Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Happy Birthday to Sri Nannagaru" - (By Hima Bindu)

Even though today is the birthday of Sri Nannagaru, all of us should wish each other as Many Many Happy returns of the day. It is because even though Nannagaru may not require this day, everyone of us are in need of the same.

Today is Nannagaru's birthday. My Father being the birthday child, I wish I could become His Mother to Love him, feed him and lull Him to sleep. I would like to convey my heartful regards to that Rajayamma garu who has been so lucky to get these opportunities. GOD is formless. In whatever form we adore Him, He will bestow His Grace upon us accordingly. Isnt it so?

Oh! Nannagaru, when you can become my Father, Can't you become my child too? Everyone pity me saying I have only two daughters.They say that the daughters leave me after their marriage and had it been sons, they would support me through out my life till death and also protect me from hell after death. But today I feel pity for them. They dont know that I have a son. How many sons are supporting their parents these days? If the parents stay here, their sons are living in America. But my son is not like that. They donot know that my son is capable enough to support me
through out my life till death. He would not only protect me from hell but also from the vicious circle of birth and death. My son is rich by birth. How much ever one may rob him, his assets will never deplete. I would like to tell everyone of how much care he takes of his mother. Preaching as a Guru, Loving as a Mother, Helping as a Father, Supporting as a child, Advising as a dearest friend, in whatever form
we adore Him, Nannagaru bestows His Grace accordingly because GOD is formless and in whatever form we adore Him, He would give His darshan(vision) accordingly.

Oh! Nannagaru, Do Bless me with the unflinching faith that you would become my Father, child and everything to support me through out my life; Do Bless me with the boon that my mind is completely filled with your thought and favour me with the luck that this Heart beats only for you.

Love you Nannagaru. I want to more and more Love you .

Friday, September 21, 2012

Guru and God's grace can only give you happiness

You must be composed in your behavior. Do not go about telling everyone about the goodness of your husband. Too much of praise can bring a change in your husband. So, do not talk too much and loosen your poise. Importantly do not attach undue importance to the body. When this body is not there then where is your husband?

Realize that your vision's name is truth; your vision's name is bliss. In this world it is not available anywhere. It is well within you.

Bhagawan says "the acquired results of past actions which may be good or bad will not affect you if you do not associate yourself with the body." Why do have sorrows looking at this false world. That is because you are dream struck. Wake up and come out of this dream.

"More and more understanding is required", says Bhagawan. For any argument search for the cause or root of the issue that will help you understand better. Do not run away from the problems. Try to solve the problems. How long will you run away for they will definitely follow you in your next life also?

A small lamp will brighten a room that has been in darkness for more than 1000 years. Similarly, only a guru and god's grace can only give you happiness.

"Nannagaru, an Ocean of Bliss" - (By S. RamaChandraRaju Garu - VadlavaniPalem)

On one fine evening, I’ve arrived at Jinnuru to visit Sri Nannagaru. I saw him sitting alone drenched with peace. As he saw me, he insisted me to sit down. He inquired about my welfare. With this first acquaintance the whole night I swam in the ocean of his grace and left to my home. From then almost daily I went to his home to have his darshan. Every day he used to teach me about devotion, duty, bliss, and dispassion. He always told us about Bhagawan and Arunachala’s grace. He ignited a desire in me to obtain self-realization, from then my life was completely transformed.

Though I was at my home, he was always in my remembrance and I felt he was driving my every moment. I’ve enjoyed the unknown bliss in my deep heart. I was unable to figure out what was this bliss and what is the source. By just meeting him, hearing his discourses, and being with him if one could experience such peace, I thought how beautiful it would be if such peace and happiness become permanent. There is nothing more than this to achieve I felt. From his words and sight, I could see the waves of love driving into my heart and thereby I was being introverted.

In this age of darkness, he has come to awaken us, Sri Nannagaru with the treasure of knowledge and great vision stood amongst us to shower peace on the people.

The main intent of his speeches is to take us all to the sorrowless state. He wants everyone to be in peace and happiness. In his presence, he makes us introvert and thereby gives an experience of bliss. This can be possible only to the great divine people and sages.

He walks amongst us as a father, mother, child, teacher, friend, and supervisor and appears to be a normal human being. As he dwells as light in our heart, by having darshan of Sri Nannagaru one will come to know that there is a treasure of bliss in us.

One who removes ignorance is much purer than one who removes hunger. This is the main purpose of all his discourses. The willingness for the welfare of the society can be grasped from his speeches.

Sri Nannagaru with his experience of bliss adds his love and thereby showers his Grace upon us through his speeches. By listening to his speeches people are able to live in peace. Depending upon the grasping ability each one experiences the deeper meaning behind his words.

When people first read and understood the book – “Amruta Vakkulu”, many of them got influenced and exclaimed how simple one can preach the essence of Upanishads and Vedas. Thereby many people from many parts of the country came for his darshan and were filled with happiness. By his presence alone, Sri Nannagaru can bring the vibrations of peace around people.

The main purpose of all his Gnana Yagnas is that each and every person should live their lives independently, discriminately, and thereby find the hidden peace and bliss in their hearts. His aim is to not become blind devotees of him or to Sri Ramana Maharshi. In world history, Sri Nannagaru’s words will be written in gold.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

"Everything is Sri Nannagaru's will" - (By Dr.Mithin)

He then directed me to the Ramana Kshetram in Jinnuru.

