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Guru's ways

A lady (a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba) had a dream in which Baba asked her to follow Sri Nannagaru. She questioned him saying that, ‘He comes to Arunachala very rarely, what to do?’ Then Baba replied, ‘Even if Nannagaru comes only once a year, that is enough for you. Don’t leave Nannagaru.’

Jnana Deshikar got spiritual training at Chidambaram and then came to Arunachalam. He attained samadhi at ‘Isanya Matham’, He accrued about a hundred acres of property for Arunachaleswara Temple.

At Virupaksha Cave at Arunachala there lived a saint Guha Namasivaya. Once he vomited and told his disciple Guru Namasivaya to throw it away at a place where people don’t move around, the disciple swallowed the vomit. He attained self-realisation and the guru said, ‘Two elephants (jnanis) shouldn’t be in the same place,’ and sent him to Chidambaram.

Jnana Deshikar came from Chidambaram to Arunachalam. Guru Namasivaya went from Arunachalam to Chidambaram. These are God’s ways.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Ramana is him, he is Ramana" - (By Dr.Mithin)

I returned to Arunachala in the month of December just two days after the MahaDeepam. My stay was in Nannagaru Ashram. There was a good crowd still lingering in the ashram despite the conclusion of the Deepam festivities. The main reason though was that Sri Nannagaru was still there in the ashram.

The MahaDeepam would be lit for a few more days on Arunachala peak and I wanted to see it.

I arrived by afternoon in the car and went around Girivallam road capturing some pictures of Arunachala. Then on returning to the ashram I was informed that Sri Nannagaru would be leaving to Ramana Ashram at three in the afternoon.

I went to the ashram with some local friends and found Nannagaru surrounded by devotees. He first went to the Mother shrine and then to Ramana hall. I first tried to see him through the windows of the Hall. A few elder devotees seeing me gestured to me to come nearer and see the master.

"Ramana is Him, He is Ramana. There is no difference" one woman told me. I nodded not knowing what to say.

As the master entered the Ramana shrine, I saw devotees take strategic places around the samadhi so that they can come in line when the master sees them.

I too decided the same and hoped that the Sadhguru would remember me from our meeting in Hyderabad.

And so I stood with bated breath as the great man circumbulated Ramana Samadhi. Finally when he came close to me he looked at me. I watched him and willed him to smile at me. There was no hint of recognition from him. And then he walked past.

I chided myself for having a 'Vivekananda Complex'...that is hoping for the Sadhguru to smile at me and say with love "Where were you all these years my beloved disciple? I have been waiting for you.":)

I decided to meet the master later in the ashram in the evening.

I respectfully saluted him and left the place for a car girivallam.

I met the great man in his chambers that evening after returning from pradakshina (by car).

I was introduced to him by a common friend and the saint smiled and asked me to come in.

He asked me to sit beside him and enquired about my well being and my profession. Knowing that I was a practising joint replacement surgeon at a young age he expressed surprise and joy.

"Are you happy then with your life?" he asked

I did not know what to say but blurted out a 'yes'. His question was more of a prod for me to introspect rather than a question searching for superficial confirmation.

He looked at me.

His eyes were reputed to be piercing, purifying.

But as I gazed into his eyes I felt a different emotion. I could see a little surprise, a little enquiry and a little mirth in them. I could also see changes in them due to old age.

What was he seeing in me? Was he seeing in me all the sins I had ever commited? All the people I have cheated? All the people I have lied to?

What was he seeing in me?

The very thought was scary.

Finally the saint smiled at me.

And in that moment I knew that, despite my sins, my shortcomings, I had been accepted.

"Manasa Bhajore guru charanam, dusthare bavasaagara taranam.

Guru Maharaj, Guru Jai Jai. Sri Sadhguru Nannagaru Jai Jai."

( O mind chant the glories of the Guru's feet, they take you across the ocean of phenomenal existence, the Guru is Emperor, Victory to the guru, victory to Sri Nannagaru."

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nannagaru Live Feed

Nannagaru live feed available. Please don't miss this opportunity.

Reduce the use of mind

If we don’t have God’s Grace even our thoughts won’t be proper and there will be madness (mental illness). Without poorva punya (past good karma) we can’t get good thoughts.

