Sunday, February 1, 2015

Everything happens as per decree of God

Once, a lawyer asked Bhagavan Ramana: "Which one is true? Only the major incidents of life like the birth, death, marriage, education are predetermined or every small incident of life is predetermined?" Bhagavan replied: " Every small incident of life is predetermined." Then the lawyer immediately switched off a table fan and asked Bhagavan: "Is this act(switching off the table fan) also predetermined?" Bhagavan replied: 'Certainly." Bhagavan Ramana said: " A film is already shot before being played in a theater. Similarly allour lives are predetermined before our arrival from our mother's womb. Therefore our lives resemble a cinema that has been already shot."

You don’t get anything new out of your penance

Once, a lawyer asked Bhagavan Ramana: "It is said that everything is predetermined. However we hear several stories from the epics like a particular person performing a great penance and asking for a specific boon. Do such people attain anything new (which they are not destined to get) out of their penance? Bhagavan replied: "They ask for only such things which they are ordained to get as part of their destiny."

Everything happens as per decree of God

Bhagavan Ramana mentioned in the UpadeshaSara: 'Karturaagyaya praapyatey phalam, karma kim param karma tat jadam'. Here Karta refers to Supreme God. In spite of possessing immense power or money or qualifications externally, all of you represent dolls only. Only God's ordain materializes. If you become the recipient of any benefit, you consider it to be due to your intellect. But it ought to happen due to God's will and so it happened. This is true in case of both the auspicious as well as inauspicious deeds. Sometimes you may do great deeds but it may beget very small results. Sometimes you may get great results for a small deed. It is because the gross object (the work done) has no power to determine the result. It is Supreme God who determines the result. This is what ‘karturaagyaya’ implies. Nothing can happen and nothing will happen to the entire Jivas of this creation without the decree of God. Our lives do not resemble the parted kites. Supreme God decides in advance every moment of the body as well as when our breathing should exactly stop and then sends us onto this earth. Even before you come out of your Mother's womb, the work to be carried on through your body is decided in advance. Supreme God drives your situations according to your destiny. Remember that nothing happens according to your intellect. Everything happens as per the decree of God alone. This is what ‘Karturaagyaya’ implies. There are a lot of people who tried for the position of president and remained position-less. There are some people who did not even attempt to become President but became President effortlessly. You may try to become Prime Minister but may fail in becoming so. You will fail in spite of your attempt because it is not the decree of God. Sometimes your small effort may lead towards a big success. You got that result only because of God's ordain and not merely by your effort. If you remember this verse, your ego will subside gradually