thankful to Sri Jinnuru Nannagaru that amidst the materialistic madness he willed that I think of him just now for about five mins.

Even Bhakthi comes by God's Will alone.
I realize how powerless I am and how all encompassing is the Lord's Will.
I can't even proclaim myself to be his devotee for what is in his will I don't know.
Nothing is by my volition , even Bhakthi or the loss of it.
What he Wills that alone comes to pass.

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Analyse your mind

Most of you will never compare yourself with Ramakrishna Paramahamsa or Ramana Maharishi. But you are quick to compare with the wealthy people in the cities. What you think, study and idolize or admire is different. You read books on Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Ramana Bhagawan. But you will never make an attempt to follow those teachings. You will never aspire to become another Ramakrishna or Ramana Bhagawan. As you like money, you prefer to ape and become like the wealthy people.

This is not an election meeting where you are asked to believe the speaker’s words. But I am asking each one of you to go home and analyse your mind. Think about whom you admire the most. You require no external judge for this. You are your own judge.

Samsaram (family) does not mean husband, children and house. Samsaram means birth and death. So, a person has to fall out of this. As long as you are ignorant, you wiill be in the well of samsaram. Therefore, previous birth’s good deeds and divine interference is required to guide you out from this.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Maya is not outside; it is in the form of thoughts.

An important point to be noted is one need to have a control over food and speech. One tends to eat more, and visits a doctor with various ailments. Our health is in our hands. We do not require a doctor to cure most of our ailments.
Have a restrain over food consumed.

Recently, a doctor told that about one fourth of his patients actually do not suffer from any disease or ailment. Their biggest ailment is their doubts in the mind. According to Bhagavad Gita, to get rid of fear, both desires and hatred have to be killed completely (100%). As long as these are present, you will not have happiness. Where there is love there is a desire. Wives like their husbands. So, they have a desire to make them happy. A wife cooks good food for her husband.
And in the process over feeds her husband.

Again in this world you like money. Money will lead to desires. To satisfy all your desires, you run after money. Similarly, if you develop a love towards God then you would like to visit temples and repeat His names.

So, far we have discussed about worldly issues. If a person’s desires are satisfied then there is a trace of arrogance in him. This is because of maya (illusion). If your desires are not satisfied then you get angry. Maya is not outside; it is in the form of thoughts.

From the mind desires arise, but not from the body. Both thoughts and illusions are in the mind. To attain a total mindless state, the sages have meditated at this place. Through meditation they have killed their thoughts and overcome illusion. In this world, the enemies outside are not dangerous. But the enemy within you in form of thoughts and desires is very dangerous because it will bind you to this world. It becomes difficult to remove the shackles of life and death.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mother. a great attachment even for a realised soul

This post is dedicated to the holy feet of Sri Rajyamma Garu, Sri Nannagaru's mother.

Once a devotee approaches Kanchi Paramacharya for initiation. Paramacharya doesnt heed to his request. Paramacharya asks the devotee: " Do you speak to your Mother?" The devotee replied: " I didnot speak to her since last 15 years." When Paramacharya asked for the reason, the devotee replied: " My Mother's character is not good." Paramacharya said: " It is your duty to look after your Mother irrespective of her character. When you can't have reverence for
your Mother, How can I believe that you will have reverence for your Guru?"

It is the belief of Krishna's devotees that Sri Krishna Chaitanya is an incarnation(form) of Krishna. He loved Brindavan and had an intense desire to stay there forever. But Sri Krishna Chaitanya's Mother took a promise from him. She said: " You should not go away to Brindavan which is far away. Rather stay at Puri Jagannath which is nearer, so that I can atleast see you occasionally." Sri Krishna Chaitanya sacrificed his intense desire to stay at Brindavan and promised his Mother that he would stay at Puri Jagannath. He kept his word till his last moments. Ultimately His body merged into the sea in Puri only.

Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of our Nation loved his Mother intensely. When Gandhiji was going abraod for higher studies, his Mother said: " It doesnt matter whether you will study or not. It doesn't matter whether you will earn more or not. I am contended with whatever we possess currently. My only desire is that you should not get habituated to smoking or eating meat or drinking wine or any other bad habits. I will not be happy even if you possess a foreign degree along with these bad habits."Gandhiji remembered these words forever and protected his character.

