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What is Moksha

In this world, through this body, by understanding and by bringing to our experience is Moksha. Moksha need not be postponed until death. Moksha is not the one that needs to be obtained after death but which needs to be obtained when we are much alive.

Moksha means experiencing the self and to live as self. Moksha is not an object. It is the light that shines within our heart. Only they can get rid of bondage, who utilize their body, mind words and deeds simply, naturally and appropriately, he alone will obtain Moksha (Freedom). No man can become God without removing the feeling of “I, mine”, he will never know what Freedom is!

"Sri Nannagaru on Buddha Powrnami" - (By Dr.Mithin)

I went early morning the next day with my neighbor Professor Laxmi Narain garu who is the Chief Editor of Ramana Jyothi. As we sat in the hall Sri Nannagaru came and took his seat.

His attendee came and started to manicure his toe nails.

I looked at them and thought excitedly.

Sri Nannagaru's toe nails! The place from where the entire Cosmos springs! I am blessed by the darshan of the Supreme!

I took three two nails of his and held them in the tips o my fingers and pressed them hard against the pulps.

The stinging feeling I got then I correlated with the Heart Centre. These are Sri Nannagaru's toe nails, the direct representations of the Self. Let me concentrate on this feeling and meditate on this. This will help in subsiding my mind.

Thinking thus I deepened my meditation and soon was lost in a current of thought.

I was Sri Nannagaru looking at a Cosmos filled with Sri Nannagaru in the pose of Lord Ramachandra as he had given me yesterday. My meditation was becoming subsequently deep whence suddenly I felt a jolt to my shoulder I opened my eyes.

Guru's Child was shaking me and telling me that Sri Nannagaru was talking to me. I felt a electric current in my mind die as I looked at Sri Nannagaru

'Has Professor Laxmi Narain come' asked Sri Nannagaru.
I pointed out the Professor to Sri Nannagaru.

Sri Nannagaru now scolded me saying that ' Why didn’t you inform me of his coming?' I had asked Sri Nannagaru permission that previous night that Professor Laxmi Narain garu wanted to come and meet him.

'He is Bhagwan's devotee isnt it?' asked Nanna

I replied yes. He had asked him to be brought the next day morning.

Now as Sri Nannagaru rebuked me I felt hurt that I displeased him. On deeper introspection I realized that Sri Nannagaru had shown me his Guru Bhakthi!

A devotee of Bhagawan had come and he was not acknowledged. This had hurt Sri Nannagaru. I marveled at the Love of my Guru for Bhagwan and asked his pardon mentally.

Sri Nannagaru now went into Silence for sometime. Then he said ' Buddha taught all equally. He gave the teaching to faithful and faithless. When someone asked him the use of such an endeavor he said that seeds will germinate when the soil is fertile. His words will produce effect even in the unfaithful when the time was ripe. He did his duty.'

Sri Nannagaru then stopped his satsang and asked myself and the professor to accompany him to the room.

Once inside the room he asked the Professor about his native place and interests.

As the Professor did not understand Telugu I acted as the translator.

Sri Nannagaru asked me whether I was his neighbor. I said yes.

'The Bible defines a neighbor as one who is close to one's heart even though he may be far away.'

I nodded.

Sri Nannagaru asked whether the Professor loved Bhagawan. I replied yes, he has room full of his photos.

The Guru nodded and asked the Professor ' Do you meditate?'
The Prof said 'I have a room but I don’t have meditation. Please give me meditation.'

Sri Nannagaru smiled and said to me ' When japa become internal, meditation comes. There are two states. “Being” and “Meditation”. Being is effortless and Meditation requires effort. Who is that meditates? It is the mind. Remove the mind or seek the source and Be. This is effortless meditation.'

He looked at the Prof and said ' I will give you effortless meditation. You will get all that you need.'

The Professor bowed low to Sri Nannagaru in gratitude.

'How long have you been in Ramana's fold?' asked Sri Nannagaru

The Prof said ' 15 years. But now I am in your fold.'

Sri Nannagaru smiled.

He looked at me and smiled again and said ' The personal problems that you are having are because it is your training period. Bhagwan is testing you. Do not worry.'

I saluted him and came out.

The next day I reached SR Nagar in the early morning and even though devotees were already seated there I ended up sitting just in front of Sri Nannagaru's chair. I was feeling a little odd that I was being special. Sri Nannagaru came and sat and went into Silence. Soon he said something about Buddha.

Before he could proceed someone in the devotees asked Sri Nannagaru how to achieve mind control.

Sri Nannagaru said ' Food intake should be regulated. Buddha said one who has his meal thrice daily is a rogi, twice is a bhogi and once daily is a yogi. One need not limit oneself to once a food daily. What one eats in a single meal one can have it as parts in two meals. But where is the Mind to actually control it? This is Bhagawan's path. To control something there should be something to control. When there is no such thing as Mind where is the necessity to control it? As long as you feel you have a mind it is necessary for you to control it.' Sri Nannagaru smiled.

One of the devotees asked ' Buddha did not believe in God.'

Sri Nannagaru said ' Buddha did not say such a thing. What he described is Peace. When there is Peace where is God? As long as you feel there is a you there is a God. For example Lord Ganesha. He likes your prostrations as long as there is a you. But when one is lost in Peace where is God?'

He looked at me and said ' Buddha was a great man. He never spoke harshly or loudly. His voice pitch was perfectly modulated.'

He continued' Mithin you are in the Middle Path. Your success is sure. You will have Realization. It is a slow but sure path.'

Sri Nannagaru continued to speak more like that for some time and then rose to go back to his room.

That day I called Dr Usha and told her I was getting embarrassed that I was coming late and crossing seated devotees and sitting in the front of Sri Nannagaru. She assured me and said that as you come only once in a day it does not matter.

The next day was Buddha Purnima and I again came late to the satsang.

I waited outside the crowded flat barely able to hear Sri Nannagaru's words.

The devotees noticed me and said ' Make haste and come and sit in front of Sri Nannagaru! He has been asking about you for the last five minutes!'

I happily came and sat in front of him even though he was seated with his eyes closed.

Soon he opened his eyes and saw me and smiled heavenly.

'Buddha was a great man. He never lost his poise.' Sri Nannagaru went on to talk about the greatness of Buddha. I really do not remember his teachings that day. I was lost in seeing him and it looked as if I was just drinking in all that he said and assimilating it.

Sri Nannagaru paused and said ' Buddha was so great that he even went asked alms from his own palace. Can you ask alms from Apollo Hospital Mithin?' he smiled.

I kept looking at him.

Sri Nannagaru went on talking more about the greatness of Buddha.

'Undergo hardship at the cost of comfort for others. It is good. Never be a burden to others.'

Someone brought a cake to be cut on which it was written Happy Birthday to Buddha.

Sri Nannagaru smiled and said ' How can one who is perpetually happy like Buddha lack anything? So we cannot wish him happiness for he already has that. Infinite Happiness.'

Sri Nannagaru then started to accept offerings from various devotees.

Whatever was offered to him he touched and gave it back to that person or to some other person.

He took a fruit basket and gave it to me and said ' Take this to your father. Tell him that we celebrated Buddha Poornima today and this was given to him.'

I nodded and took it. Once Sri Nanna finished meeting the devotees he went inside his room followed by many devotees. Before going in he looked mysteriously at a bunch of mangoes and said cryptically ' Keep these aside. Some VIPs will be coming today evening.'

I went outside and called my dad and told him that Sri Nanna had given him prasad and it was high time he met him. My dad agreed and said that he would come in the evening on the way back from college.