By criticizing others again and again our respect is lost and then we don’t become purified or become mahatmas. The respect that is already accrued will be lost by criticism. If we don’t have respect for God, we will feel that we are very great. Although you use the mind to go to the source it is better to reduce the use of the mind. If we stop listening to the mind we will get knowledge.

A person came to Vivekananda and asked to be initiated through mantra. Then Vivekananda told him the nature of duties of a sishya, that he should get up earlier than the guru, take care of all his needs etc., then the man said, ‘It seems to be better to be a guru than a sishya.’

Saturday, November 20, 2010

"My first encounter with Karunachala" - (By Dr.Mithin)

I saw Arunachala for the first time on Nov 22, 2008. It was a few days ( ? month
) after having been touched by Sri Nannagaru that I finally was able to see the

After a few hours drive from Chennai, my cousins and I could make out a form of
a hill in the distance. We immediately stopped our car and made salutations to
it. However when we rechecked it with our binoculars we found to our dismay that
it was not Arunachala. Later we came to know that we could see Arunachala from
that point and our salutations were not in vain.

I was praying in my heart to Arunachala.

"Please dont be covered in clouds. I am coming to see you. Please."

We continued for some time whence suddenly the great Hill could be seen with the
temple towers in the far distance.

It was covered with a rain clouds! :)

Only the portion of it from base to the middle could be seen. We made our
heartfelt salutations to it, though I was a little disappointed.

We continued into the town with the Hill growing larger every mile we crossed.
We got down into Nannagaru ashram from where the Hill looked magnificent and
mind numbingly infinite.

That night I slowly crept to the terrace of Nannagaru ashram to spend some time
with Arunachala. But seeing the overpowering infinite form of the Hill with a
magnificent cloud hugging its peak, my knees shivered in fright and my spine
gave way unknown power, prostrating before an unknown Power which was emanating
from the Hill.

I felt that I was seeing the Himalayas.

Infact I was soooo scared to see it that I asked my cousing to come up and be
with me. lol

After that everytime I think of Arunachala...the first time I saw it and more so
whence I saw it from the terrace of Nannagaru Asramam in the night, all
alone...I shiver.

I pleaded to the Hill to show me its form.

But the clouds did not relent.

Next day we woke up at 4.00 am for Girivallam.

It was Nov 23 2008

My fist day of Girivallam and it was Sathya Sai Baba's Birthday.

I was happy at that coincidence.

I rushed out to see whether the Hill was free of clouds.

It was not.

Dejected I started the Girivallam.

It was at a place near Adi Annamalai that I finally lost my control and
prostrating to the Hill I beeged it to reval to me its form.

And finally the Hill relented and the clouds moved away and I saw Arunachala for
the first time near Adi Annamalai.

And then I thought...

I have seen the most beautiful monsoons hit the parched soil of the western
coast bringing with it a joy unlimited to my heart when in Mangalore...

I have swam in the beaches of Iran dancing as a child with jellyfish surrounding
the shallows with their unmatched beauty...

I have driven in an auto on winter evenings in surreal Delhi the evening street
lights throwing out a yellow orange color of supreme beauty as the cold winds
lashed my face and I felt warm in my heart...

I have watched with awe as the great river Ganges slowly joined the sea carrying
in its bosom a billion sins on the banks of Kolkata...I have seen the city of
the Goddess saturated with her, everywhere Kali...everywhere the Mother Goddess
in Kolkata...

I have watched with fascination at the beauty of the deity in Tirupathi with my
heart beating wildly out of pure love for Him...everytime I saw Him...

I remember my first time when I saw the Taj Mahal, the first time I saw my
college mates on a rainy day, the first time when I trekked across the dense
jungles of South Karnataka discovering virgin waterfalls and lush greenery...

I have seen Frankfurt in the snow, I have gazed stunned and amazed at the
Universe and varied galaxies, stars from my telescope, went boating across the
lake district in Cambria, UK.

I have seen the London Bridge, I have seen a child laugh, I have seen friends
cry as they departed at the end of college...

I have seen beautiful butterflies...

but I have never seen anything like Arunachala.

It is beyond beauty, beyond speech, beyond thought to even describe its presence
in front of my eyes.

Tears well up, the mind melts, the heart is aware.

Friends, in all my life with an infinite experiences...I have had the greatest
of all...

I have seen GOD.

Its name is Arunachala. It exists in the form of a rocky Hill 200kms from

It is the SOURCE, the Alpha and the Omega.