In his childhood, Gandhiji used to steal money from home and used the same for smoking.He did this being influenced by bad company. Gandhiji's father scolded his wife for the loss of money.Oneday, unable to bear his Mother being scolded, Gandhiji writes a letter to his father accepting all his mistakes. His father reads the letter and doesnt scold back Gandhiji. Rather tears roll down from his eyes. Gandhiji later said that these tears washed away his entire sins and weaknesses and changed his course of life.

George Washington is the first President of U.S.A. The city of Washington D.C has been named after him. In his childhood his Mother told him: " Remember these words through out your life. There may be many people who may excel in education or possess more money than you. There may be many people who may excel in their respective fields. Dont become jealous of them, rather admire them." Washington said in one of his speeches in his last days: " I never felt jealous of anyone in my entire life. Being jealous, I never tried to degrade myself." Thus Washington reiterated whatever his Mother said in these beautiful words.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is viewed as Modern incarnation. Even he was scolded by his Mother. She used to say:" Your digestive power is less. Therefore take soft food like curd rice. Dont eat all the offerings made to the Lord that you get from temple." Not every one can take this freedom, how much ever they make like Ramakrishna. That is Mother. Even when Ramakrishna was alive , his Mother passed away. Who else is left out to scold him? The next day Sri Ramakrishna was asked why he cried like an ordinary man on the death of his Mother? Then he replied: " I didnot cry intentionally. I am not aware of the sorrow experienced by a common man on the death of their family members.God showed me their sorrow in this form.It is an experience.

When Swami Vivekananda returned back from America, he established the Belur Math in Calcutta. Swamiji was very busy and always travelled from one place to another. When his mother, Bhuvaneswari Devi heard that Swamiji is currently in Calcutta, she would visit him occasionally. Whenever she comes she would sit under a tree and wait till someone informs Swamiji of her arrival but would never enter the office premises of Swamiji. Only Swamiji would come down to her. Oneday Swamiji asked her: " Mother, do you have any requirements that I can fulfill?" She said: " What shall I require in this age? My only needs would be food and clothing which I possess sufficiently. I came here only to see you." She never took any money from Swamiji in her life. When She was about to leave, Swamiji said: " I will come to you within 2-3 days." She then replied: " Why should you take that trouble? Wherever you may be, you must be happy. You need not come to me. Whenever you are in Calcutta and whenever I feel like seeing you, I will only come to you. You need not waste your time." Swamiji said: " Your son has become a great man, a big man in the eyes of the society, but has not been even a penny's worth to you." Thus Bhavaneshwari devi never took advantage of the fame of Swamiji.

Adi Shankara's Mother, Aryamba tells him that the river Poorna being very far, she is unable to bring water from it on a daily basis. Then Shankara makes a prayer which changes the course of flow of Poorna river and it starts flowing near Shankara's house. Shankara asks his Mother to grant him the permission to take up ascetism but she refuses stating that he is her only son and her only support.Shankara then creates a dummy crocodile and enacts as if caught by it while taking bath. He asks his Mother to fulfill his last wish of becoming a monk.Aryamba then gives her consent. As and when Aryamba gives her consent, the crocodile leaves Shankara. Aryamba then says: " You need not live with me. Where ever you may live, you must be happy.But promise me that you will come to me in my last moments and also conduct my funeral rites." Therefore Adi Shankara came all the way from Sringeri to Kaladi(by flying) for the sake of his Mother in her last moments. Aryamba adored Vishnu through out her life. Even now there exists a krishna's temple in Kaladi which was worshipped by the ancestors of Shankara. Even though the Truth is nameless and formless, our mind settles down only on that name and form whom we adore.There is nothing wrong in having a personal God. It is enough if we can view all the other gods in our personal God. Shankara tried to make her concentrate on the Self but failed to do so.Then he tried to make her concentrate on the form of Shiva but she couldnot do so. However she has been worshipping Lord Krishna through out her life.Therefore Shankara ensured that She took the name of Vishnu, concentrated upon his form and meditated upon him and thereby attained the Supreme state of Brahman. As a monk is not eligible the villagers refused to help Shankara in conducting the funeral rites. Then Shankara created fire using his yogic power and thereby fulfilled his promise made to his Mother.