I then called my dad's elder brother who was a genius in many fields. Though he was 83 years old he was a Film director, poet, prose writer, and was the main priest of the powerful Yadagiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple in Yadagirigutta.

Recently his third younger brother and my father's 4th elder brother had passed away. This had left him in serious depression about the futility of existence.

In that scenario I had told him that I would take him to meet Sri Nannagaru and he was extremely pleased and hopeful to know that a man like Sri Nannagaru was there take refuge in.

I had informed Sri Nannagaru about my uncle a few days back and knew that he would not mind to meet him.

So that evening unannounced I took my uncle and dad to meet Sri Nannagaru.

He was giving a discourse to the devotees and I was at wits end as to how to make the meting happen for my uncle had to return at 6 o clock to do a pooja to Lord Venkateshwara in a temple in Hyderabad.

Worried that it was nearly an hour since we came and we would be leaving in a second or two without meeting Sri Nannagaru I looked at the hall in which Sri Nannagaru was giving the discourse. We were invisible to him and he had no idea that we had come.

No sooner did I worry that time was up than suddenly Sri Nannagaru said to the devotees ' I haven’t met Mithin's Dad yet.'

It was then that some devotees told him that we were waiting outside.

He got up and asked us to come in.

Once inside he made enquiries into my family's history from my uncle and dad.

On knowing of my family's achievements and talents he said ' It seems in your family everyone is a superbrain.'

We smiled.

Sri Nannagaru asked my uncle as to why Lord Narasimha was worshipped in the Serpent form in Yadagiri Hill.

My uncle explained and told him the various avataras of Lord Narasimha.
Then my uncle sang some songs about Lord Venkateshwara to Sri Nannagaru.

I looked on mesmerized!

My uncle had achieved everything in life! The deity for whom he had written all these songs was basking in his devotions through the holy being of Sri Nannagaru!

His life was blessed.

As my uncle continued to sing the glories of Lord Venkateshwara, Sri Nannagaru lifted both his hands in the mudra of blessing.

My uncle will attain Him, in this life...or even at the time of his physical passing away...of this I became sure.

Then Sri Nannagaru took the mangoes he had kept aside in the morning meant for the 'VIPs' and gave them to my uncle and dad.

They saluted the best amongst men Sri Nannagaru and took his leave.

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

"You tied me up with your love" - (By Savithramma)

The words of my mother are equivalent to Veda! She used to always insist me in having darshan of you but my egoistic mind never listened to her words. The death of my grand father has disturbed me a lot, so I dint feel like going anywhere. Then I happened to listen to your Amruta Vakulu & Pasidi Palukulu. You are as equivalent as five elements of life for my mother. She had a lot of yearning to unite me with you.

First time I saw you in Satyanarayana Raju Garu house in Sakinetapalli. Though I sat far off from you, your look has fallen on me. As I remembered mother words, you called me nearer to where you sat. Having your darshan, I surrendered to you. You filled me completely with an unknown happiness. You said you will come to my home. You showered deservedness to me. As you entered into the house you shined as pure like 24 carat gold. As I continued to glance at you, in a second I felt whether this is a dream or live?

As you said – “we came into our house”,

These words remembered the bond between you and me.

As I touched your feet, I heard a sweet phrase of ‘Spotless Guru’.

I recollected the words of Siddanti long time ago – “You need not step out of your house. One great man will come to your house and you will be liberated.”

You tied me up with your love. In awaken state, dream state, when I stand, when I sit, you spoke with me. The moment of not remembering you was a scary thought. Every second, you followed me. I felt like I couldn’t live without seeing you. This all happened not by wish of me. You pulled me towards you.

Before I used to have worry for everything, happiness if the task has been completed otherwise sorrow. Even if I lost a spoon, I used to have disharmony in mind. As a magician you vanished all worries. Without a knife in hand you did operation. Now, even if earth and sky unites together, this will not have any impact on me, you alone have enabled me to reach that state. You have tied me with your love. I thought I alone own this love, what a mad illusion!!! Every gopika in Repalli had a feeling that Krishna was hers, after seeing your love on all of us, I felt like this emotion was inculcated by you, Krishna.

I rejoiced as you walked by waving the towel in your right hand.
I rejoiced the way you moved your hands while drinking water.
I rejoiced by looking at your poised face.
I rejoiced by hearing your nectar words
I rejoiced by glancing at your posture where you folded your legs and sat on sofa.
I rejoiced when you patter your stomach, and burp.
I rejoiced the way you look us through your closed eyes.
I rejoiced your charming look of blessing us with hand of reassurance, where you wave your head as a sign of acknowledgement that you listened to my words.

How many should I tell like this? After seeing you, I felt like there is nothing to be seen in the world.

Shall I tell how did I recognise this grace, until yesterday I had zeal to meet you, today I felt like where there is the place that you are not present?

How great is faith before sadhana!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Guru devobava" - (By Hima)

I heard the name of Sri Nannagaru first time on Oct 4th 1991 through a friend. I heard of many swamiji’s, but the name of Nannagaru felt very special to me. After 1 month, I heard of Bhagawan’s life history. I liked the Arunachala siva song most. The first book I read of is “Sri Nannavu vacha”. For the person like me who had perceptions as, upon my wishes fulfilled, I would climb steps of tirupati or break the coconut, had left me awestuck with the words in this book which said – “Are you trading with God?” I felt shy of myself. Also the words - “If you are not able to understand my subject it is the fault of mine and not fault of yours” were just different like his name. I was not daring from childhood but the words which said “What will happen, will happen, but what will happen will not happen” have removed my fear and rejuvenated in me with courage.

I knew that Nannagaru was going to visit my home on Jan 9th 1992. Early in the morning, I cleaned my home very neatly and decorated with lights on the way where Sri Nannagaru is expected to come. At evening 4 PM Sri Nannagaru has arrived, Shyamala aunty has introduced me to Sri Nannagaru. I spent 3 days with my Sri Nannagaru. I don’t know anything about the subject. He used to talk to me as a well wisher. All the three days just flew away, I had zeal to spend every second with him, and to sit along with him, which was unknown happiness, but one thing that I understood is I haven’t had this feeling any time before. The moment he left from my home I had a longing for him, and felt something was missed. I wanted to share these feelings with someone else otherwise I used to feel like I am lost, so immediately I started writing in a book naming it as ‘Guru devobava’. Every second that I spent with my father I stored that memory preciously in my heart.

Apart from speeches of Sri Nannagaru, the experiences that he has given to me at home are much more valuable. The thing that which is present yesterday and absent today is not true, the thing which exists yesterday, today and tomorrow is itself truth. Yes, I am living this truth which is love of Sri Nannagaru. The love that he showered for first time is the same love that he showers till date; there is no difference in his love. The love which exists same as yesterday, today and tomorrow is Nannagaru’s love, that love is precious (apurvam)

Slowly Nannagaru has become the main family member in my life. I have my father, with my father’s words (upadesam) I felt I can achieve anything that is impossible. Everyday I used to sit before Nannagaru’s photo and used to share all my sad and happy feelings with him, as I continued to see him, I visualized my father rather than a photo. He vanished all my sorrow with his immense teachings. I always used to discuss my problems wit him, for every problem I used to get a unique solution from him. But once I had a feeling whether all this is true? But on 7/8/96 when nannagaru came to vizag

He said – “ I am receiving your words”

By saying so he removed all my doubts.

