Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sadguru Sri Nannagaru Guru Poornima Celebrations at Jinnuru - July 2018

The day was Friday, July 27th, 2018. Devotees from all around started gathering in Ramana Kshetram, Jinnuru to celebrate a very special day of the year - "Guru Poornima".  Preparations for this special occasion started a year before when Nanna Gurudeva affectionately and very lovingly agreed to the request of US Satsangh devotees to give them the opportunity to celebrate Guru Poornima 2018. 

On this day as devotees arrived, that physical body which always, affectionately greeted everyone was no longer around to greet.  His physical presence was very well missed by everyone. But, there was an unknown peace that surrounded everyone, there was not a single drop of disappointment, there was not a tear which would roll twice down the cheek. To onlookers, it looked like none of the devotees had any love for their master. But, how can words explain what Gurudev did to them?  It is just magical and mesmerizing. Something hard to be explained in words, as anything that it was compared to falls short.  It just has to be experienced.  Words fall short but if there was one thing that could be said, it was that anyone who experienced it once wanted to have more and more of it without their knowledge. There was some kind of sweetness, like bees which got attracted to flowers, everyone just buzzed around him and enjoyed that quietness, peace, long lasting stillness, overflowing love even to this day when that physical body is no more around.

Words can't describe the state devotees were in, only their actions can be interpreted on how far Nannagaru has taken them away from this physical world. He once said, all these devotees are in bliss it's just that they don't know it yet.

With all hearts filled with his presence  and his overflowing grace all the events on Guru Poornima happened in his ocean of peace and joy.

Devotees in and around Jinnuru helped in a lot of different ways to make Guru Poornima extra special and comfortable for everyone who came over to spend the special day with Nannagaru.

Hyderabad Satsangh devotees arrived the day before.  That afternoon satsangh was with Aruna Garu.  That days spiritual sharing can be heard here.

Aruna Gari Satsangh - Guru Poornima Part 1

Aruna Gari Satsangh - Guru Poornima Part 2

As devotees retired to rest that day, the organizers worked tirelessly through the night to make sure everything was perfect for the next day. Nanna Sannidhi and Ramana Kshetram were decorated beautifully with all kinds of fragrant flowers.  By the time they were done, it was 5.30 AM, when asked if they were tired as they worked through the night, all they said was that they enjoyed the peace and bliss in Nannagaru's presence the whole night.

Devotees started arriving by 5.30 in the morning. Everyone gathered in Nanna Sannidhi for the morning Parayanam. Aaksharamana Mala, Nanna Ashtotram and Upadeshasaram were sung.  Flowers were offered to Nannagarus Padukas.

After morning aarathi  Padukas were taken over to Ramana Kshetram for the main pooja.  Here in front of  Bhagavan, an elaborate Guru pooja was done with Veda mantras.

After which all devotees offered their offerings to Nannagarus Padukas.  Which was followed by a book opening "Sadguru Sri Nanna Hrudayam"  written by Bharathi garu.

Book was opened by Dr Vivekanandan garu in presence of  Mr.Suryanarayana Raju garu,  Dr.Usha garu, Mr. Marishi garu, Dr. Ravindra Babu garu and his wife Dr.Vani garu.

Dr.Usha garu's spiritual sharing was listened with all ears.

After which Bhimavaram Parvathi Garu shared her spiritual thoughts with all devotees.

As devotees spread out for lunch, a video with various clippings of Nannagaru was played.

This was followed by Amalapuram Masters garu's talk, an unwritten tradition where Master garu used to always talk before Nannagaru's pravachanam.

Lastly, Naga Lakshmi garu ended the day with her very sweet spiritual sharing. (Naga Lakshmi gari full length satsangh will be loaded soon)

As devotees were leaving they were given prasadam and Sadguru Sri Nanna Hrudayam book.

In the end it was very clearly evident that Nannagaru's presence had made this event so beautiful and flawless. This experience of his presence has been deeply anchored into each and every devotee who attended Guru Poornima physically or spiritually.