Before crucifixion, Jesus called his Mother ‘Mary’ and said : " I did not have any house to live in till date. I also do not ask you to live in any other’s house. I am your son only till today. From tomorrow onwards, Yoha, my disciple, would be your son. You stay at his house." Jesus had brothers who were not righteous. Jesus knew thatthey would not look after his mother. But Jesus neither spoke ill of them nor asked his Mother to stay with his brothers. Handing over his Mother to Yoha, Jesus said: " Till today, she has been my Mother. From tomorrow on wards, she is your Mother. Look after her carefully." Yoha promised Jesus accordingly. Therefore Jesus became GOD Himself. Mother Mary lived for 12 more years after crucifixion of Jesus. In order to keep his word, Yoha never moved out of his village as long as Mother Mary was alive ie for 12 years.It was only after Mother Mary left this world did Yoha go out for preaching.

Buddha's Mother, Mayadevi invited one of her childhood friends for the naming ceremony. The child was named Siddhartha. After the completion of the naming ceremony, Mayadevi put the child in the lap of her friend. On viewing the child, the friend compeletly lost the time sense and kept looking at the face of the child for 15 minutes uninterruptedly. Later, Mayadevi's friend felt : " No woman should marry in this world. Even though she gets married, they should not give birth to any child for they will not be able to give birth to a child like Siddhartha." Thinking thus she remained as a celibate through out her life without marrying . Later within a very short period of time, Mayadevi expired. Then her friend thought: " Goddess Earth herself incarnated as Mayadevi to give birth to Siddhartha. Since her task has been accomplished, she left her mortal frame. " When Siddhartha became Buddha, Mayadevi's friend visited Him. When Buddha spoke out, it looked as if a wall is speaking. He was such a flawless person. His body remained motionless. His face was devoid of emotions. Such Buddha stood up involuntarily and came to Mayadevi's friend and called her 'MOTHER'. Buddha would normally call anyone by their name. However he called Mayadevi's friend as 'MOTHER'.Then Mayadevi's friend felt: " When Buddha called me as Mother, the purpose of my advent onto this earth has been fulfilled. When Goddess Earth taking the form of Mayadevi gave birth to Siddhartha, the purpose of her advent has been accomplished."

In the last moments of Alagamma, the Mother of Bhagwan Ramana, Ramana places one of his hands on her heart and another hand on the head. He thus makes her experience all the karma left out and removes all the tendencies that obstructed her liberation. The world blames Bhagwan Ramana that he granted liberation to Algamma as she is his Mother. But this is not true. Ramana taught her in a very unique way. He seldom spoke to her for many days. He would also enact anger for petty things. When his Mother cried in a manner that would melt even the stones, Bhagwan would say: " It is good that she is crying.Let everything that exists within (as obstacles)come out." Though Algamma didnot receive the reverence of Bhagwan, she refused to leave him. She completely surrendered to him and said:" I would like to die only in your hands. It doesnt matter even if you throw this body somewhere on the hill with your own hands." In her last days she never left Arunachala fearing that she may die in the place where ever she may go.
Therefore Bhagwan granted her liberation only after she attained complete surrender. When Bhagwan's Mother passed away, he did not cry rather his face reflected peace and his face filled with glory. Perphaps Bhagwan thought there would be none to bother him and he can lead a carefree life. The attachment with the Mother is a greater bond. The Mother never stopped questioning him. Who will ask him as to why he is roaming in the hot sun? If he doesnt eat on time, it is only Mother who would ask as to why he didnot eat. Who else can ask? Whether he listened to her or not,she never stopped questioning him. Bhagwan thought the questioner has vanished away. Therefore the attachment with the Mother is a great bond even for a realized soul.

In Aksharamanamala Bhagwan says: " What is Mother's Love when compared to that of Your's Oh! Arunachala. Mother's Love is physical and relating to this earth but God's Love is Divine. You took away my ego and granted me Self Realisation without any pain. It is all your Grace. How can the Mother shower this Grace?

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mother of Sri Nannagaru

Sri Rajayamma garu, the Mother of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru left her mortal frame on 30th April 2013 at 1.15 pm. She was 98 years old. She was taken away amidst the chanting of the name of the Lord at 4.30 p.m. This is a great loss to the entire family of Sri Nannagaru (not only family members but also devotees). She was most loving person who always welcomed devotees wholeheartedly. She never differentiated between people irrespective of their age or status. She treated all of them alike.