It is the spiritual heart of the universe (Ramana Maharshi)

It is my Arunachala...my darling Arunachala.

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Videos on Nannagaru - Part 1

Sadguru Nannagaru - "At Geetha Chanting Ceremony"

Sadguru Nannagaru - Sai

Sadguru Nannagaru - Aarti

Sadguru Nannagaru - Vandemantaram

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Sadguru Nannagaru is Saravam (Everything)

Sadguru Nannagaru as Badhrachala Rama

Sadguru Nannagaru, The Essence of Mahakavyas

Sadguru Nannagaru, The Absolute

Sadguru Nannagaru, Sarvam Madhuram

Prayer to Nannagaru AUM TAT SAT

Nannagaru, Padalu(feet)

Nannagaru, Amazing Grace

Nannagaru, to him we bow

Omniscient Nannagaru

Nannagaru Suraj Ki Garmi Se

Nannagaru as Shiva Shambho

Nannagaru as Poorna Jnani

Nannagaru with Devotees at Arunachalam

Nannagaru Blessings

Showers of blessings.

Nanna Pahi

A dedication at his lotus feet.

Nannagaru Hanuman

Nannagaru bowes to Hanuma.

Nanna Mahanubhava

A tribute to Nannagaru.

Nannagaru Shivoham

Nannagaru indeed a form of Shiva.

All in One and One in All

Nannagaru is present as Brahmam in all of us.

Nannagaru in Kasi

Nannagaru doing Japa of Shankara.

Nannagaru, 'Oh God Beautiful'

Nannagaru sung this song. - (Shared by Nanna Das)

Nannagaru in Tiruvannamalai

Nannagaru during Arunachala Pradakshina

Nannagaru during Deepam

Voice of God!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Three yagnas

Daiva Yagna Meditating on the Lord, hearing good words about God.

Nara Yagna God gave you at least something, so share it with others whenever possible. If he has put you in a giving place you should help others. We study in a school, but we didn’t build that school. Someone else built it by sacrificing something. In the same way you can also do something for society.

Pitru Yagna Our elders brought us up with great effort. Even if they say something, which hurts us, there is nothing wrong if we bear it. We should respect our elders. Disrespect isn’t proper. Suppose our elders give us a plot of land we shouldn’t say, ‘They gave something but not much!’ We should have gratitude. That we exist is due to the sacrifice of our elders.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Moments spent with him" - (By Gopika)

I met Sri Nannagaru after some time in a marraige reception. I came to
know that he was going to Sri Sailam.

I asked him eagerly whether I could come.

He nodded and gave his permission happily.

I went with him to Sri Sailam and spent 3 days in absolute bliss. I
would accompany him wherever he went and he too was loving and caring
towards me.

I remember that he was very particular about Vruddha Mallikarjuna
Swamy temple in Sri Sailam.

Whenever he went to Sri Sailam he would spent a lot of time sitting
near the sanctum sanctorum. The idol of Shiva here was a linga which
bore the destruction of a muslim invasion.

The linga was a special attraction to Sri Nannagaru.

He would sit near it and one day he said " I like this Old Man very
very much." He would be in a different mood whenever he was with the

Subsequently I joined college in Chidamabaram for my degree. The first
year passed away quickly and it was in the beginning of second year
that I felt I should go and visit Arunachala one day. On coming to
know from my parents that Sri Nannagaru was supposed to be coming to
Arunachala soon, my desire to see the Hill increased manifold. I made
enquiries in my hostel and amongst my friends regarding the directions
to reach Arunachala. None of them had even heard of that place.

It was on one such day when I had asked my friend Sarah about
Arunachala.. She was a Christian from Pondicherry but had never heard
about Arunachala. I asked her to let me know if she came across anyone
who did and quietly left for my dinner.

It so happened that Sarah was ragging some juniors later and one of
them was from Tiruvannamalai. She sent her to my room to meet me and I
was very happy at this oppurtunity given by God to fulfill my desire.

I accompanied the junior girl and their family that weekend to Tiruvannamalai.

It so happened that Sri Nannagaru was there in Tiruvannamalai then and
so were my sisters.

My sisters were conversing with the Guru and saying " Gopika stays in
Chidambaram. If she knew she would have come here."

Sri Nannagaru smiled and said " But Gopika is coming."

My sisters were surprised at this statement.

The Guru got up to leave and went to his room.

