Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Nannagaru, Ocean of Love" - (By Ravi Shankar)

Pranam to Nannagaru's Holy feet ! Pranam to Devotees.

I met Nannagaru on May 15th , 2011 for the first time.It was totally by Gods grace.On May 15th , I decided to go to Ramanashramam which is in bathukamma gunta, hyderabad. I have been thinking of visiting that place from 6 months but no luck.

MY strong desire and inclination to visit holy saints made me ask about Nannagaru to one of the devotees.I requested him to provide me details about how to go to Jinnuru where Nannagaru usually resides to have darshan of him.

Suddenly another good devotee came, to my wonder told me that Nannagaru was in City to attend a marriage and I can have his darshan at SR nagar.I rushed to have my long cherished desire fulfilled.

There Mother Alivelu told me about Nannagaru's greatness and how fortunate I am to have his darshan . She told Nannagaru about what I narrated above.

Nannagaru , Ocean of love , asked me to come near and touched my cheeks with affection.I felt happy and made pranam.

When I came out only I realized about my good fortune when some good devotees patted me saying your are blessed to have touch of Nannagaru on your cheeks which happens rarely.

Nannagaru told me that I can visit Him in hyderabad itself and there is no need to come to jinnuru.He asked my name and I told 'RaviShankar'.

He said that he will address me 'shankar' and I happily said yes Nannagaru.Though it was part of my name, my parents and siblings call me shankar, I felt that Nannagru lovingly named me Shankar again.

I am not sure about my eligibility to receive His grace but I believe that Nannagaru mostly looks sincerity than eligibility.I feel that I am sincere enough in devotion wanting to have his darshan and that's the reason I was able to get his darshan.

I humbly request all devotees to shower their good blessings on me !

"First Experience of Sri Nannagaru" - (By Sai Roshini Surabhi)

I am a 10 year old gal, this is my first visit to Nannagaru. When I saw Sri Nannagaru I feel like I saw Lord Venkateshwara Swamy. When I touched his feet I felt like I was touching the feet of Goddess Madurai Meenakshi. He did not look like a regular Swami. He looked normal without tilak and japa mala. He looked very casual. He is a very nice person.

I told everyone that I saw Sri Nannagaru in my family. They were very happy as they did not see him. When I first prostrated to him he did not see me so I did repeated prostrations to him. I felt like new born.

'Why is his throat like that I asked my Babai Dr.Mithin. He said it is because he swallows our sins. I felt very happy with my Babai's answer. There is a clarity in Sri Nannagaru's face like Lord Venkateshwara Swamy.Thats all.'

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Self (Aatman) exists within your heart

# Whether it is Krishna in Gita, or rishis in Vedas they always said that the self (Aatman) exists within your heart but never proclaimed that the self (Aatman) exists in books. But being habituated to extroverted vision we always search for the self (Aatman) in the books rather than in the heart. Books only give you scholarship/scholar hood but will not give self-realization. The Lord said in Gita – “I shine as self (Aatman) within your heart. Search within, and then the self (Aatman) will be revealed”. We came into this world only to have the experience of God. We should never forget the purpose of our arrival into this world. The incarnation of Ramana came onto this earth only to turn the humanity towards the self which is been habituated to extroverted vision since long time.

# Just as a movie screen supports the images. It is the self (Aatman) which supports the entire creation. Moderation in food, speech and sleep are the best tools for reaching the self.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"You will become rich man" - (By NDas)

When I was doing my Degree 2nd Year, one day I went to attend the usual sittings of Sri Nannagaru. I was surprised to see that there was only one devotee with whom Sri Nannagaru was chatting with. I sat very far being in my own world. By the time the devotee left it was very late. However the owner of the house where Sri Nannagaru stayed went out and didnot return back. So the doors were to kept open till they returned back.So I stayed back without much hesitation. Suddenly Sri Nannagaru called me near Him and asked me abt my percentages in the degree. He was very happy with my percentages in academics and asked me whether I stood first in my college? On saying Yes, He gave a very Big smile and said that I should try to stand first in the University. Then came out the words of His Blessings; He said: "You will become a very rich man." I was totally shocked on hearing these words. It was very natural for me to think that I will become rich in monetary terms.Now almost after 15yrs my father asked me whether I knew what is richness? When I replied in negative he read out a quotation in English:" Richness is neither saving more nor spending more nor earning more. But you are rich when you need no more."
Only today did I understand what Sri Nannagaru meant 15 years back. It took me 15 long years to understand the significance of his words. But better late than never....