Without necessary of reading Vedas, Upanishadasa, Bhagawad Gita, he explained the extracted meaning from those books and also our father made us experience all his teachings. In our day to day life, for every incident and for very problem Nannagaru’s teachings have become the solution. He has set an exemplary for all of us through his words and deedes. By being a household person without neglecting any activities, and showing us the path to reach God, such an extraordinary person is Sri Nannagaru.

Sri Nannagaru has completely transformed our perception like sadhana as getting early in the morning, taking bath and praying to God for an hour and then trying to be as usual along the day, he defined the new way of sadhana – “Every day every minute can be used for the sadhana and sadhana means thinking about GOD, and sadhana is not the thing to do in life but it is living with sadhana”

One day we all were surrounded around nannagaru. Everyone was offering sweets and fruits to nannagaru

Suddenly Nannagaru asked me – “Amma, Bindu what are these called?”

I dint respond. Later he said these are called offerings, and then he took fruits on the table and handed it to my hands. I felt these are called as prasadam. Upon reaching home, I felt there was some inner meaning on fathers words because he repeated the same for so long time. I started thinking what is the meaning father? Then I got an answer

“Whatever the offerings that you offer, I will transform and will revert you back in the form of prasadam. I am waiting for your offerings of “I” so that I can give you the purified and transformed I into self”.

I responded as – “Please excuse us Nannagaru, I dint get clear understanding on I itself. I don’t deserve to realize the self, but what I know and what I experience is the mind. There are so many obstacles in my mind, hence if not complete, atleast some part I can offer to you. Please revert back the some part offered as prasadam, so that this will help in removing the other unpurified part of the mind. Thereby my mind transforms into a purified mind, it will be easy to walk in your path Sri Nannagaru”

I never felt like, Sri Nannagaru lives only in Jinnuru. Whenever I called him as Father! And whenever I chanted as ‘Gurudeva’ everyday, I got a response from him. He was with me, and also he spent time with me, this is my experience. If chocolate or gold is offered to a kid, the kid chooses chocolate because the kid knows the taste of chocolate and doesn’t know the value of God. Similarly if I was offered Moksham I don’t know how it is and wat it is? What I know is the love of my father. Since I know the taste of happiness when my mind is completely filled with love of Nannagaru I would rather choose the love of Nannagaru than self realization. Without leaving a bad thought in my mind, my mind should be entirely filled with my father. I have the goal of living as Nannagaru instructed, and to offer my self as guru dakshina to Nannagaru.


If Brahma has given birth to this world, but you the form of Brahma are the one who has sown this seed, and given birth of spirituality into my life.

If this world is driven by Vishnu but you are the form of Vishnu who is driving us to lead a proper life.

If Shiva was the rhythm of the world, you the form of Shiva are making my heart to be in rhythm.

You are the meaning of Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru devo Maheswaraha.

You are the trimurti swarupa.

Please provide me the faith of you is everything, fill up my mind with yourself, thereby my heart only beats for you.

Your nature is Moksha (Freedom)

Moksha implies freedom. But freedom from what? It is freedom from ignorance (ajnana). What is ignorance? Ego is ignorance. What is Ego? One who thinks that I am the body is ego. Therefore everyone with body consciousness is bound. One who is bounded needs freedom, what does an unbounded person do with freedom?

Your nature is Moksha (Freedom). Self is another name for Moksha. Moksha can never be obtained by doing something. You are free even when you desire for freedom (Moksha). Your ignorance is only distancing you from the self. Moksha is within you when there is no ignorance. Moksha (freedom) is not for the ‘I’ limited to the body but in fact moksha (freedom) is getting rid of ‘I’. Ego cannot have liberation but getting rid of ego is liberation. - (By Nannagaru)

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Jnani's actions are like, New born child's

When we laugh even the jnani laughs. When we weep, even the jnani weeps, jnanis actions are like that of a new born child’s. But there is a difference between a child and jnani. The suppressed hidden tendencies in a child’s heart roar out as the child grows. But the tendencies are completely burnt into ashes in case of a jnani. A person possessing tendencies can never become jnani. Only those who serve jnani can become jnani.

Jnani thinks that he has a body but never considers himself to be a body. Jnani never looks upon the world to be different from him but considers as a part of him. Jnani has no duties to be performed, but work happens through him by which he is never bound.

One who cannot introspect and investigate can never become jnani. Man can never merge in God without becoming Jnani

In the Gita the Lord said – “I love the devotee, I love the yogi” but coming to the case of jnani, he never said that he loves/likes jnani. Instead he said “there is no difference between jnani and myself” Jnani obtains me “When God himself cannot describe the glory of jnani, how can we attempt to do so?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

"You are the Sun of Knowledge" - (By Dr.Mithin Aachi)

I made my way to SR Nagar flat where Sri Nannagaru was staying. I entered the flat and saw him after 6 months. He was sipping his coffee.

I came and sat to his right and wondered whence he would see me.

I decided to initiate Total Surrender and was meditating such with open eyes whence suddenly he saw me and smiled a heavenly smile of joy. He asked me to come and sit in front of him and smilingly asked ' How beautiful are your poems! How beautiful is your English! Where did you learn such English. Was it in England?'

I shook my head and said ' You have given me that learning of English'

The devotees smiled.

Sri Nannagaru smiled and said ' You have attained a very high spiritual state. How is that possible? So soon?'

I kept quiet.

Sri Nannagaru smiled and said 'Perhaps it was hidden since childhood and now it is coming out.'

He smiled.

He had come for a devotees wedding and as I was not invited I wondered as to how to attend that wedding.

Sri Nannagaru himself suddenly told 'I have come for a wedding. You too come. It is in Sathya Sai function hall. Finish your work by 5pm and come to the wedding by 6 30 pm. Not only that you also should have food there, without fail!'

I nodded.

Then Sri Nannagaru went into Silence.

He was in that state for a few minutes after which he started growling like a tiger.

This is Lord Narasimha who is eating away our vasanas and ego I thought excitedly.

I looked on at Sri Nannagaru.

'Everything is you Sri Nannagaru, even me. Then who seeks moksha? Everyone is soaked with you. You are the Sun of Knowledge. You do not know ignorance. We are all you. Hence we are in you. We are in Jnana. Seeking Jnana is hence laughable. We are all already that!'

Sri Nannagaru opened his eyes and looked at me. He was in Silence for sometime then did namaskar and got up. He walked around the room amongst the devotees.

He came across a family whose male member was a pilot of a helicopter. He had died recently in a crash with others.

Sri Nannagaru out of compassion looked at them and said 'When one dies like that in a group it is called Samishti Prarabdha. Collective Destiny. There is no fault of the pilot. When death has tightened the noose around one's neck and pulls you away who cane stop or protest? People say that they do not fear death. It is wrong. Only one who has no body consciousness and has attained the Truth Substance inside has no fear. Mahatma Gandhi is such. Everyone else fears death.'

'Swami Vivekananda oozes dynamism while Sri Ramakrishna appears calm. The True Dynamism is of Sri Ramakrishna. It is called Calm Courage. People say Sri Ramakrishna did not go anywhere but Swamiji travelled and preached a lot. But the Truth is everything was achieved by Sri Ramakrishna's Will alone! His is the True Dynamism.'

Lord Sri Ramachandra was a poorva bhashi,mitha bhashi, hitha bhashi, one who greeted always first, one who spoke little and conducively. When Kaikeyi's affection disappeared overnight he did not fret instead he accepted it as Ishvara Sankalpa. No one ever face troubles as Lord Ramachandra did. But he never cursed his fate, instead he was of the opinion that all this Grace.'

Sri Nannagaru now looked at me.