It was at that point of time that I landed in Tiruvannamalai and
reached the guest house.

My sister's were surprised and wideeyed they said " no wonder the Guru
said you were coming. Hasten fast before he retires for the day!"

I had taken a bunch of flowers on the way and with that I rushed
towards Nannagaru's room where in he opened it and saw me and smiled.

"Oh! So you have come Gopika." He smiled.

I nodded happily and spent a blissful six days with him in Tiruvannamalai.

He used to treat me like his child and showered me with Love and
blessings. Infact everytime he came to Tiruvannamalai from then on I
would spend the time with him irrespective of my college and studies.

The second time I came to Tiruvannamali Sri Nannagaru along with
other devotees including me went to Skandaashram and Virupaksha Cave.

He was barefoot.

We requested him to wear chappals.

But he said " There is no problem if you wear chappal. But I wont wear."

That showed his unalloyed respect for Arunachala.

In Virupaksha cave Sri Nannagaru spoke a lot on Bhagawan, his days at
the cave and his teaching. The peculiar trait of him that I saw was he
would become the saint about whom he would be talking in a piligrimage

Whether it be Shankaracharya, Buddha, Ramakrishna or Ramana.

He would become That.

That day in Virupaksha cave he looked at us solemnly and said " I used
to play here as a child." (Sri Nannagaru saw Arunachala much later in
this life of his)

It was on rare occasions like these that he used to give glimpses of
his past lives.

He used to have his food always in Ramanashram.

He would keep me always by his side. He used to have a sugar box which
he used to sprinkle some sugar on his idly.

He would do the same for me in my plate. He would also pour coffee
from his cup into mine and asked me to drink it.

Thus he would shower me with Love and Affection. I used to cry seeing
his love for me.

Where were you all these years? Why were you so far away? Why did you
come in so late into my life? How could I miss you so long? How come I
am so impure and you are so pure?

Many such questions would run in my mind as I kept on crying.

My Atmananda experience had made it clear to me that Sri Nannagaru was
my everything. He was inside me and I had to attain him. He was mine.

The love he showered on me during those times would make other
attractions pale into insignificance.

Even if he was surrounded hundreds of devotees he would single me out
and shower his love.

It was extreme compassion. Even after leaving him and coming back to
Chidambaram I would be in his thoughts and would radiate happiness and
peace. My friends and teachers were so impressed by the changes they
saw in me that many of them subsequently visited and met Sri Nannagaru
and got his blessings.

Once in Tiruvannamalai I was with Sri Nannagaru doing Giripradakshina
in a devotees car.

I was looking at him with open eyed wonder and even though his face
was turned away from me he said suddenly

"Gopika! look at Arunachala not me."

I said ok but continued to look at him.

"Gopika look at Arunachala" he said again.

I nodded again but kept looking at him.

He turned and faced me now and said " Make Arunachala your pillar of
support. It will always be there. It is an Ocean of Grace, Bliss and
Peace. Karunodaya Samudram Aayana, If you see Him, you will develop
Love for Him."

I thought in my mind "You are enough Sri Nannagaru."


Thank you All!

Gopika is one of such profound devotees of Nannagaru who always wish to be in company of Nannagaru. She is near and dear to Nannagaru. Ever since she met Nannagaru, she has set the goal as him, and only him. Such pure devotion and love towards Guru is exemplary for any devotee.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Self,God,Guru, all are same

Whether you say Self, God, Guru, all are the same. Bhagavan didn’t have a Guru in physical form. The Grace of Self as Guru gave him the death experience. In order to reveal to the world his knowledge in the immovable state, Arunachala granted Bhagavan his state. You should have devotion, respect, and proper faith in God. You should do your duty without disturbance.

All thoughts arise from the ego. Where there is doership, there is a result - good for good and bad for bad. If there is no doership, there won’t be anyone to experience so where then is the experience? Krishna told us to leave attachment, fear and anger. If we remember somebody a lot, it means we have attachment. We get misery due to attachment and also due to fear and anger.S

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Faith in God

Theism is important. If you have the belief that God exists; fear reduces, self-confidence increases, problems get solved and thoughts and imaginations get reduced. If you have complete faith in God, then there is no need for sadhana. Even atheists have a nagging fear, ‘What if God exists?’ If you think of God the mind rests in the heart cave. Faith in God gives you the strength of a thousand elephants. Even if there is no one else in creation one can live alone that is the strength you get by belief and complete faith in God.