'Use my room there. I will come by afternoon for the meeting.' He said.

I nodded and went out.

I looked at the sticker on the gate of Sri Nannagaru's house.

It was Sri Ramakrishna's. Thakur was sitting there and behind Him a sun was rising.

The words on the sticker read

'He who wants to realize God from the depths of his being will realize Him. He must.'

I smiled and went along to the ashram which was scenically located amidst an ocean of fields of coconut trees and a beautiful stream flowing nearby.

In the ashram there was a replica of Arunachala Mountain made as a mound of mud about ten feet in height. People were going around it. I too hastened to go around it and felt blissful.

Lunch was being served. I checked into Sri Nannagaru's room and came for lunch.

After having a sumptuous lunch I retired for some minutes into the room accompanied by my friends and Sri Nannagaru's devotees, Sri Vijay garu and Sri Shiva garu.

During my small interaction with them in Sri Nannagaru's room I felt with sudden clarity that the world truly is a dream and our life is made of dream stuff.

I looked around the room when suddenly there was a banging on the door. Devotees were frantically trying to awaken me I felt as Sri Nannagaru must have arrived.

Truly so, Sri Nannagaru was coming into the ashram accompanied by many devotees and I hastily stood in line for darshan.

Sri Nannagaru looked at me as he passed me, stopped suddenly and held my hand and said 'Come. Talk to the people for some time.'

He took me to the stage which overlooked the Kshetram grounds and made me sit comfortably.

'Do you want a chair?' He asked.

I shook my head.

He asked the technician to adjust the mike and indicated for me to speak to the audience in English.

I nodded and started ' Om Sri Nanna Paramatmane Namaha'

'Move closer to the mike' He said.

I nodded again and like a water faucet which gushes water when the nozzle is opened, I opened my mouth and waited for Sri Nannagaru's Will to fill it with words.
The words I talked were to this effect

'Om Sri Nanna Paramatmane Namaha. Whatever exists is Sri Nannagaru. The ones who are listening is Sri Nannagaru. The one who is talking is Sri Nannagaru. The art of listening or talking is Sri Nannagaru. So what can Sri Nannagaru talk about Himself to Himself. The best course is hence to remain silent and worship Him in Silence.
Swami Vivekananda once said that live in the world knowing it to be Mother's Leela or go to the Himalayas and give yourself up to sadhana. This truth I realize due to my proximity with Sri Nannagaru.

Whatever is His wish, His leela.

I deep sleep the world did not exist nor did this ego. Hence the ego is dream stuff. But in this dream stuff one should tune oneself to God's Will which is ever present.
This world exists as a sport of Sri Nannagaru's will for me. I am a doll which dances to His Will. I have no life in me. It is Sri Nannagaru's energy that makes this doll move. The life in me is Sri Nannagaru's Will. If He asks me to duck, jump or run I will do the same. I have no will of my own. It is Sri Nannagaru's Will that makes me move.

Sri Ramakrishna once said that for God Who has created the world in play it is His Will to give Moksham to anyone He pleases though he deserves it or not.

I too am saying the same thing. My God is Sri Nannagaru. If He will He can give Moksham to even a granite stone.'

I continued to speak like that for some time after which Sri Nannagaru took the mike and gave his talk.

I walked out of the Kshetram into the surrounding fields as Sri Nannagaru was talking.

Just before my talk had commenced there was a beautiful song on the Divine Mother by a group of musicians in the Kshetram which went as 'Jaya Jaya Vaishnavi Durge Amma'

Now as I whiled my time in the fields I saw two 5 year old girls smiling and playing together.

Charmed at their innocence and beauty I went near them and said ' Whats your name sweeties?'

The girls smiled and one of them wearing a blue dress said ' I am Vaishnavi. She is Durga.'

It did not strike me peculiar then but Vaishnavi beckoned me close and opened a small bag and took out a blue colored fancy decorative bead and gave it to me and smiled. Durga took out a red bead and gave it to me.

I thanked them and left.

It was only an hour later did it strike me!

Did the Divine Mother Whose songs were being played before the speech come down as the two girls to hear Sri Nannagaru speak?!!!

I broke out in bliss at the thought.

Soon I took leave of Sri Nannagaru and started home.

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The real happiness is within you

"Why should you sell these two ears to the world", asks Bhagawan. He believes that any news of the world will pollute the mind. People are happy to listen to many things about others and the world. But the same people are unhappy to listen to words on soul and liberation. Bhagawan says worldly talks increase the bad thoughts in the mind.

If your husband earns well, you possess all luxurious and there are no troubling issues in the house, then your mind is at peace. But how long will this peace last, it is temporary. Tomorrow if something goes wrong, there is an imbalance in your so called peace. Therefore, you should realize the happiness from external factors will not last long. The luxuries can leave you or you may leave the world and luxury. It won't take long. The real happiness is within you. Our ignorance makes us believe that the temporary happiness that we enjoy in this world is real. But actually you are leaving the goldin your heart and running after glass pieces that are available outside. These are not stable tickets.

Let me narrate an incident. Recently I visited a person's house. The husband had lost his wife. He showed the bungalow he had built. But was very unhappy that his wife did not live to see this! Change your thinking and start looking inwards, which will give you infinite joy.