Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thought word and deed should unite

Thought word and deed should unite. Ego is limited. When foreign matter enters into your body you get fever, similarly life is not uniform always with ups and downs, you should have clarity in thinking then your mind will be pure. Prarabdha (accumulated actions) is to the mind and the body. Definition of Peace = When you are at peace even under any circumstances. Think, watch your thoughts, the first I, the body-bounded I. Indeed-sleep state, relax, no mind, no body, no sense-organs. Nobody possesses 100% happiness. True, real, royal happiness is independent.

Except Brahmam (The Supreme Divinity) everything is created by the mind. Body, mind, sense-organs are all wrong identification. Goutam Buddha, Lord Buddha does not count form, colour, caste etc, He gives importance to the truth inside Me and Give utmost importance to my Heart. By one glance of Buddha 150 people were enlightened. Face is the index of the mind. Love and Help All. Laziness is a sin. Cultivate patriotism towards the country. The Heart gets widened and deepend when you work for the country, then you get closer to God.

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