He said ' Valmiki said that it is not important that you have seen Rama, it is important that Rama has seen you.'

He said this and his hand raised in the mudra of the blessing. I was awed. I clearly perceived Lord Sri Ramachandra in him and prostrated mentally to the Supreme Darshan.

Sri Nannagaru kept looking at me and kept smiling. I was blessed for in Him I saw the Lord Rama. The Sweetheart of Sita, the doll of Anjaneya, the darling of Laxmana!

This is a great day I thought.

Sri Nannagaru has given me darshan as Lord Sri Ramachandra. I kept on looking at him and soaked in his grace.

Sri Nannagaru's mood slowly abated and he said ' Ram is also good as Rama. As long as one has likes and dislikes, one cannot attain the Truth Substance inside.'

In the evening I again met Sri Nannagaru in the wedding reception. He made me sit next to him and asked me whether I was attaining peace.

I frankly told him that I was not and had been in the midst of severe personal problems for the past few months.

He nodded concerned and made in depth enquiries into the problem and offered practical solutions.

I nodded and told him ' You have given me these problems so that I lose my attachment.'

He looked at me and smiled a heavenly smile.

He then called many devotees and told them to see that I have my dinner without fail. He extracted my word again and again and then left peacefully on my assurance.

I was amazed at his love.

Later I understood the reason. During dinner a number of devotees surrounded me and asked me about my experiences with Sri Nannagaru.

I told them as many and many started to collect around me drinking in my words.

I understood that Nanna knew that this satsangh was bound to happen and hence made me come for dinner.

He had told me months back ' Whatever experiences you have about me, whatever you see in me Share it with others.

Not that Sri Nannagaru will get publicity but by hearing your words, mature devotees will be inspired!'

I kept speaking about Sri Nannagaru and summarized finlly as

' He is the Supreme Brahman He is Satchitananda Himself. He is the Lord of Uma, the Goddess Durgaa,in Sri Nannagaru alone are all piligrimge centres, holy rivers and all Avataras. He is Sommum bonum of life. He is the Ocean of Grace that has arisen in our Conciousness and will destroy the disease of attachement. He is no ordinary soul or Guru. He is the SUPREME BRAHMAN.'

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.

Bhakti is a Ganga

Without God’s Grace, none can ever become Jnani. Things happen to jnani as per his prarabdha Karma but the jnani is never disturbed by the gains or losses that arose from the fruits of his activities. The bodily comforts are incomparable with the happiness that arises from self-experience.

A performer of miracles need not be a jnani. Only the one possessing equanimity and love can become a jnani. He is not a jnani who brings a corpse alive, but he is a jnani who lives like a corpse. He becomes a yogi who leads a moderate life. One need not become jnani by stop eating or growing long hairs. A person who is extrovert can never become jnani but only a person who is introvert can become jnani. A jnani looks upon an atheist also as god. He is a jnani who experiences the bliss of deep sleep in the waking state.

Many jnanis took birth in this world. But no two jnanis travelled in the same path to obtain jnana (self). The ancient abodes of jnanis have now become the places of pilgrimage.

Punya (fruit of good deeds) or Papa (fruit of sins) is brought only by the body or mind. He only becomes jnani who dedicates them (body & mind) to God. Earn bhakti (Love for Go) as you are earning money by working hard. Bhakti is a Ganga. The salt named ego melts in this Ganga (Bhakti). There is no mukti (liberation) for those who lack bhakti.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

"You are that peace" - (By Dr.Mithin)

One thing I forgot to tell was before going for his dinner there was a small moment in the room where Sri Nannagaru had asked me " You came today. When are you returning?"

I said "Tomorrow"

Sri Nannagaru's smile was wiped out and his face assumed a very sad expression as if he was going to miss me.

What did I do to deserve this love? I thought.

Now after having finished his meal he gestured me to accompany him to lighting of the Deepam on the front yard of Sri Nannagaru ashram where already hundreds of devotees were waiting.

As we walked through the seated masses they bent and touched the ground hallowed by the Guru's feet.

We reached the Deepam placed in the courtyard. It would be lighted by Sri Nannagaru once the Maha Deepam on Arunachala would be lit.

As I came and sat at the feet of Sri Nannagaru I could hear the whipsers of devotees around "Who is this boy?"

We all started to gaze at Arunachala for the Deepam to light waiting for the great moment to happen....

Suddenly the Deepam on Arunachala was lit!

There was an applause all around.

Sri Nannagaru got up and circumbulated the Deepam. After having finished thrice, he saluted it and asked me to do the circumbulation. I got up and did the circumbulation twice. He held me when I was about to start the circumbulation third time and asked the photographer to take a photo of Him and me. This was out first pose photograph together.

After the snap was clicked he asked me to complete my circumbulation.

I completed it as devotees chanted 'Arunachala Siva'.

I sat down and looked at Sri Nannagaru and wondered at his compassion.

After the chants Sri Nannagaru left for his room.

I decided to go for circumbulation when I was surrounded by devotees asking me as to who I was. One lady came and told me " Sri Nannagaru has talked a lot about you to us."

I was curious.

"What did he say? Please tell me." I asked.

She said "He said that you a Jnanaputra-Son of Jnana. That you are a ripened fruit. He said that you are a very ardent devotee of the Divine Mother and have worshipped Goddess Gayathri all the time."

I was surprised. I had never worshipped Goddess Gayathri in this life of mine atleast.

I was also touched by his Love.

Another aunty came and offered me dinner.

I refused and told her that my stomach was full after Sri Nannagaru ate. She looked at me surprised.

After this a few aunties and myself started for Girivallam.

I looked at Arunachala and said "This is my first Girivallam on Deepam and on a Full Moon. Let it be that all my enemies, all the people I despise, all the people I hate, am jealous and indifferent to be more successful and prosperous in life than me. This is my prayer on my maiden Deepam Girivallam."

The moment I said this prayer an unknown fear crept into me whether I had done a mistake by praying such. But the next moment I dismissed it and started for Girivallam.

I finished the Girivallam in 4 hours and came back to Nannagaru ashram at 12 midnight.

I had my first meal then after prostrating to the room in which Sri Nannagaru was sleeping.

I returned to my room in Ramanashram.

I was very scared that night in Sri Ramanashram.

Sri Nannagaru told that I would have Truth Realization in this life. Will it happen today? I wondered.

I was all alone in Ramanashram and Arunachala was just outside the door. I was scared. What will happen to my family, my wife, my child if I realize the Self?

I decided to sleep with lights in the room on to discourage the Spirit of Arunachala from entering and giving me Realization ( lol )

In the morning I woke up, happy that I did not have any Realization in the night.

It was then that a vasana in me crept up and I was feeling ashamed and unhappy. This is Arunachala, Ramanasharam!

And here I was full of vasanas, mind thoughts, evil thoughts, I felt dejectedly.

How am I going to face Sri Nannagaru? I was at a wits end.

What will he think of me?

I slowly got up and got ready. I went out and saw Arunachala.

It was IMMENSE, MAJESTIC, beyond the MIND and BODY.

I thanked Ramanashram authorities for the accommodation.

It was then that my eyes rested on the book "Annamalai Swami - Final Talks "

I decided to buy it later.

I went and did pradakshina of Bhagawan Samadhi and Mother shrine.

It was then that I overheard some Andhra devotees tell amongst themselves that Sri Nannagaru would be coming to Ramanashram and that he had suddenly told it in the morning.

I reached Sri Nannagaru ashram where there was a cow worship going on.

Sri Nannagaru was saying "Dedicate the cow to Arunachala"

Yesterday night while doing Girivallam I had thought that it would be nice if I got to circumbulate Sri Nannagaru.