Sabari is a great example for guru-bhakti. She underwent spiritual training under Matangi Maharshi, who on his deathbed promised her that an avatar (incarnation) of Vishnu would give her moksha. Though many years passed she waited patiently with deep belief in her Guru’s words. In the end Rama came and ate the fruits tested by her and given to him as prasad and gave her mukti.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Either show me what you are or take me away" - (By Gopika)


I became spiritually inclined the day I identified myself as having a body. It was a tender age of young adolescence, the time when I didn’t know about Sri Nannagaru that many spiritual queries used to be a part of my life.

I used to wonder What am I? Where do I come from? Why do I exist? To what purpose is this life of mine?

Many times I used to become silent in thought and wonder about these questions. My family members would ask me why I was silent and I had no answer for that.

These bouts of Silence were followed by alternating phases of jubilant behavior and socialization.

Many times I would gaze myself in the mirror and stop combing. I would ask myself ‘Is what I see as a body in the mirror me? Or is it the thinking faculty? What am I? What is this God? Where to know? How to know?’

I gradually got introduced to Shirdi Sai Baba and I used to pray to Him internally to clear my doubts. I asked Baba who are you? What are you? Who is the Guru? How to find him?

I used to have wonderful visions but none assuaged my grief completely.

I used to spend many evenings on my terrace enjoying Nature and its Silence.

Again I used to wonder Is this Silence God? Or Is God something more?

Slowly as age progressed Baba became my everything. I used to pray to him like a friend.

It was on one such occasion that I journeyed to Shirdi with my aunty and friends. The thoughts that were uppermost in my mind then was Why do you give life? Why should we suffer?

I was insecure when I went to Shirdi. I had many questions and confusions. It was then that one fine morning at darshan my friend asked for a rose from Baba idol’s decoration. The priest smiled and gave her a rose garland! My aunt asked for a lilly and she was given a garland of lilies from the idol!

I smiled to see their happiness. I wondered What Baba should we ask for you to give something? Wont you give without asking? I chided Baba internally like a friend.

It was then that I went to Chaavadi. Here Baba had meditated looking at the wall.

I stood there watching. I wondered. Baba is God. Then why did he meditate here? I was thinking thus when someone jabbed me on my shoulders. I turned and looked at a man who was dressed with a head scarf resembling the one which Baba wears. He gave me a garland and asked me to offer it to the altar in the Chaavadi. I asked is it for me? But he persisted. I took the garland and offered it. I turned back immediately and he was not there! I was stunned and ran out searching for the man but he was not to be found. I sat down and cried.

I jubilantly thought ‘You are dynamically present Baba! You will respond to every call! You have to protect me always!’

On the way back in the train I had a beautiful vision. I was standing in vast field and numerous dark forms were approaching me. I cried out in fear, Baba please help me. Baba suddenly appeared by my side and drew a circle around me with his staff. The circle blazed with fire and none could approach me. I hugged Baba and the vision ended.

As the years rolled on and I was completing my intermediate studies. My inner quest continued and I was wondering that time was passing by.

I came into contact with Swami Rajarajeshwarananda of the Swami Shivananda ashram near my house.

One day when he was giving initiation I refused and told him “I want God as Guru.”

He smiled and said “ But my child God is everywhere. How can I say that the same Pure Power will come as your Guru?”

I was adamant. He nodded and asked me to read Lalitha Sahasranama sthrothra once a week and Sri Suktham daily and chant OMNAMAHA SHIVAYA.

I did the recitation reluctantly because I didn’t understand it.

When it comes to God I needed to understand.

I used to disrespect customary approaches to worship and many times argued that changes in body physiology should not dictate devotion. My mother seldom agreed.

One day my sister came and told me to come and meet Sri Nannagaru as he speaks very well about God.

I asked her ‘Is he God? If he is not I have no reason why I should see him.’ She was nonplussed.

Another day Sri Nannagaru had come to my neighbor’s house. After sitting he had asked pointing to my house

“Who lives there?”

On finding out he immediately got up and came directly into my house without invitation! He introduced himself to my mother and sister and myself and then nonchalantly went around inspecting the house and its rooms! After that he sat on the sofa and talked to me for one hour regarding my schooling.

“Tell me your school prayer” he said

I recited the famous sloka Purnamidam etc.

