Saturday, November 17, 2012

Everything belongs to God

Work should be done for work itself. Work for result or enjoyment work with
calculations is not proper. Elephant dead or alive is valuable. If you live for yourself, you will remain as yourself till death. If you live for others you will live forever. If you want to get united with Me (god), you need purity of mind, selfless action, no expectation for results. Divine qualities are no agitation, no emotion, no tension, no repeating the past. By repeating the past you get sorrow, grief and fever, disease also. As long as I remains, karma action happens. One's own true self is one's own notion. When I, other thoughts arise, go deep into the source of the first I, then it gets melted, it gets united into that truth. Experience of the truth, the self, that is the goal of life. Withdrawal from I, withdrawal from body-boundedness. This is true sadhana (spiritual practice). Any other sadhana is incomplete. Do not remember
the past. The present will slip away from you.

Perform your allotted duty selflessly, without desire, with no name, fame, recognition and not with irritation. Your work should be silent and pure, without publicity, even your neighbor should not know it otherwise it will not stand. Those who do not have self control, no proper intellect, no goal, no control over mind and sense organs cannot attain anything. 80% people are carried away by others words. Everything belongs to God. Dedicate everything to God, at home or in the

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