I had told this to Gopika.

Seizing my chance I quickly completed 20 Sri Nannagaru pradakshinas as he was in the middle of the crowd.

Gopika smiled at me and said " So, you got your chance."

I asked another devotee "Is it true that Sri Nannagaru is coming to Ramanashram?"

"Yes," she said "it seems he made an impromptu plan in the morning. We are thinking that it is because he wants to see you that he is coming."

I felt it was highly unlikely.

I went upto his room after the pradakshinas where I met him.

"I am going to Ramanashram" He said.

"I will come" I replied still feeling guilty to look at him because of the vasanas I had had in the morning.

We followed his car to Ramanashram.

He directly went to the book stall and I followed him.

He took out the book "Annamalai Swami - Final talks" and browsed through it and replaced it.

I was wondering.

This could not be a coincidence.

I took the book and flipped it.

It came to a dialogue where the Swami was saying " You are that Peace. The thoughts that come and go are not you. Whatever comes and goes is not you. Your reality is peace. If you don't forget that, that will be enough."


I followed Sri Nannagaru to the Bhagawan shrine and then later to the old meditation Hall.

In the Hall there was an ethereal peace.

Sri Nannagaru was standing in front of Bhagawan's photo and was praying.

I was standing behind him and was thinking "It is so peaceful. I must be this peace. I am not the vasanas, the prarabdha nor the evil thoughts. I am this Peace. If I can hold onto this Peace, I will have attained Truth."

No sooner than this thought ran through my mind than Sri Nannagaru turned around smiled at me, patted my cheek two times and left Ramanashram.

I met Mr. Alan Jacobs for a while after that and then left Tiruvannamalai.

One of my fellow passengers was a new devotee and had told Sri Nannagaru that she was unable to understand his Greatness.

He had blessed her and said that she would know soon.

Without knowing this I had talked to her for about 4 hours about Sri Nannagaru on the drive back to Chennai and by the time we reached it she
she had tears in her eyes.

I had told her " The God that you worshipped in all your lives has come to you in the form of Sri Nannagaru in this life."

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Jnani is beyond states

A person travelling in the path of Jnana doesn’t own any object in this world. But a person trading the path of karma owns every object in this world.

The Kalpavriksha (wish fulfilling tree) and Kamadenu fulfill only what we desire. But the presence of a satpurusha fulfills even those that are not desired. A visit to a satpurusha benefits you more than any amount of travels to pilgrimages or rituals yagnas or yagas. When an incarnation or jnani takes birth on this earth all the good hearted people are liberated. It is because their hearts are always pure and straight. But the worldly people are always bent aside with impurity. Therefore they can never accept the glory of the holy people (mahatmas). When water falls, it can never fall into a bowl that is turned upside down, but can only fall into a bowl that is in erected position. The worldly people are like the bowls that are turned upside down.

A jnani is beyond the states of waking, dream and sleep. Do you require any evidence (support) to identify yourselves to be so and so? Similarly Jnani doesn’t require any evidence (support) to identify himself with the self. Jnani identifies himself with the self as naturally as ajnani identifies himself with the body. - Nannagaru

Thursday, October 27, 2011

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Nannagaru, my childhood friend" - (By Subbaraju)

I knew Nannagaru from my childhood, but spiritually I got introduced to him in 1957. During the early days, he used to regularly conduct meetings in Chintaparru. In the midst of coconut trees and greenery we both used to travel by cycle and he being seated backside of my cycle. My mind used to jump in joy as we chatted, but seeing his trouble I used to feel bad. He used to say without inch of trouble you’ve brought me here Subba Raju garu. I always had a feeling that I am escorting God himself. As I remember, those incidents are still fresh in my mind and are joyous experiences. Every Sunday three or four of us would get together and would go to his home, he would share lot of spiritual experiences with us. He was youngest of all of us. The group that started with four has now become a source for lakhs of devotees.

In 1959, along with Nannagaru we went on a pilgrimage tour. Apart from farming and house hold activities, I dint know anything else. As I was visiting those places of piligrimage along with him, I had a feeling of suffocation of joy and as a result tears would roll down from my eyes intensely. I thought this was a boon. Once we visited Yerpedu Malayala swamy asramam, as we were looking at the ashramam, one person approached us and said swamy is calling you. He advised us to sit down on the mat. He asked us about our details, then Malayala swamy said one sentence which I still remember now – “We all think that it is enough to chant Krishna or Rama when we are old. But that’s not true, if we have an impression on the raw brick it lasts forever, so also when we are young itself we should become strong in spirituality” as he said these words we were awe stuck. Next we visited Kalahasti and from there we visited Tirupati and on the way to Kanchi we visited Arunachalam. In 1957, Bhagawan showered his grace on Nannagaru in a dream; Nannagaru paid his first visit to Arunachalam. The day that we visited was Sankranthi. We enquired about accommodation in the village; they said there was no available accommodation anywhere. We had our lunch at a hotel. We had many traditional food items served, and they named it as ‘Arnala vistari’,

Nannagaru asked the hotel management - “What you’ll gain by serving these many items?”

They replied – “As it is a festival day we don’t look for any profits.”

I was overwhelmed by Nannagaru’s love on the humanity.

The hotel authority asked Nannagaru –

“Why did you come here for accommodation and lunch, when you get both at Ramana Ashramam?”

“Since we don’t know of those details we are here” Nannagaru replied.

We went onto the road, we bought bunch of bananas as we proceeded on Jatka.

As we stepped into Ramana Ashramam, we saw Satyananda sitting by window in Bhagwan’s hall (stone idol). From 14 years he was in silence. His work was to feed peacock. Seeing us he called us. They offered accommodation for us in Gentle man room which was extended to Gosala in Ashramam. Apart from Nannagaru, we happened to visit devotees who were alive in Bhagawan’s time like Krishna swamy, Annamalai swamy, Murugunar. Murugunar talked a lot, he was a simple man. We happened to visit Sri Ramaswamy Pillai, the one who used to take care of cleanliness of Ashramam. We also met foreign devotees like Chadwic, Osborne. They used to sit on their knees and offer prayer (Veda parayanam) very diligently. We would go with Nannagaru for Giripradakshinam; we also made friendship with Chalam garu.

From Arunachalam we went to Rameshwaram. We had to sleep on veranda. Nannagaru once got up in midnight at 1 or 2 and sang “Endaro Mahanubhavulu andariki vandanamulu” song very sweetly for half an hour. He likes that song a lot. He continued to chant Siva, Vasudeva Narayana. I felt to be the luckiest person visualizing him. We took ocean bath in Danuskoti. On our way back we visited Madhura Meenakshi. In Aravind Ashramam (Pondicherry) we met Maataji. During this journey, he transformed spiritual energy and strength onto me.

Without any reason I love him a lot, and have immense liking for him. I don’t know why, but everyday I anxiously waited for the work to be completed, so that I could meet him. As I used to work in the farm, mentally I was always connected with him. As I completed all my farm work in the evening, I rushed to be in his presence. He explained many things to us, which has hidden within Vedanta. I was able to grasp those words. My address was my home, farm and Nannagaru’s home. The days passed by just like that. Those are the wonderful moments of my life which I can’t forget till date.

Many times I visualized in him the form of Buddha and Ramakrishna. I can’t explain my relation with him in words. I would love to do his work. He was a compassionate person. He always thought welfare of others. He never thought of himself. After our friendship, Badhriraju, a PWD engineer used to visit Nannagaru in evenings at his home. He used to chat with him almost until 8 PM, and left for his last bus. I also accompanied with them happily. I never felt hunger in his presence. All hours would pass like seconds.