Once on request of one of my friends, I accompanied him to Junnor. But the train reached late. By the time we reached Sri Nannagaru's house, Sri Nannagaru was about to take rest and therefore He asked us to come back at 3.00 in the afternoon.
I came back alongwith my friends to Sri Nannagaru at about 3.00 O clock .But Sri Nannagaru was seated in His tiny room seriously reading some book. He didnot notice our arrival. We waited for nearly 1 hour.I was very inquisitive as to what he was reading about? However I felt He was not reading something but he was looking at something very intently. Finally He came out and gave me the book and spoke in a very stern voice, " You must read this book". I took the book but was least interested in reading the same as I hardly have any reading habits. However I tried my best to read the book just to abide by Sri Nannagaru's order. But neither did I find anything interesting in the book nor could I digest whatever I read. I really wondered why Sri Nannagaru gave me this book. But still I felt I was missing out something in the book which Sri Nannagaru wanted me to gain. Gradually I forgot abt the book. Then one fine day came when it was 1st September, the day of Bhagawan Sri Ramana's advent to Arunachala.I was involved as usual in my routine and remembered only in the night that it was 1st September. I took out the book that Sri Nannagaru gave me but didnot feel like reading the same. Suddenly I came across a beautiful photograph of Sri Bhagawan. The mere sight of the photo made me deeply blissful. Then it stuck me suddenly this was what Sri Nannagaru was looking at for nearly 1 hour in his room in Junnor before he gave me the book. I then understood why Sri Nannagaru gave me this book: Just to make me understand that " Truth is Simple(Bhagwan's foto) and Mind is Complex(the contents in the book)". ...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Faith in the self (Aatman)

# Needs are different from desires. Self (Aatman) is revealed to them who earn according to their needs and spend their remaining time in obtaining the self (Aatman). Don’t you know whether you are living for the sake of your needs or your desires? Even if you don’t know is it not known to the self (Aatman) within you? How can you get self-realization if you are proud of your learning or money? If you are carried away by your wealth how can the Aatman have a place within your heart? In order to separate an item from a pool you are holding your breath and closing your mouth and then you are getting into the water, then is it not required, to obtain the self (Aatman) within your heart of hearts you need to get into your heart regulating your breath mind words and senses? Isn’t it true that your body is more important than your clothes, your mind is more important than your body, your buddhi (discrimination) is more important than your mind and the self (Aatman) is much more important than your buddhi (discrimination)?

# How reasoning is important in knowing the truth, faith is also equally important. But how many of you have faith in the self (Aatman)? People with rajas and tamas can never listen about the self (Aatman) and thereby they can never be peaceful. Shraddha (faith) is obtained only through shravana (listening about self). Is it possible to get faith without shraddha?

Friday, May 6, 2011

"Nothing is impossible to Sadguru" - (By Greeshma)

My respect and devotion towards Nannagaru has increased tri fold after my visit to India. I concentrated on my studies later on. The more I remembered him, the more I used to get dreams about him. Some were bitter, some were sweet but the thing to be happy about is I had his darshan some way or the other, though being thousands of miles away from him.

After few months, things were not going well, my graduation kept getting delayed , as my professor was not happy with my work. It was almost a year that it got delayed. I lost my patience and was very upset and depressed about this. This went on for an year and ye no result. With my parents consent I decided to visit India to get relieved for few days. This was my second visit to India after a year gap of last visit.

