Sunday, August 5, 2012

Truth is beauty, beauty is truth

Learning to discriminate between the real and the non real is required to realize the truth that which eventually breaks you from the cycle of births and deaths.
Shankaracharya said: " I belong to none and no one is mine." If you understand this then there is no unhappiness.

But you fail to do this as you are steeped in self and welfare of your dear ones. You begun to feel unhappy when you're near ones fall sick. But when a neighbor falls sick, you do not possess the same feeling. Why? This is because you are more
concerned about the welfare of your near and dear ones. This is due to darkness or ignorance in you. It is only until you come out of ignorance you will continue to have unhappiness. The effort to come out of ignorance is called practice (sadhana). Ignorance can be eliminated only through the grace of God or Ishwara and Guru. Until you have their grace, you can never come out of ignorance.

To eliminate ignorance and attain liberation, one need not wait until you die. You can attain the liberated state even before you die. You can attain this state even before you shed this body. And remain in the state after shedding the body.

The liberated state is realizing the truth within. There is nothing beautiful than the truth. Truth is beauty, beauty is truth. Once you realize the truth in you, the happiness and peace that you begin to enjoy will make even devatas jealous.
So instead spending your time in judging others and following the ever changing rules make the right effort to attain that supreme truth. This is the goal of your life.

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