Saturday, October 27, 2012

Liberation cannot be attained by magics or miracles

It is possible only by elimination of the ego within us.

Ego is a formless devil.It doesn't have any form but still craves for a form. Form is the food for ego. It not only craves for a form but also keeps changing the forms. Currently it identifies with the present body and when we get a new birth, it identifies with the new body. You cannot get out of this great ocean of samsara (worldliness)until and unless you have the Grace of a Jnani or an incarnation.

You cannot get rid of your ignorance by any of your external excercises. The Ignorance exists within and has to be eliminated alongwith the root. Application of coconut oil may reduce your itching but not the cancer called ignorance.

Separation from ego is not as easy as a daughter in law getting separated from her mother in law. It requires Self effort, Grace of scriptures and Grace of Guru.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Surrender unto the high power

We think that the work doesn't happen without our will. There is an unseen power working in this world. Surrender unto it then your work will be done. Just as the current is invisible, even that Power is invisible. It doesn't imply that the Power doesn't exist. There are many things in the world that are beyond our understanding.We think that there is nothing that we don't know. If we understand, we consider it to be True, else we consider it to be false? How big is our brain? It is a little one.How many secrets in the Universe can it understand? Do we know our previous births? Can we know about the future births? We don't even know what is beyond this wall !

We don't know these very small things. We don't know why we are unable to complete a particular work. Sometimes a work is done effortlessly without our intervention and sometimes it doesn't happen how much ever we may try.We cant say why it happens thus. All this is controlled by the Creator.There is an energy. Work is completed not by our doer-ship alone; Without doer-ship, if we surrender unto that energy,the work is completed automatically. Even the result is sweet.

All about silence

Bhagwan was asked thus - "Why don't you preach people to lead them unto right path?"

Bhagwan replied thus - "You have already decided that I don't preach?

Do you know who am I and what preaching is? How do you know that I am not doing it?

Preaching is communication of Knowledge. It can be done in Silence too. When the Heart speaks with the Heart through Silence, what is the need for words? Is your changed mind important or the speech important? Which is better?

Which is important, preaching loudly without effect or sitting silently and monitoring intuitive force that influences others? Is GOD not working in Silence? Silence is not just keeping your mouth shut. Silence is never ending and an eternal speech. When practice becomes natural, it ends in Silence. Meditation without mental
activity is Silence. The greatest and most effective force is Silence. More things are achieved and more thoughts are conveyed to a wider world through Silence."

Suppose our hair turns white, we may apply dye to make it black. It works only for that day and gets back to its natural color. The sermons and speeches are useful only to this extent. If you start understanding Silence, you will not require the words; In fact words become obstacles. Suppose you get a hair while drinking milk, how do you separate it? Do you feel happy that you got a hair in the milk or do you feel bad? Even the words become thus when you perceive the message of Silence.

All kinds of tendencies whether they are as weak as a blade of grass or as strong as a buffalo, are washed away in Silence. Suppose a fan rotates at a very high speed,the petals of such a fan are invisible. Can we conclude that the fan is not working? Similarly Guru may not speak; Should it imply that the Guru is not working? The speech through words can reach only the audience sitting here. But the message of Silence reaches a seeker of Truth where ever he may be whether across the continents or beyond the sea. The message of Silence transcends the time and space. It is so forceful that even time and space can't stop the same. The message of Silence chases you until you know yourself. It chases you even after death until you get a new body. It is so powerful.

In the last moments of Bhagwan, a devotee asked him - "We are remaining here(without realizing the Truth) and you are leaving us?" Then Bhagwan replied, " Did we meet here without any previous relation and wont this relation unite us in future?". Guru's Grace in the form of Silence chases us until we realize Truth
irrespective of our birth. This is the message of Silence.