As a Loving Mother, she was always concerned about Sri Nannagaru's health and advised Him to reduce his travelling. It was her ardent desire that Sri Nannagaru should be on her side in her final moments and her funeral rites be done by Him. We are glad to inform that Sri Nannagaru fulfilled her desire accordingly.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The real house of God is your heart

Many own houses here at Murumalla, Amalapuram and other places. But the real house of God is your heart. Our spiritual heart is His home. The temples out here are temporary abodes of God. God is formless and cannot be grasped with our senses. We have created images of Lord Vishnu and Shiva, so that our mind can mediate on the form of God we choose to pray to. To know our true selves we pray to such forms. Remember, there is nothing more great than spiritual science. All the other sciences are limited to finding out new things in this world. But it is spiritual science that will lead each one of you to ever lasting peace. It will take
you away from the cycle of births and deaths, and thereby breaking all attachments with this world. It will dip you into an unlimited ocean of happiness.

It is only when the real supreme knowledge dawns on a person can that person speak about the immense bliss and peace. A real mahatma is the person where you will get peace in the little time you spend with him/her. A mahatma is the person who can propound a few words of the ultimate truth. In the presence of a mahatma, all your unhappiness will just flow out like water from a tap.

Saint Tyagaraja said a person will never get permanent happiness as long as there is no control over senses. To acquire all worldly pleasures, there is a requirement of money. Similarly, to acquire the ultimate truth, one must be dipped in real peace.

The day this body takes life, on that day itself God decides its death. Jesus Christ said every living being in this world has a place to rest. But this son of God (Jesus) has no place to live. Jesus was emperor of peace. When Jesus was crucified, he never blamed anyone. He was filled with peace.

Mahatmas also have enemies and friends, which is because of the fruits of past actions. They bear insults in a normal way. They never react. That is what one has to learn. Bear insults in a normal way. Never react. Praise or an insult will never have any effect on the soul.

"Beauty and Power within his words" - (By Parvathi Garu)

While returning back from Shiva's temple in the village of Kommara, I heard the preaching's of Sri Nannagaru for the first time. One day I visited one of my friends, as I saw Sri Nannagaru sitting on a bench. Upon seeing Him, I felt so happy as if I found out
my lost property.

Sri Nannagaru upon seeing me said lovingly: "I've never seen you before."

I replied: " This is my first visit. However I happened to listen to your sermons in Shiva's temple of Kommara. I was in a hurry to go back home, yet I listened to your discourse."

Speaking thus, I mentioned some of the highlights of preaching's that I heard. The same day Sri Nannagaru visited our house. I told him that I had devotion in my childhood and I dont have any of such now.

Then he replied : " The devotion cannot disappear. The suppressed devotion needs to be awakened."
Saying thus he asked me, "Who is your dearest GOD?" I replied him as Lord Krishna.

He then asked me to bring the Bhagawad Geetha that I use for reading. He put back the book into my hand and said," Keep reading this and whenever possible try to come to Junnor." Saying thus, he left.

This was my first introduction to Sri Nannagaru.

I never imagined that the discourse of Nannagaru that I heard accidentally would become the very basis of my life or that Lord Krishna whom I adored would himself take the form of Sri Nannagaru and bestow his Grace in the form of preaching's.

After a gap of 9 months, I visited Junnor to attend Sri Nannagaru's sermon. Sri Nannagaru explained in detail the glory of the Self Knowledge through the verse: " What is the essence of this Life which is devoid of Truth Realization? "

I was surprised of the fact that how can beauty and power hidden within the words, I was enchanted thereby! Whether we like or dislike Sun, aren't we enjoying the Sunlight? Similarly I felt whether I like Sri Nannagaru or not, his words are much useful for my spiritual life. I felt that all these days I filled my mind with unnecessary thoughts and now I should treasure these most beautiful words. I prayed thus: " Oh! Lord, do empty my mind." From that day on wards, He taught me the thinking methodology to get rid of the laziness within my mind.

