Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The real lord is within the heart

Earlier many used to come to perform tapas here on the banks of river Godavari. It is easy to leave the body but it is difficult to get rid of the mind. The sages used to starve the mind and body. Here mediation means the process to reduce desires, hatred. Control of the mind is important than control of the body. You have to accept the fact that the body is destroyed once after death. But the elimination the mind is difficult. People today must be wondering why the sages had to meditate so much. It is because they wanted to eliminate their sensory faculties. It is only after attaining a mindless state, where there is no trace of sensory faculties, that Mahaprabhu (Supreme Lord) will reveal Himself. The Supreme Lord is Ishwara. Ishwara does not mean Lord Shiva but also means Krishna and Rama.

Elimination of the mind or mindless state will lead to atma gyanam(realization of the soul). Ramana Maharishi used to say “why should one read books…after reading a person realizes that there is nothing outside but everything is inside.” You read a lot of books on various topics, hoping to find something new. But ultimately you realize everything is well within you. Remember the truth is in you and not outside. You go on a pilgrimage and visit many places. Pilgrimages are good exercise for the legs.

Wherever you go the only ultimate truth you have to realize is that all is within you. The real god, who is inside you, is formless, action less and nameless. The real God is antharyami (Lord within the heart).

"He is our Sadguru" - (By Jaya)

One day I came to know that all devotees are planning for a trip to Arunachalam. I couldn’t understand why so many devotees are going to Arunachalam along with Nannagaru? To find out the reason behind this gathering, I decided to go along with them. This was an unplanned trip, and went with them just for time pass.

“Arunachala hill” is the wish fulfilling hill. It’s up to you whether you will desire self knowledge or worldly pleasures; wish whatever you want and circumvent the hill, said Sri Nannagaru. I thought, my travel expenses have not been wasted, I can wish all my unfulfilled desires. First day, I wished some of my desires, and started circumventing the hill. As I approached Kubera lingam, I failed to remember all the desires that I wished. Later, I travelled some distance without wishing for anything, and later remembered all forgotten wishes and completed pradikshina successfully. The second day I started circumventing the hill without wishing for anything. I felt that I was more at peace when I was circumventing the hill without wishing for anything. Silently, I completed circumventing the hill successfully on the second day.

On the second day, Nannagaru called and asked – “What is your name?”

I replied – “Jaya”

I continued to say – “I don’t have any devotion to Arunachalam, I casually came here for a visit. But after I came here, I feel an unknown peace exists around, which can’t be understood by my imagination. “

Nannagaru said – “Why are you worrying so much? Don’t worry”

On third day, I felt there is something in this holy hill, and I experienced this from bottom of my heart.

On my return journey, Nannagaru called me in the train, and asked me to sit beside him. He chatted with me for more than half an hour. He explained me in detail on, who are we? How are we leading our lives? For what experience, we were bought onto earth? How are we utilising our time? etc.,

Then I said – “Nannagaru, I don’t have devotion; upon seeing you and coming to Arunachala, I felt I should lead life with devotion. I have lot of friends, and bad habits. On reaching home, I am afraid that I might get back to my old friends and habits”

Nannagaru replied – “Is your mind so weak? If you have a weak mind, you will go to your friends, if your mind is strong enough, your friends will come to you. A wise person will approach that which is good for them. You are an intelligent person, and you will not go in wrong path” Meanwhile station has arrived and we all departed.
I am proud that I am a very intelligent person, hence Nannagaru has aimed arrow straight at my intelligence. If I approach my friends it means that I am not a wise person, this one thought withdrew me from all of my previous habits and friends.

Until I met Nannagaru I never knew that there is something called as inner life, I only knew that there is external life. During 1987, in a spiritual course in Kanchmarru, Nannagaru asked me what I liked from the speech. I told one sentence.

Nannagaru said – “Think and understand this sentence, on our next visit you should explain your understanding.” Unknowingly I was attracted to his spiritual courses and his words. By telling me to think, he inculcated interest and concentration in me.

Without my notice my mind was attracted to him. He himself showered love and grace and attracted myself to him. Everything was initiated from his side. We can’t understand his love and grace. If we attempt to explain, we will be short by words. There is nothing special like practice. Under his presence our mind experiences unknown peace and completeness.

Our human minds are filled with sorrow and responsibilities; Sri Nannagaru has come to drive us onto peace and pull us towards the goodness in our heart. He has come from the divine world onto earth, just to mould our minds. Many good people, many Jnanis have put lots of effort to reach such state; Nannagaru made our path easier to drive us into heart with his sweet words, divine looks and gracious smile. In the company of Sri Nannagaru, this possibility exists for every devotee.

As an innocent person, he moves around us and owns up our responsibilities and sorrows and thereby shares his eternal bliss, peace and knowledge with us. He is our sadguru, who has come onto earth to mould all of us into complete person.