He thinks of us, Nannagaru used to say –

“Badhri raju garu, you are getting late, Subba raju garu can you help him to catch the bus”

He can command, but he never did so. His words were heart melting as he showered love on us. In all these years with him, he always addressed with respect for the people who were younger than him also.

I always love the work that he assigns to me. I never felt a pinch of toughness. These worked on me spiritually as well. Nannagaru spent most of his time in his Books room.

Our friendship is not a normal friendship; it is a bound less friendship. If he offered me a bitter fruit among all the fruits, without a minute of hesitation I will happily have that fruit. I wouldn’t have a feeling that he offered me a bitter fruit, because I just love him for no reason. Why so? Because I knew that he is doing this for my good. And he knows all my good and bad.

With his companion I felt peace and I wanted to share with all people around me.

When I mentioned the same to him, he replied – “Subbaraju Garu! We should not reveal all these things outside; internally we need to strengthen ourselves”.

Though he is younger than me, I like respecting him. From the time I met him in 1957 till date there is no change in our friendship. It’s the same day as it used to be. Though I am not able to have his darshan often because of increased devotees I didn’t feel obsessed as I always felt his mental presence.
Having born as human is strength of purity, having born in his village is boon of previous life, and by travelling with him my life attained fulfilment.
In simple words it is not possible to repay his debt. Offering our ego at his feet is the real way to pay tribute to him. (guru dakshina)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jnani is an embodiment of silence

Only the one who overcomes time and lust can become Jnani. He becomes Jnani who sacrifices himself for the sake of self. Every king cannot become a jnani but when Jnani becomes the king, people will enjoy great prosperity. That is the reason we still discuss about the Rama Rajyam (Kingdom of Rama) till date.

Jnani has no work either in this world or in the other worlds but still work is carried through jnani. Jnani has nothing to do but things happen through him. Jnani has come into this world only to lead the society towards equanimity. It is only jnani who can love this world. Whose heart is filled with peace eternally can only love this world and not by them who always burn in the fire of ego. Jnani’s sight is that of Shiva (self) and ajnanis sight is that of slave (corpse).

Jnani is an embodiment of silence. But as our intellect doesn’t understand the silence, out of grace, Jnani preaches us through words. Jnani need not think of helping this world, but the mere sustenance of his body benefits the world immensely. Jnani never thinks that the world is benefitted through him. If he thinks so how can he become a Jnani?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Deepam(1) with Sri Nannagaru - (By Dr.Mithin Aachi)

I was in a big dilemma whether to go to Arunachala Deepam on Nov 21 2010 or not. I phoned a close associate of Sri Nannagaru and he asked Sri Nannagaru about this.

Sri Nannagaru said “Wont be there a heavy rush…” or some words to that effect.

I was not able to get a concrete reply.

I phoned him after a few days again and this time when he enquired the response was more positive.

“Ask him to take a flight and come” He had told his associate.

I was communicated the same and I happily booked a flight on 21st morning from Hyderabad to Chennai.

I reached the airport in the early morning and boarded the flight. During the journey I had a surreal revelation.

The flight was landing and the sun was up. It was being reflected in the waters below and I noted with amazement when the flash of the sun blinded my eyes when it hit a clear water body. I also saw that the sun was more dull in murky water and was totally absent when solid land came.

This is it! I thought excitedly.

The Atman is always there.

But if the mind is unclear or opaque due to thoughts it is not known to exist. But a pure mind will reveal it.

I knew this truth before but to see it from a flight on a day of the Deepam was highly revealing.

On landing I took a taxi and raced towards Tiuvannamalai.

I reached Tiruvannamalai by afternoon but there was a huge rush of cars trying to get into the town and there was a serious jam.

I got out of my taxi and instructed my driver to remain there for the night whence I would come back again to return.

I took an auto on the outskirts of Tiruvannamalai and asked him to drop me in Ramanashram.

The auto driver had looked at me wide eyed and told me that it was next to impossible. I promised him 400 rs and he readily agreed.

It takes 400 rupees to convert impossible to possible on Deepam day I thought.

On landing in Chennai I had called a friend in Tiru who had promised to book a room for me in Ramanashram.

I had called her and she said “But you never called me back and did not confirm your travel plans. I don’t know if the room remains.”

On hearing that I had not felt worried.

I thought of Sri Nannagaru.

“I am coming to you and the responsibility is yours “ I said.

Now as the auto rushed through chaos and dodged angry policemen I reveled in seeing Arunachala in various darshans and angles.

“I will not fret nor be irritated at this at all” I told Arunachala. “If you make me go round and round like this I will watch the Deepam standing even on a drain pipe!” I jokingly told It.

I finally reached Ramanashram after a long time.

There was a huge mass of people filing past it on the Girivallam route.

I approached the ashram accommodation manager and asked him for a room.

I was pretty sure he would refuse with so much of rush of people.

But surprisingly he had a room…in the ashram compound! Just next to the Dining Hall.

I happily took the room and got ready to meet Sri Nannagaru.

I had not eaten since morning except for a banana and I was slightly hungry.

When I reached Sri Nannagaru ashram I went to the Guru’s room.

There was already a huge rush of people in the ashram and many were there waiting for him outside his room.

I entered his room along with some of them.

After having blessed them he suddenly looked at me and said “Ah!”

He asked for a chair to be placed for me.

I prostrated to him and sat beside him.

“You have been delayed in coming here” he said smiling at me.

I knew that he was aware of my adventures on the auto and also my friendly taunts of Arunachala.

I smiled at him.

Next a young couple brought there infant daughter to him and asked him to name her with a name with the same significance of Arunachala.

“ Aruna” he said.

Another devotee asked him for mantra deeksha.

“Om Namah Shivaya, Shivaya Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaaya etc” he said.

The devotee left grateful.

Another devotee came and told him that his wife’s boss was creating a lot of trouble for her.

Sri Nannagaru looked compassionately at him and said “ He will have a change in mind and will treat her nicely soon.”

The man too left happily.

Now Sri Nannagaru looked at me and said “ You will realize Truth in this life.”

I looked on at him.

“You are feeling Peace, yes?” he asked.

“Yes” I replied truthfully.

“You also felt and realized that Peace which does not have any relation to body conciousness?” he asked

I remembered my recent transcendental experience and said “Yes”

I had a recent experience of peace while watching Robot movie of Rajnikanth. I doubted it. But Nannagaru asked me about it and laid to rest my doubt.

It followed a scene where Rajnikanth is shown as the Divine Mother and something in me looked at the scene in tremendous awe. Awe and worship welled up in my heart for the Supreme Devi. Subsequently in a few mins I suddenly lost my body conciousness and my mind. I was an infinitesimally small point of infinite peace. I was not someone or something. I just was. I felt I was the Universe in a nutshell. It was a peace I never knew. A peace that was incapable of the mind. I could see my friends and others in the movie hall but I could not see myself for I was the Universe. A point of extreme peace and extreme Universality. It was as if the world had decided not to exist in that small ball of peace which I was. Outside there was all chaos but in that ball of peace I just was. It had no attachments, nor joy, nor sorrow. It was transcendental. And it was Me. I encompassed the entire cosmos but was not of is very difficult to describe that state. It was like a tap of water with thin stream of water trickling, dripping infinite Peace. It lasted a few seconds and then was over.

I immediately knew that I had had that experience out of Pure Grace of Guru alone.

