Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Dhyana Slokas" - (By Dr.Mithin Aachi)

Om JagathMatha Shakthi Roopam Shanthi Swaroopam Namami
Om I salute the Mother of the Universe, the form of Shakthi full of Peace.

Nithyam Vigyapithaya Mugdham Nirmalam Priyam Adinathathmajam
Sarvavidyaye Sarvagyan Samitam Antarbhuta Atma Nirikshanam
Mouna Premaparaye Tusnim Bhaveth Sarvam JnanaPriya Bhaktha Vatsalam
Vande Arunachala Putram Sarvam Sushamsaye Dadin Namaha.

One who is Eternally Aware, Innocent, Stainless, Cheerful
One who knows all vidyas, and is in eternal inner contact with Atma
One who loves Silence, is Silent, and loves Jnanam and devotees
I salute Him, the son of Arunachala who is the eternal giver of blessings.

Shourya Sagaram Tejasvin Achalam Sammukham Sthiram
Devakantham Yogi Hridhayam Ravishtam Shashipriyam, HimagirisutAkAntam
Komalam Samapannaroopam Sukumaram Sukumarataram
Vande Arunachala Putram Sarvam Sushamsaye Dadin Namaha

One who is the ocean of Valor, Noble, Unmoving, Equipoised, Stable
Loved by God, by Yogis, Sun, moon and Parvati
Tender,Perfection, Delicate, very Delicate
I salute Him, the son of Arunachala who is the eternal giver of blessings.

Sarvadatram Kripasagaram Divyam, Divya Tattvam
Samvestana Bindum Brahmam Sampurna Chidakasam Nirupadika Poornam
Shivam Vishnum Guham Sri Devi Paramathman
Vande Arunachala Putram Sarvam Sushamsaye Dadin Namaha

All Giver, Ocean of Grace, treasure of Grace, Beauty, Divine, Divine Truth
Point which encompasses all, the full Cidakasa, Fullness without attributes
Shiva, Vishnu,Guha, Sri Devi, the Supreme Spirit
I salute Him, the son of Arunachala who is the eternal giver of blessings.

Truth is One

Births and deaths are pits, from one Pit to another. Why remembering past births or referring past, Bhagwan never encouraged past births. Tolerance, Tolerance and Tolerance. Forbearance and Forbearance. Truth is one. When you
close your eyes you see it and when you open your eyes also you see it. Until you realize the Truth nothing good external happens to you. You need tolerance. You cannot carry people, increase the depth, Truth gets revealed. Second time also I will tell that only. Everything is the will of God. Can we question God? Is it surrender? Narayanam Parabrahmam Sarvakarana Karanam. Word is gold. In Maya's (illusion) flow everybody gets washed away even Chief Justice, Minister or President too. Warren Buffet is always calm, no exhibition, sight is executive class and life is economic class.

"Profusely Blessed" - (By Paritala Gopi Krishna)

I heard about Sri Nannagaru and met him for the first time, when I went to Bheemavaram, to visit an NGO working for mentally challenged children. Mr. Raju, who is the husband of Smt. Aruna, the owner of the NGO, took me to Jinnuru, along with Sri Ranga Babu, who also used to work for the same NGO, to have the blessings of Sri Jinnuru Nannagaru. When I entered the house of Sri Nannagaru, there were already around 50-60 devotees waiting for his darshan. Sri Nannagaru and another devotee, who came from Visakhapatnam, were inside a room, discussing about some book to be published. While the discussions were going on, Sri Nannagaru came thrice outside and every time he came out, he singled out me from the whole group and asked me to sit on a sofa. Feeling a bit hesitant and also inconvenient to have that kind of attention, I did not move from the floor. Afterwards, Sri Nannagaru came out and sat on the same sofa for interacting with the waiting devotees.

A lady started narrating her agony and pain in her family and while listening to her, all of a sudden, Sri Nannagaru turned towards me and again asked me to come and sit on the sofa next to him. I did not move, but he insisted and I had no choice but to concede to his command and instructions. I was almost sat on a corner in the sofa, as I was nervous to occupy the same sofa with a Saintly Noble Soul. But, he made me to sit properly and started asking one question after another, which have no relevance, either to my visit or to elicit the methodology I have been following in my sadhana. He asked me just a couple of questions relevant and all others are like how far Haridwar is from Delhi, how many Ramana temples are there in Delhi, who is the most popular Guru in Delhi, etc., etc. All along these questions, I only thought that while testing through these irrelevant questions, he is blessing me. And, then said, you came all the way from Delhi to see me. I said, no Nannagaru, I came to Bheemavaram on some personal work and having heard of you, I came to pay my respects to you and have your kind blessings. He spoke to me like this for almost 45 minutes, keeping aside all others. Then he got up saying that he will present me with a book on Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi. He searched in one room for a few minutes and could not find the book that he wanted to present me and went into another room and again searched and found a different title / book. Saying that this book also equally good, he gave it to me and then he again went into the first room, and brought the one which he wanted to present first, and saying that I wanted to give you one, but you got two now. See, how Guru guides. He blessed me with these two Telugu books on Ramana -- Nee Sahaja Sthithilone Vundu and another one (forgot title) -- and then told me to read and spread the contents to all. He then allowed me to touch his sacred feet and put his abhaya hasta on my head as a blessing and sign of assurance. I was touched and moved by his love, kind and benign blessings. I was in fully in tears and could not hold myself. My friends helped me to get up and move out. The moment I moved out of his presence, he got up from the sofa and went into his room.