I went to Arunachala after an year. After my return, one -+++day I went to Junnor to see Sri Nannagaru. Asking me about my experience of Arunachala, he said: " You came here all the way walking in this hot sun. Let me bring a glass of water for you." Saying thus he went inside and brought me a glass of water. Due to the sunlight, you are able to view my shadow. How would you feel if I stop giving you water and hand over the glass to your shadow?

After thinking over for a while, I replied:" Rather than respecting me, it would look as if you are respecting my shadow and have forgotten me."

Immediately he said: " This body is being driven by an unknown power. If you honor your body forgetting that power, How would GOD feel about this? The way you would feel when you stop honoring yourself and start honoring your shadow, even God would feel the same manner when you stop honoring him (the very basis of your existence)and start honoring the body. Don't forget this word." Who can explain us the essence of these words? It is only his Love which has to reveal the same. From that day on-wards, I started depending upon his Love. I understood that his words possessed power to bestow Love and Grace upon us.

Sri Nannagaru's love and his preaching's were attracted by me. This attraction gave me the strength to overcome my weaknesses and thereby made my Life a sweet journey.

The secret behind his preaching's is to take all of us to the blissful state that he possessed.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Perform all tasks as God's grace

The person who has the grace of Ishwara can only understand the true self (adhyatma). Reading books and visiting holy places will not help a person realize the true self. Make all efforts to secure the grace of God/Ishwara. Perform
actions, deeds and talk in a proper manner to please him. Follow the scriptures, and perform all actions accordingly. If there is a rule in Bhagawad Gita that requires a particular work to be done in a method, just follow it. Most of you are
not happy performing a few tasks. Remember here, the mind is not important. Just follow instructions and complete the task. He is a true devotee who performs all tasks without being bothered about the status of the mind.

All perform certain rituals and practice mediation to secure God’s grace. These acts will benefit you only in this life. All the benefits from the rituals are just for the mind, and give you temporary happiness. Your love for money, recognition will never lead you to the path of the real happiness.

For God’s grace, one has to perform all the work without any expectations. To master mathematics, one must be able to grasp the formulas and concepts well. Srinivasa Ramanujam was a great mathematician. You need to be a subject
expert to become a master of it. To achieve something you must have a determination to pursue it. Then only you can master that art or subject.Similarly, perform all tasks with a dedication to receive the grace of God.

"With Sri Nannagaru in London" (By Shakuntala)

If Sri Nannagaru's association is my greatest fortune, his greatest boon to me has been my London trip with him. I carefully treasured those sweet memories of 18 days within my heart. Even today my mind is filled with bliss when I am reminded of those memorable days. Accepting the invitation of 'Ramana Maharishi foundation' of London, Sri Nannagaru boarded the flight to London from Madras along with me and a doctor(a devotee belonging to Narsapur). Sri Nannagaru asked me to sit in the middle so that I am not faced with any kind of hardship. When the flight was about to start, the doctor asked me to put on the belt of Sri Nannagaru. Initially I hesitated. My hands were hesitating to tie up the omnipresent Lord. I was reminded of Mother Yashodha, who being frustrated with the pranks of Lord Krishna tried to tie him up but failed to do so. As Lord Krishna surrendered himself in the end, Sri Nannagaru also very innocently said:" Look Shakuntala, the belt is here. Please tie it." When I heard these words, I tied the belt effortlessly. I couldn't understand whether the flight was floating in the air or my mind was floating in the air. Right from Madras to London, every act of Sri Nannagaru seemed to contain unknown beauties. I felt that both the eyes are not sufficient to view the glory of that beauty.

By the time we reached London, it was 4 O clock in the evening. Sri Nannagaru did not eat anything till then. The owner of the house arranged the food for us. When she served the food, I could not stop my tears. The food was very cold and looked watery. I felt pity for her for she doesn't know our mannerisms. I did not even feel like touching that food. But Sri Nannagaru ate the food very normally as if the food is flawless. I kept watching him thinking that Sri Nannagaru not only preached that one has to maintain one's equanimity in every situation(whether good or bad)but also practically showed me the same.

Sri Nannagaru's sitting used to be held from 2 to 4 everyday. Many devotees from London, France etc., visited him on a daily basis. The hall used to be full with those devotees. Sometimes Sri Nannagaru used to ask the details of the devotees but most of the times he remained Silent. He used to sit on the sofa with folded legs. I felt him to be Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, when I saw him in that posture.

