Sunday, September 2, 2012

The real happiness is within you

"Why should you sell these two ears to the world", asks Bhagawan. He believes that any news of the world will pollute the mind. People are happy to listen to many things about others and the world. But the same people are unhappy to listen to words on soul and liberation. Bhagawan says worldly talks increase the bad thoughts in the mind.

If your husband earns well, you possess all luxurious and there are no troubling issues in the house, then your mind is at peace. But how long will this peace last, it is temporary. Tomorrow if something goes wrong, there is an imbalance in your so called peace. Therefore, you should realize the happiness from external factors will not last long. The luxuries can leave you or you may leave the world and luxury. It won't take long. The real happiness is within you. Our ignorance makes us believe that the temporary happiness that we enjoy in this world is real. But actually you are leaving the goldin your heart and running after glass pieces that are available outside. These are not stable tickets.

Let me narrate an incident. Recently I visited a person's house. The husband had lost his wife. He showed the bungalow he had built. But was very unhappy that his wife did not live to see this! Change your thinking and start looking inwards, which will give you infinite joy.

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