Nannagaru asked me " Did u realize that Peace is not related to body?". I remembered that experience and said yes

He nodded happily.

He looked mischievously at me and said “ EVERYTHING HAS BEEN ARRANGED FOR YOU. Your room in Ramanashram, your coming here…everything has been arranged for you.”

I nodded happily.

“But what about my lunch?” I thought.

He looked at me and said “Did you have lunch?”

I shook my head.

He looked at his attenders.

“Is my food ready?” he asked.

When they nodded he got up to go to the next room.

I too went inside and sat down before he could come.

We were about five people in the room .

He came, sat down and ate for fifteen minutes.

As he finished I noticed with a peculiar curiosity that my hunger was appeased. I had lost the craving for food or water.

What is this leela? I thought. I did not touch a morsel of food that day except for a solitary banana in the morning. I was a voracious eater and here I was at 5.30 in the evening having my hunger appeased and thirst quenched when Sri Nannagaru had finished his meal.

God satisfied, the whole world is satisfied.

I was noting all this with a subtle awe in my being.

Sri Nannagaru looked at me and said smiling “You can have dinner in Ramanasharam.”

Even though he said those words I knew he knew that I knew.

I was silent.

He smiled and gestured me to follow him downstairs where they would light the deepam following the Maha Deepam on Arunachala Hill.

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Presence of Jnani is bliss

Without any of our effort we get the sweet fragrance in the vicinity of jasmine flowers. Similarly presence of Jnani is always filled with peace and bliss. Just by visiting a Jnani we develop an attitude of reforming ourselves. Of the ancient times three important people preached the path of Jnana. They are

Gautama Buddha
Adi Shankara Charya
Bhagawan Ramana

One who follows the Jnana path will think nothing belongs to him, where as one who follows Karma Path will think everything belongs to him.

Monday, October 3, 2011

"Sri Nannagaru as Pure Desirelessness Itself" - (By Dr.Mithin Aachi)

The Guru was still and quiet today in the satsangh . He opened his eyes and looked at everyone.

His gaze fell on me.

His eyes scanned my eyes and mine His.

He looked for sometime and then folded his hands in namaskaram to the devotees around.

This was meant to mean the end of the satsangh.

He got up.

He scanned the entire room with his eyes. He then looked at me again.

As he shifted gaze I got up.

He then looked at me again.

"Grant me Pure Desirelessness" I pleaded to him mentally.

He looked at me and then his gaze for the first time in my life rested on my chest.

He looked at my chest for a minute.

Then he looked again into my eyes and slowly went into his room.

In the afternoon I hastened back to the flat in which Sri Nannagaru was staying in Chikkadpalli.

Just a few minutes back I had experienced a bout of pure jealousy and felt sad. I could feel the sensation of jealousy exactly in the area where Sri Nannagaru had seen me in the morning.

This jealousy was triggered due to professional rivalry and I was sad that negative states like jealousy came over me. I tried to do a lot of self enquiry to root out the emotion but small traces of it were left. I repeatedly prostrated to my rival mentally to assuage my guilt. I felt sad that in the morning I had asked my Guru deirelessness and here I was jealous of someone becoz of stupid desires in me.

Subsequently I felt much happier when another contrary incident brought back my equipoise.

I felt sad but that I depended on external things still for my happiness.

I wondered what Guru will think of me.

I went up to the flat worried a little.

An aunty came to me and said " O Mithin. You just missed him. He was siting here for sometime and now he just went back to his room a few seconds ago."

I wondered whether it was becoz I had been jealous of another. I repented again and imagined myself prostrating to my rival. I also imagined myself in my rival and wished him all success.

After sometime Sri Nannagaru came out and went walking out towards the lift. Even though we were just ten of us he did not look at me.

As he waited for the lift, multiple thoughts ran in my mind.

Was he angry with me? Did I fail him?

There came a point when I was just beside him and he didnt look.

I resigned myself to fate and kept looking at him. I remembered what Greeshma had told me once.

She had said " Even if the guru looks at you or not, he showers Grace at all times."

It was then that we noticed that the lift was stuck on a lower floor.

It was not coming up. The devotees were getting restless but Sri Nannagaru was peace personified.

I happily ran down three floors and got into the lift and went up. I saw a devotee smiling at my good fortune.

Sri Nannagaru saw me and entered the lift.

He looked at me and said " Dont you have work in the hospital?"

I shook my head happily.

He nodded.

"I have a sore throat. I will not speak for long in the meeting" he said.

There was a lecture meeting in a huge auditorium in a few mins.

I nodded my head.

He got into the car and left for the auditorium.

I happily followed him

During the lecture in the auditorium he said at one time " Our Dr Aachi has given another name to Arunachala. He called it Karunachala. Karuna means Grace. Everything depends on Grace."

I surprisingly didnt feel elated or body conscious wise but felt happy at his love for me.

Oh! How you bear this weight of this imperfect impure ego O Lord, I thought.

With the baddest of sore throat, I saw my Guru deliver a two hour long lecture on Jnana.

I marveled at his compassion.

On the next day, I reached the flat in which Sri Nannagaru was staying in the morning.

As the lift was crowded I took the steps to the fourth floor.

I am climbing Tirumala Hills to meet Lord Venkateshwara I thought happily.

We sat in the room and waited for him.

He came slowly and saw me and patted me and smiled.

Next he meditated for some time in Mouna.

Then he opened his eyes and asked Dr Usha to call a devotee whose relative was unwell.

He talked with the devotee on phone and said that he would like to come and see the patient in the hospital and then his mind would be at rest.

I marveled again at his compassion.

Next 30 mins he went into deep Silence.

I did a little self enquiry and pleaded him mentally to give me Pure Desirelessness.

He opened his eyes and I saw an amazing thing in him.

He looked like Pure Desirelessness Itself.

Not a muscle twitched , not a wave could be seen.

But a pure state of Being.

His eyes were vacant, his mouth was open partially, his cheeks were sagged down a bit and the curves of his mouth were dropped and solemn.

Amazingly quiet, calm, desireless...

I worshipped his desireless form mentally.

Next he looked at a boy next to me and said " Does this boy have a Lord Subramanya temple next to his house?"

One of the devotees said yes.

"Good. Go and see Him now and then." He said and smiled.

The Desireless form now transformed into that of Amazing Love.

His whole form radiated LOVE.

He looked at me and I knew instantly that he knew I was seeing that form in him.

And then he did a namaskar and went away to his room.

In the room I met him again.

He said " " You have good heart and are very intelligent. Both combinations are rare.It is a gift from God. Don't neglect duty. You have to use your intelligence for benefit of society."

Two days of intense Silent satsangh was highly satisfying

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Who is Jnani?

He who has Jnana (Knowledge) is a Jnani (realized soul). He is only a rishi (sage). There are two types of Jnanis(realized soul):

  • Who realized the self but cannot express about the state to others.
  • Who not only experienced the self but also could preach others about the blissful state; they are called as trainers, prophets and aacharyas.

One who finds the source of mind is a Jnani (realized soul). One who finds the source of nature is a scientist. A scientist is waivered by the events in this world but it is not the same with a Jnani (realized soul). It is because jnani never looks at the world to be different from him.

He who experiences the truth is a sat purusha (jnani). In whose presence your mind senses and heart become calm is a satpurusha.