Nanna was coming to Hyderabad on the event of Guru Powrnami, I decided to book my ticket before his visit. The day I landed in India it was my birthday, the next day Nanna was to come to Hyderabad. I decided to celebrate with him, I brought all kinds of sweets, nuts, chocolates and garland, clothes. I prepared myself for the next day in a perfect way,

Next day ,early in the morning, at 5 am I rushed to SR Nagar Colony . I offered all the condiments one after the other to him, Nanna blessed me heart fully, and asked whether the bowls(in which I offered condiments) I brought were from my house or did i borrow them from here. I said I brought them from home, he gave an ecstatic smile. He told to pack everything carefully, all the bowls :) .Such is Nanna.My heart was filled with mirth and joy as I was waiting for this day since long time.

I discussed about my education with him, he said" Definitely, You will complete your Masters."

The next day was Guru Powrnami day, all rituals were performed, and we were in line to have glance of SadGuru. As his eyes fell on me, he continued to look into my eyes for a minute, and I made prostrations. He himself selected two apples from bag and closed his eyes, touching fruits to his heart he gave them to me. He said you will complete your masters. In no time all three days were over, and Nannagaru left to Jinnuru.

As a month passed by, time has come for me to depart to US, I visited Nanna this time before I left. We went around 3:00 AM, I sat somewhere behind, he noticed and blessed me, later he came forward and sat on a chair which was in front of me. As he looked into my eyes, I cried bitterly, couldn't control my tears. He consoled me more than a father, and I almost felt like he wiped my tears with his hands. He assured me that I would complete my masters, but I ,still couldnt stop my tears. He spoke about Abdul Kalam, how he struggled in his early days of career, how he failed in bagging an opportunity to become a pilot. But I still felt very sad in my heart, as this was the first time in my life I was facing such a hardship. Somewhere in my heart I had a feeling that I study well, and I never faced any failures at least in my studies, this was little hard for me to face the reality. He said you are an intelligent student, but destiny is such that you decided to research under such professor. But still seeing my sad heart, he bent forward and uttered these words - "I promise you, you will 100% get your Masters in your hand". Everyone around were amazed and surprised as we never heard a word promise from his mouth, so was I. I felt ashamed of myself, having no faith in him. But my tears have been double folded now, but not because of my concern for my Masters, but because I couldn't leave him, and told him that it was hard to be away from him. He smiled, and said, do call me now and then, then you will feel much better.

I made pranams to him, and left slowly. This time it was hard for me to leave India, but with a very heavy heart I flew to US.

As days passed, my professor was still so stubborn, things haven't changed, but I had faith in Nanna's words. At last I decided to apply for graduation so that he might change and sign my research. But still my professor said, I am expecting a bit more work from you. I was depressed and decided to discontinue my Masters, I consulted my parents, they said do whatever your heart says as you are in a better situation to decide. I called Nanna , told him about the present situation, he said - "Just try once, if not fruitful discontinue". I agreed and obeyed his words.

I did some work, and started documenting on my research. After a week, I visited my professor, after few minutes of discussion, he said - "lets prepare for your graduation" I was awe struck at his words, I literally felt Nanna has done some magic and changed my professors mind. Within three months I graduated and bagged a job as well. Later on my parents informed Nannagaru about this, and he conveyed his happiness. I also gave him a call, he said I am very happy for you amma, you have told such a good news. I didn't know what to say, I told him that's his grace. I had tears out of his grace once I hung up.

This is all Guru's work, there is nothing impossible for a Guru, and this was a perfect example of the same in my life. The more I loved him from then, just not because he fulfilled my desire, but making me understand that he is always there for us and with us in all walks of our life.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Self (Aatma) is pure Jnana!

# My Dear Friends! There are many people who crave for their health but is there anyone who craves for self-realization? You will get self-realization if you spend at least half of the tears that you spend for your family.

# If the self (Aatman) is divided into four parts – even on aggregating all the visible worlds they all seem to be just in fraction of the self (Aatman). Relative knowledge has at least some ignorance embedded in it. Where there is ignorance, change is inevitable. It is self (Aatman) alone that is perpetual it is pure Jnana.