One day a very famous photographer came to take the photos of Sri Nannagaru. However the owner of the house objected for the same. She strongly opposed for it, which disappointed all of us. She expected some miracles from Sri Nannagaru. Unable to tolerate her anymore, doctor(the other devotee) went to Nannagaru and said that the owner may not be quietened until and unless she is given something. Sri Nannagaru replied with a smile:" What do we have to give her? O.K tell her that I will give her at the time of leaving. " The owner calmed down with these words and allowed the photographer to take the photographs. I felt pity for the owner of the house for her ignorance and innocence.

I don't know if my tolerance was being tested that the owner gave a tea kettle and vessels made of special glass in order to cook the food . In that tea kettle itself, I cooked the various food items in turns. There were four stoves for cooking the food. One day it happened that instead of turning off the stove being used for cooking I wrongly turned off some other stove. The food got spoiled in this process. It was the time for Sri Nannagaru's lunch. By that time he asked me twice whether the lunch was ready.With a heavy heart,I served him the spoiled food only. Observing my sadness, Nannagaru, in order to console me, said: " Oh! How good is the food today. Shakuntala, you cooked very well today." I could not bear his Love. I felt: " Does anyone exist in this Universe who can Love us in this manner?"

The owner of the house was very surprised that I came all the way only to cook for Sri Nannagaru. She couldn't understand as to why I needed to do a trivial work like cooking food for Sri Nannagaru when all my children were well settled in U.S.A. How could I convince her that this opportunity of serving Sri Nannagaru is the result of several good deeds of my past births?

'Ramana Maharishi foundation' conducted a three day retreat program in a particular place that took us a 5-6 hrs of journey to reach. Our guest house was surrounded with greenery, mountains and the beauty of the nature resembled the painting of a painter. Therefore it was a totally blissful atmosphere. All the required arrangements for the sake of devotees were made by the foundation itself. However Sri Nannagaru's food was prepared by myself. The program's were conducted from morning till evening. Most of the times Sri Nannagaru remained silent, clarifying the doubts of devotees in between. Unable to withstand the Peace and Bliss that they experienced in the presence of Sri Nannagaru the devotees used to hug each other.

While returning back from London, Sri Nannagaru said," Shakuntala, Our journey has been very comfortable as you accompanied us. " Then he turned towards doctor and said: " There are some people who make a lot of noise and make their presence felt. But Shakuntala has been so quiet that we could not even make out whether she has been with us or not." I remembered Lord Krishna telling in the Gita: " Oh! Arjuna, you just move your hands. I will look after everything." Even here, the entire work was done by Sri Nannagaru but the entire fame was given to me. It is always his grace that drives my life. He caressed me as a Mother; shared my hardships as a father; and preached me as a Guru. I don't have the experience of GOD but have a firm faith in his existence. Oh! My Beloved Father, Sri Nannagaru, bless me that I don't lose this faith till my last breathe.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sreyas (Good) and Preyas (Pleasant)

Ishwara (God) is there in all the living beings. He is the wire puller in all living beings. He makes the body undergo various trail and tribulations, which actually are a result of merits of the accumulated actions (prarabdham). The body may have to bear insults or praises, live in poverty etc. The life in the body is there until it undergoes all the merits of the accumulated actions that are in store. Once the body is done with destiny(prarabdham) the life moves out.

Ishwara (God) is the adhipathi (ruler) in all beings. The Upanishads contain various hymns and chanting of sages. It is Ishwara (God) who has given them this knowledge. The sages could not contain it to just themselves, they wanted to share. So, they poured their experiences out that are chronicled in the Upanishads.

Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi came to know about death. Again, it is Ishwara (God)who gave him the knowledge of death. Ishwara (God)took over his speech, and through him propounded good words.

These days there are rare people interested in gaining spiritual knowledge. All the time is spent on acquiring worldly pleasures just for the stomach. The sages have propounded the adhyatma (full knowledge of the self) in these Upanishads. They have said people are not interested in spiritual matters. Prayo marga indriyam and sreyo marga are the two goals. One has to discriminate between the two and choose the right one. Working for worldly pleasures and goals is known as prayo marga indriyam (means constant desire to increase wealth). But sreyo marga is that which leads a person to a higher state and ultimately dips in unlimited happiness.

