Friday, September 21, 2012

Guru and God's grace can only give you happiness

You must be composed in your behavior. Do not go about telling everyone about the goodness of your husband. Too much of praise can bring a change in your husband. So, do not talk too much and loosen your poise. Importantly do not attach undue importance to the body. When this body is not there then where is your husband?

Realize that your vision's name is truth; your vision's name is bliss. In this world it is not available anywhere. It is well within you.

Bhagawan says "the acquired results of past actions which may be good or bad will not affect you if you do not associate yourself with the body." Why do have sorrows looking at this false world. That is because you are dream struck. Wake up and come out of this dream.

"More and more understanding is required", says Bhagawan. For any argument search for the cause or root of the issue that will help you understand better. Do not run away from the problems. Try to solve the problems. How long will you run away for they will definitely follow you in your next life also?

A small lamp will brighten a room that has been in darkness for more than 1000 years. Similarly, only a guru and god's grace can only give you happiness.

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