Friday, July 27, 2012

A Great devotee of Bhagawan and Nannagaru

A great devotee of Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi and Sri Nannagaru, namely Smt.Lakshmi Garu has passed away on July 27th 2012. Her house has become the residence of Sri Nannagaru, during his early visits to Hyderabad. She took care of him, as a mother would take care of a son. She was a very sincere follower of Nannagaru, and had a great devotion to Bhagawan. She was a great teacher, and was set as a role model to many of Nannagaru devotees.

Below is her experience with Sri Nannagaru

భగవాన్ కి, నాన్నగారికి గొప్ప భక్తురాలైన శ్రీ లక్ష్మి గారు జూలై 27 రాత్రి స్వర్గస్తులయ్యారు. మొదటి రోజుల్లో నాన్నగారు హైదరాబాద్ కి వచ్చినప్పుడు వారి గృహంలో సత్సంగాలు జరిపేవారు. ఒక తల్లి తన బిడ్డను ఎలా చూసుకుంటుందో నాన్నగారిని లక్ష్మి గారు అలా చూసుకునేవారు. ఆవిడ శ్రద్ధగా నాన్నగారిని అనుసరించే వారు, భగవాన్ అంటే అపారమైన భక్తి. ఆవిడ చాల సత్సంగాల్లో భోధించేవారు. ఆవిడ చాలా మందికి ఆదర్శంగా నిలిచారు.

ఆవిడా గురించి మరి కొన్ని విషయాలు క్రింద  లభిస్తాయి

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eliminate ignorance and attain liberation

Shankaracharya said: " I belong to none and no one is mine." If you understand this then there is no unhappiness.

But you fail to do this as you are steeped in self and welfare of your dear ones. You begun to feel unhappy when you're near ones fall sick. But when a neighbor falls sick, you do not possess the same feeling. Why? This is because you are more
concerned about the welfare of your near and dear ones. This is due to darkness or ignorance in you. It is only until you come out of ignorance you will continue to have unhappiness. The effort to come out of ignorance is called practice (sadhana).

Ignorance can be eliminated only through the grace of God or Ishwara and Guru. Until you have their grace, you can never come out of ignorance.

To eliminate ignorance and attain liberation, one need not wait until you die. You can attain the liberated state even before you die. You can attain this state even before you shed this body. And remain in the state after shedding the body.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Body is a lie

Bhagawan said: The truth that is only one and never changes remains well within your heart. A person who realizes this has no world anymore. The person is at peace, and for such a person there is no dual existence.

Where there is duality there is fear and desires. Desires are a cause for unhappiness. If your desires are satisfied then you are happy, which in turn boosts your ego. On the other hand, if your desires are not satisfied then you have unbearable unhappiness. So limit your desires. As you take the body, the result of past actions do come along with it.

According to Bhagawan, the body is a lie. If you realize the body is a lie, then the question of working out the result of your past actions does not arise. Such a person has no fear, no unhappiness and no desires. Such a person will have no unhappiness even in great external disturbances.

Bhagawan says: There is no happiness in this world. It is well within you. You are searching for this everywhere but not where you have to look out for. Apart from
within the heart there is no happiness elsewhere.

Discard the love for the body, appearance and self. You need to practice to perform any given task without having a desire on the outcome. It is only until you come out the love for your body that you will not realize the truth. (The world) Samsara means not a house, it is a representation of the cycle of life and births.

Truth will never change

It is a common tendency among all to think one person is good and the other is bad. Who are we to pass such judgments? It is the mind that creates such feelings. You have to restrain the mind and stop judging people. People who have a calm mind though being in midst of nasty people are great.

Here is another example. A few do not have peace when they are in their in-laws or mother's house. They feel very restless or as if they are sitting on a thorny bush. They keep complaining that in-laws or others are creating trouble. It is their nature. The trick here is if you can have a relaxed mind then one is at peace. Any external disturbance will not trouble you.

Another aspect is the ever changing rules of conduct (Neeti shastramu). These rules keep changing with the passage of time. Earlier, second marriage was considered an evil crime. Today, it Is widely accepted. So, as times passes by, depending on the circumstances, the rules of conduct keep changing. Let the world change but the truth in you will never change.

"You are peace" - (By Dr.Mithin Aachi)

Sri Nannagaru visited Hyderabad for a few days for a function.

During the visit devotees of Sri Nannagaru requested me to ask him to undergo a medical check up as he was looking very tired.

I did not know how to approach the Guru and ask him.

Just a day before I was suffering from severe headache and I was feeling bad. The headache came down when I went to visit Sri Nannagaru.

He smiled looking at me and said 'Mithin now you dont have the pain na? You are not restless anymore na?'

I was surprised that he knew even though I dint tell him.

I nodded and said 'Yes'

He shook his head in understanding and said ' Even if you are in restlessness, you are not that. You are Peace.'

Remembering this episode I approached Sri Nannagaru and wondered what words I could tell to make him undergo blood tests.

I thought ' He will never agree for the tests. I will say : Your body is looking tired. Let the BODY undergo tests. If he still refuses I will counter and say 'Your body is not yours, it is ours. So you have to undergo tests for our sake.'

Congratulating myself for my intelligence I went along with Dr Gopika to Sri Nannagaru where Dr Gopika asked Sri Nannagaru 'Nanna, devotees want you to undergo some tests.'

Sri Nannagaru shook his head and said 'No No, not required.'

I then put my plan into application and told him' Your body looks tired. Your body needs some blood tests.'

Sri Nannagaru understood my inner query and consented.

He said 'I will be back in Dec 2nd week for the tests.'

He went out and we all followed him.

In a devotees house he sat on a sofa and we all crowded around him.

He said ' Bhagawan was immersed in the Bliss of the Self that he sometimes would take his hands and place them on his head and try to feel whether he had a head. Such was the Supreme Peace in him that he never had body consciousness. I wish all of you attain that state.'

Later after two days when I went to meet him with another devotee he smiled and told the devotee

'I am going to come back for some blood tests. They want to examine this body.' he paused and looked at me and said 'This body is not mine, isnt it? It belongs to the devotees.'

I was stunned to see his Grace.

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.