You worship Goddess Laxmi. She not only satisfies your material wants but also gives you spiritual knowledge. All your efforts fall under two categories: preyas and sreyas. Upanishads describe sreyas (good) and preyas (pleasant) are two different purposes that bind a person. Therefore, there is a need to differentiate between the two. The person who prefers preyas will not progress towards life’s ultimate goal but will be pleased enjoying worldly pleasures. Pleasures are always sense-bound. But sreyas is that which leads a person to ultimate happiness, which is the goal of life. So, one should be able to differentiate between sreyas and preyas.

"Sight of Sri Nannagaru" - (By A.R.S.Sai)

Is he an orator or a Guru or a Sage or an incarnation? Who is this Nannagaru?

One good day I happened to visit him without any prior plan.Sri Nannagaru was seated on a sofa. The room was full with people and were focusing at him. Their faces reflected peace,purity and bliss. I could see a mysterious light in their eyes.

Sri Nannagaru was dressed in white and looked very simple. The moment I saw Him, he smiled at me as if he knew me since long time. He asked me to sit in front of him and started conversing with me. I then introduced myself. Silence prevailed in that room for a while. I observed a hallow light shining just above Sri Nannagaru's head which was in the shape of half moon having a golden shadow. I remembered the words of a Sage who said that such hallow radiance is possessed only by those who represent divinity. When I came out of this thought process and looked at Sri Nannagaru, I noticed that he was looking into my eyes with concentration. Even I made an eye to eye contact with him. The moment I realized that all my secret burdens hidden within my heart are being revealed to him, a kind of shame and fear overcame me and I stopped gazing at him.

I saw many rishis (who lived and did penance in himalayas), Swami's and Holy people in my life. But the sight of Sri Nannagaru gave me a new experience.

After 6 months, when I came to know of Sri Nannagaru's visit to Hyderabad, I was very eager to meet him and therefore went to railway station. When Sri Nannagaru came out of the train, I offered my prostrations to his feet and stood very close to him. The moment I was watching him to my heart's content, he turned towards me and said very lovingly and graciously: " Saigaru, you took a lot of pain in coming here this early morning in this chilling weather. " Saying thus, He touched both of my cheeks with his hands. My heart melted with his touch. I experienced an unknown bliss flowing out from the depths of my heart and spreading across my body.Also a divine luminous light occupied every atom within me. One cannot express such a sweet experience in words. Such a state of bliss is imperceptible to body,mind and intellect. It is beyond one's imagination. My body was unable to tolerate that blissful state. When I feared what would happen to my body if the bliss increased by one more percent, Sri Nannagaru removed his hands from my cheeks. In order to divert me, he started conversing something relating to world, as if he is totally unaware of the state of my mind. I carefully preserved this unforgettable experience within my Heart. From that day onwards my mind got the conviction that Sri Nannagaru is not a mere human being.

Later I met Sri Nannagaru several times and got answers to many of my material as well as spiritual problems. Sri Nannagaru has been providing solutions to all of my problems very lovingly and patiently. He is been guiding me to reach the goal. My association with Nannagaru has been since many number of years, however even today he possesses the same love for me.

Sri Nannagaru has been blessing with his boundless Grace and providing solutions to the problems of each and every devotee who approached him. He has been doing this very patiently without any break. This is not possible to ordinary Gurus.

Only their lives are blessed who would recognise Sri Nannagaru as a divine incarnation embodying the Knowledge of Shankara, the Compassion of Buddha, the Love of Jesus,the Heart of Ramana and the service of Vivekananda.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The real lord is within the heart

Earlier many used to come to perform tapas here on the banks of river Godavari. It is easy to leave the body but it is difficult to get rid of the mind. The sages used to starve the mind and body. Here mediation means the process to reduce desires, hatred. Control of the mind is important than control of the body. You have to accept the fact that the body is destroyed once after death. But the elimination the mind is difficult. People today must be wondering why the sages had to meditate so much. It is because they wanted to eliminate their sensory faculties. It is only after attaining a mindless state, where there is no trace of sensory faculties, that Mahaprabhu (Supreme Lord) will reveal Himself. The Supreme Lord is Ishwara. Ishwara does not mean Lord Shiva but also means Krishna and Rama.