“Oh,” he exclaimed “you have been worshipping consciousness since childhood it seems.”

And then he smiled and said to me

“Keep meeting me often”

I forgot about the incident later thinking that here is a Godman who did not talk a single thing about God.

One day on Shivarathri ( 16/17 yrs of age ) I was crying. I have been seeking you and you haven’t answered. What are you? Either show me what you are or take me away.”

I woke up crying and went to the refrigerator for some water. On the fridge I saw some audio cassettes of Sri Nannagaru. I paused and decided to listen to them.

I was claimed!

Every doubt that had vexed me since childhood was answered in them in sequence! Every thing was laid bare before me and I woke up to life giving teaching.

“You are not the body for it dies. You are not the mind or the thinking faculty for they don’t exist in deep sleep. You exist in all states. The peace of deep sleep in the waking state is realization. You are the eternal Truth. It is within you. To realize this is jnana. You have no death or birth. You are all pervasive.”

I wondered! ‘Nice words! But where is the experience? How should I achieve that? Unless I experience it how am I to try for it?’

Thinking thus I went back to sleep crying.

And then I saw!

Something in me opened up. I was very very happy. I could see that my body was crying and tears were flowing down my eyes, but it was not me. I was not the mind also. I was that Blissful state. I was Peace,Bliss, Blessedness.All adjectives could only give a hint of that Pure State. This is the state that Sri Nannagaru talked about, I understood. Let me be. This is the doorway of jnana! I tried to ask my family members to come and enjoy this bliss. But none heeded in the vision. The state continued for some time and then abated.

In the morning I asked my sister as to what was it that I experienced.

She shook her head and said “ Sri Nannagaru is coming in three days. Why don’t you ask him?”

I decided to do just that.

I went to him with my sister.

He looked at me from far and told the devotees happily

“Make way, make way she is coming.”

I went and sat near him. My sister tried to tell Sri Nannagaru about my experience.

He interrupted her.

“Let her tell, let her tell” he smiled.

I explained to him everything that had happened to me.

“What was that experience Nannagaru?” I asked.

“That was the Bliss of Brahman. Atmananda.” He said solemnly. “It was momentary but many do not get it after hundreds of years of sadhana..”

“Why did I get it without any sadhana?” I asked.

“You asked for it 'wholeheartedly' and God gave you a taste of it. You don’t know your past life and punya. Now you will live your life in trying to reattain that experience.”

“Even if thousand people come and argue with you that this doesn’t exist will you be convinced?” He asked.

“How can I be convinced when I have experienced it?” I answered

“You felt you were on top of an elephant?” he asked smiling.

“There is no comparison” I said.

“I just asked in a slang that’s all” he said and smiled again.

“Why was the experience momentary?” I asked. “ I would love to continue to be in the same state.”

“That was just a drop in the ocean.”

“I have known meaning of life. I don’t want to study anymore” I said.

“All at once, the experience will kill you. You will achieve it gradually.” He said.

“I do not crave for attractions of the world but I feel I am highly body conscious. How do I get rid of this?” I asked

He smiled and said “If you get rid of this you will be a jnani.”

After that for the next two years whenever I was with Sri Nannagaru I used to weep inconsolably.

One day he looked at me weeping and putting aside his newspaper he said

“Look at her! This is Akaarana Bhakthi…love with no cause. When this love awakens in a time when temptations are more especially in teenage life God cannot be without giving Jnana.”

Thank you all.

Eventually will share more experiences.

Thank you Gopika, for sharing such an wonderful experience. There are some devotees that Guru selects, and brings them along with him. It is no doubt that you are one among them. This is an exemplary that Guru searches for you, follows you until you reach that state where he is in. His grace cannot be narrated.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Good and Bad

In the world both good and bad people act as our gurus. The good teach us to be like them, and the bad teach us not to be like them. Everything is God’s presence, enveloped by consciousness.

In the Ramayana, Vibhishana surrendered to Rama and Rama promised to give him Sri Lanka after the war ended. Rama’s well- wishers advised him thus, ‘Although You are very intelligent you are not gauging the whole situation. Ravana is still alive so suppose he repents and sends Sita Back. Then what will happen to your promise to Vibhishana?’ Rama replied, ‘Your argument is good. If Ravana repents to keep up my word I will give Vibhishana my city of Ayodhya.’