He who knows (discovers) himself is a Jnani (realized soul). Jnani’s eyes resemble the eyes of a dead sheep. There is only one difference between a jnani and ajnani. Jnani knows that he is the self and he has a body, but ajnani thinks that he is the body and has a self. As the sun is unaware of darkness, so also jnani is unaware of sorrow. Our likes and dislikes are the root cause of our sorrow and who overcomes them is a jnani. Jnanis body is a temple. God takes up the burden of protecting Jnanis body.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

True love is contained only in the self (Aatman)

My Dear Friends! When you cannot bear a single word from others how can you bear the self (Aatman)? What you get in movies or in this world are just feeling. Feeling brings you delusion which in turn binds you. But the true love is contained only in the self (Aatman) that gives you the energy to get released from the delusion.

You are saying Self (Aatman) is the witness for all our actions. But when there is nothing apart from self (Aatman) then for whom it acts as the spectator? - asked Sri Ramana. Beauties of the self (Aatman) are not revealed to you until and unless you go beyond the nature, Gods, the worlds and the tendencies.

Self (Aatman) is beyond reasoning but not against it. This is because today our so called advanced science has not been able to find out the formulation of the five elements in this nature – then how can we expect it to find out the self (Aatman)?

"Sweetness is his nature" - (By Pingali Surya Sundaram)

Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi is embodiment of “Advaita” (Monoism). He is living embodiment of the principles of Adi Sankaracharya.

Sri Ramana attained Self-Realisation without any Sadhana (Spiritual practice or effort) or Upadesham (Preaching). At that time he did not possess any basic knowledge nor did he know one single word Brahman (the Supreme). He is remaining in that blissful state for more than half a century in the living form, preached to the seekers.

Sri Ramana did not give initiation to anybody. But after his leaving the body, he blessed few great souls by giving vision (dharshan). He awakened the spiritual power which rested in the sleeping state of these great and blessed souls, Sri Jinnuru Nannagaru is one.

From nearly half a century Sri Nannagaru by his compassionate nature in his special manner is giving discourses mainly based on Sri Ramanas teachings, subtle gross and the quality of goodness. He uses very simple language and does not use any words or sentences from any Shatras (Basic knowledge). He refers and teaches from the situations in our daily life, conduct and behavior pattern for our spiritual progress which directly enter into our heart. He proves that for spiritual progress Shastra knowledge is not the only requirement. But this does not mean that Sri Jinnuru Nannagaru does not possess Shastra knowledge which is clearly revealed in this book.

“Adi Sankara Tatva Bhodha” and “Viveka Chudamani” are the two famous books on which questions were asked by a seeker and this book is a collection and union of answers and nearly in all answers Sri Ramana Maharshi is seen. This is the specialty of this book.

It was the desire of Sri Jinnuru Nannagaru that I should write the introduction note for this book. I humbly accept the honor and goodness extended to me and express my whole hearted gratitude for giving me this opportunity

"I sense is Non sense" - (By Dr.Mithin)

I hastily made my way through the crowded station at 5.30 in the morning towards the compartment in which Sri Nannagaru had come. His devotees pointed him out to me and I happily went and prostrated to him.

"I read your article in the Mountain Path journal. Arunachala-Karunachala." He smiled. "You write very nicely. Your English is ornamental."

I smiled and replied "The body cannot write. So it is you alone who have written it through this body as Chaitanya.( Conciousness ).

He smiled and put his hand over my shoulders like a friend and walked towards the car.

He got into the car and went to SR Nagar as we followed him in other cars.

We all went and sat around him in the flat.

During the satsangh he looked at me and said "Write when you get the 'feeling'. Dont write just like that. Write only when you get the 'feeling'. You will become a writer then."

He looked at me and smiled. I nodded. Next he asked me about my article and my discovery of Karunachala.

"Is there really such a mountain under the sea?"

I nodded. "Is there proof?"

I nodded and again showed him the terrain scan photos of Karunachala.

He looked at them and smiled.

"It is in the Pacific Ocean." I said.

He nodded.

"Will this in anyway help in Self Realization?" he asked and smiled.

I was struck dumb. "No" I said slowly.

He smiled and nodded.

"Your name is Mithin Aachi?" he asked smiling.

I nodded as other devotees began to giggle.

He closed his eyes for a moment.

He opened them again and said "They are calling you Mithin Aacharya!"

There was ripples of laughter across the devotees. I laughed but was struck dumb.

Who were the 'they' I felt.

Was there an unknown world that Nanna was communing with,I wondered.

He smiled again.

"You will attain Oneness with the Universe," he said "In this life you will attain God Realization." He said and smiled.

I looked on at him.

He next pointed out a lady behind me.

"She is also a refined soul." He said.

I turned around and looked at Mrs L who was watching Nanna intensely smiling.

She was the same lady whom Nanna had asked a few weeks back whether she wanted Moksha or wanted to come to Hyd.

She had just looked at him

He had added then "To come to Hyderabad you dont think.You climb a train and come. But when moksha is being offered to you then the mind doubts. Anyways think about it and tell me. When the time comes I will open the gates."

Today morning as I sat in front of him he said "You dont have any doubts na Aachi?"

The devotees giggled.

I nodded and said "Yes, Nannagaru, I dont have any doubts." Mentally I thought...when I have surrendered what should I doubt?

He nodded and smiled.

He looked at another lady for sometime.

"The body is not our natural state. We think it is.But it is not. We are eternally the Truth. Even now we are the Truth. But we think we are body thats why we dont realize our true nature. What we were in deep sleep when we dont have a body, we are now also. But we dont realize it. The body comes due to mind associating with it and works its way through prarabdha. Highs and lows come out of prarabdha but our true nature remains unaffected. Destiny will work out through the body. We need not worry or exult in sad or happy states for those are not what we are."

He paused.

"Bhagwan never encouraged people to see their faults. If someone came to him and said 'I am a bad person.' He would say 'You are neither bad nor even good. You just are. So just be."

"Sex is due to body conciousness. One who feels he has a body will not transcend the idea of sex. Jesus said that some people were born eunuchs but some had become eunuchs for Him, in their search for Truth. He said it is better to marry than to burn. This is a path and a high teaching. But do not think that if you dont marry you will attain Realization. Bhagawan teaching path was different. He asked us to see from where the sex thought comes. Once you know the Source of the thought (mind+body) you realize its not you and hence can transcend it. Other teachers taught us how to modify habits. But Bhagawan taught us to root out habits by knowing the Source of habits. Its a very high teaching. When one knows there is nothing seperate to enjoy then the yearning for enjoyment ceases."

"Feeling proud due to praising by others leads to higher manifestation of body consciousness. We can transcend sex and anger but to transcend feeling proud when showered with praise is the most difficult. By praising others you invariably help in the karma of increasing body consciousness which ultimately leads to rebirth. If you praise Dr that he has done a good surgery, you will increase the idea of body consciousness in him. Instead if Mr X comes and someone says Dr has done a nice surgery he will say 'He has done his duty, thats all.' This sort of words will not lead to feeling of pride and hence will help Dr in losing body consciousness over a period of time. A person who is accustomed to praise will never have introversion of mind. He will have expectations from the extroverted mind. Hence equanimity of mind is very important. It is a basic principle."

"Someone asked me why dont you meet other Bhagawan's devotees? I replied ' Where are ""they"" in Bhagwan's devotees. It is all One. Whom to meet and Whom not to?"

Then he looked at me and said " The basic teaching I give you today is this. The basic principle of Bhagwan's is 'I-sense' is nonsense. Repeat it."

I repeated it.

"Yes. I-sense is nonsense. When there is no 'I' where is the world? Your true nature is That. It is not the mind or the body. You exists in all states. It is Truth."

He paused.

"This is PURE SCIENCE. Now it has to be applied. Then it becomes APPLIED SCIENCE."

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.