Elimination of the mind or mindless state will lead to atma gyanam(realization of the soul). Ramana Maharishi used to say “why should one read books…after reading a person realizes that there is nothing outside but everything is inside.” You read a lot of books on various topics, hoping to find something new. But ultimately you realize everything is well within you. Remember the truth is in you and not outside. You go on a pilgrimage and visit many places. Pilgrimages are good exercise for the legs.

Wherever you go the only ultimate truth you have to realize is that all is within you. The real god, who is inside you, is formless, action less and nameless. The real God is antharyami (Lord within the heart).

"He is our Sadguru" - (By Jaya)

One day I came to know that all devotees are planning for a trip to Arunachalam. I couldn’t understand why so many devotees are going to Arunachalam along with Nannagaru? To find out the reason behind this gathering, I decided to go along with them. This was an unplanned trip, and went with them just for time pass.

“Arunachala hill” is the wish fulfilling hill. It’s up to you whether you will desire self knowledge or worldly pleasures; wish whatever you want and circumvent the hill, said Sri Nannagaru. I thought, my travel expenses have not been wasted, I can wish all my unfulfilled desires. First day, I wished some of my desires, and started circumventing the hill. As I approached Kubera lingam, I failed to remember all the desires that I wished. Later, I travelled some distance without wishing for anything, and later remembered all forgotten wishes and completed pradikshina successfully. The second day I started circumventing the hill without wishing for anything. I felt that I was more at peace when I was circumventing the hill without wishing for anything. Silently, I completed circumventing the hill successfully on the second day.

On the second day, Nannagaru called and asked – “What is your name?”

I replied – “Jaya”

I continued to say – “I don’t have any devotion to Arunachalam, I casually came here for a visit. But after I came here, I feel an unknown peace exists around, which can’t be understood by my imagination. “

Nannagaru said – “Why are you worrying so much? Don’t worry”

On third day, I felt there is something in this holy hill, and I experienced this from bottom of my heart.

On my return journey, Nannagaru called me in the train, and asked me to sit beside him. He chatted with me for more than half an hour. He explained me in detail on, who are we? How are we leading our lives? For what experience, we were bought onto earth? How are we utilising our time? etc.,

Then I said – “Nannagaru, I don’t have devotion; upon seeing you and coming to Arunachala, I felt I should lead life with devotion. I have lot of friends, and bad habits. On reaching home, I am afraid that I might get back to my old friends and habits”

Nannagaru replied – “Is your mind so weak? If you have a weak mind, you will go to your friends, if your mind is strong enough, your friends will come to you. A wise person will approach that which is good for them. You are an intelligent person, and you will not go in wrong path” Meanwhile station has arrived and we all departed.
I am proud that I am a very intelligent person, hence Nannagaru has aimed arrow straight at my intelligence. If I approach my friends it means that I am not a wise person, this one thought withdrew me from all of my previous habits and friends.

Until I met Nannagaru I never knew that there is something called as inner life, I only knew that there is external life. During 1987, in a spiritual course in Kanchmarru, Nannagaru asked me what I liked from the speech. I told one sentence.

Nannagaru said – “Think and understand this sentence, on our next visit you should explain your understanding.” Unknowingly I was attracted to his spiritual courses and his words. By telling me to think, he inculcated interest and concentration in me.

Without my notice my mind was attracted to him. He himself showered love and grace and attracted myself to him. Everything was initiated from his side. We can’t understand his love and grace. If we attempt to explain, we will be short by words. There is nothing special like practice. Under his presence our mind experiences unknown peace and completeness.

Our human minds are filled with sorrow and responsibilities; Sri Nannagaru has come to drive us onto peace and pull us towards the goodness in our heart. He has come from the divine world onto earth, just to mould our minds. Many good people, many Jnanis have put lots of effort to reach such state; Nannagaru made our path easier to drive us into heart with his sweet words, divine looks and gracious smile. In the company of Sri Nannagaru, this possibility exists for every devotee.

As an innocent person, he moves around us and owns up our responsibilities and sorrows and thereby shares his eternal bliss, peace and knowledge with us. He is our sadguru, who has come onto earth to mould all of us into complete person.