I do not know and, in fact, I have no words to express my feelings. He is very kind and compassionate to me. I can only say, Naanngaaru, kindly accept my Koti Koti Pranams. Bless me and keep me always in your kind and graceful glances. That is all.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Loving Humanity

Nobody can remain without loving fellow-beings. Loving or working only for the result is only a laborer. Lord Buddha and the great Acharya Sri Adi Shankaracharya told this and they traveled from one place to another to preach only out of love and compassion. Yogi, Gnani, Mahatma (saints) cannot remain without loving humanity, it is their nature. Buddha was a serious man, no jokes, Buddha was never disturbed.

When you crave for honor it means there is no fullness or completeness in you. When we need water, we need to go to the well or the tap. When water is available all around there is no need of well or tap. Similarly whoever has realized the Brahmic state (the Supreme state), need not search for anywhere outside. When you are not happy inside you need to search it outside. External pleasures turn into pain. When you understand the subject properly all your doubts, ups and downs, sorrows, boulders like big troubles also will turn into happiness and peace.

"Understanding Life, and Accepting It" - (Priya Shanmugham)

This was my second visit to “My Nannagaru”, and I now realize that there could have been no better way to end 2011. You may quite wonder why I say so. Am sure you should be able to understand as you read on.

With too many mishaps in life and a lot of insecurities about my future, I was in absolute desperation to understand where my life was heading toward. It was on one of those utterly confusing days, that I had got an invite to visit My Nannagaru. Now, who will refuse a treat on an empty stomach? I jumped at the opportunity.

As I prepared to meet him, I mentally prepared myself to open myself up to him, and tell him of all the things that have been eating up into my peace and quiet. I simply wanted to free myself from the uncomfortable trauma that had quite often become a part of my life.
I reached S.R. Nagar, where My Nannagaru was supposed to meet up with many others like me. I sat quietly, mentally reciting a dozen questions I wanted to get answers to.

In less than 10 minutes, My Nannagaru entered the room where we were all seated. He greeted everyone with a calm, yet pleasant gesture…like to reassure each of us very personally that everything is going to be alright.

He looked around, and occasionally stared at individuals for a few minutes in a stretch. He asked short questions to a couple of people, and looked happy with the answers he received in reciprocation.

While all this had been happening for not more than 4-5 minutes after him entering the room, I was unable to hold my pain any longer. I simply wanted to screen out “Nannagaru…this is what is bothering me…please help me out…I need you to ease me off my pain”. I was just about to open my mouth, when something amazing happened.

He looked at me, and enquired if I was new around. A beautiful woman I met during my previous visit went on to say I had met him during his last visit, and added on to brief him about my horrible past.

He looked at me…just looked straight into my eyes, and I began to cry profusely. I cried like I never cried before. Something forced me to simply stare back into his eyes, as I cried.

After a few minutes of silence, he spoke about these valuable lessons, not just to me, but to all of us that evening.

His Teaching:
Everything is pre-determined.
Every occurrence in our life is pre-determined. We need to understand this very well. Acceptance of life as-is is the best thing we can ever do to ourselves.

My Understanding of My Nannagaru’s message:
Life is an interesting book. Simply read along!

His Teaching:
Truth is always One – it just has multiple perceptions. There is always just one truth. It is up to us to believe this. He went on to explain this by saying that simply because we think 6 plus 4 equals 10, it is not so. Nobody stops us in believing so, just that, the sum never is greater or equal to 10, and it will always remain this way.

Understanding of Nannagaru’s message:
No matter how hard I try, I cannot undo what has happened in the past. But I can accept the truth that it did happen and feel good that it is finally over!

His Teaching:
Own it like it is never yours.
A servant takes cares of the people, and the house in which he works for with diligence, but never mistakes any of them for his own. Loss or gain in the household never affects the servant. He simply carries on with his duty at both such instances. It is because; he never associates them to be his own.

Understanding of Nannagaru’s message:
We react to instances, and relationships based on how we associate ourselves with them. If we are faithful to people around us, and still understand that they are never truly ours, we will never get bothered by any of their actions toward us. We accept their love and hatred likewise. Practicing this simply virtue will relieve us of most of our pain. We often question people with the “Why do they do this to me, despite me being so nice to them?” question. This is because, like My Nannagaru said, we invariably assume we own them and that they are to reciprocate the same way as we do. This is not always necessary

His Teaching:
No one is anyone to anyone .
There is a purpose for every single person we meet in our life, and this alone is truth. Enjoy what you learn from them, and never mistake one to stay with you forever.

Understanding of Nanangaru’s message:
Each relationship comes with an expiry date. Let’s learn to accept it!

45 minutes can mean different things to different people. Even to me, until that evening, it was surfing the net, reading a book, watching television, cleaning the home, chatting with a friend, or simply sit idle. But now, I can tell add one more to my list…45 minutes can also me “Understanding Life, and Accepting It”.

I never want to cheat myself or anyone by saying that My Nannagaru transformed me right that day. Definitely not. But, he gave me all that I needed to get back to my normal life, and look at things differently. It is more than a week I met him. And I am sure week is still not that long to realize certain life changing lessons.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nirvana means Moksha

Every person is within moksha. Man’s real self and real goal is Moksha itself. But due to impurities of mind he is deluded that he is far away from moksha. Only the body consciousness and selfishness are distancing a person from his self. Due to misdeeds and misconceptions man is not able to experience the eternal bliss. The Eternal bliss that moksha brings is as pure as the Ganges from heaven (akasa Ganga) it has no impurities.

Nirvana is another name for moksha. It implies going beyond body consciousness.

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