Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nobody belongs to you

Ramana Maharshi's teachings and message are meant to awaken you into the truth. You must know the truth and the truth will release you from all bondages whether you like it or not. Your loss is great, your loss is great, if you do not know the truth in this body and there is no freedom from nonsense, life after life and life after life. You are living happily and you don't know to share, only you know receiving and swallowing but no giving and no sharing, and above all you have not learnt to work. Desire is the cause of all sorrows. However many troubles may befall on you keep calm and cool and quiet. Lies also are the outcome of desire. Sometimes all troubles befall at one time. Sorrow, grief, unhappiness-the mother is attachment of all these. It is attachment that brings grief, misery, sorrow, tension, death also. Nobody belongs to you and you do not belong to anybody. All are passengers in the journey of life.

Dedicate all your work to Me(God) and the result also dedicate it to Me and then use it as my property(thing) and not as yours. Then you will become I free and mine free and I less and mine less.

Aim high and aim at the highest. Try, attempt for the Brahmic state (the supreme state, absolute state.) The faults and defects in the mind should be eliminated and be careful mistakes should not be repeated. Past is past. Don't repeat it. Stability is not long lasting, for you will commit some or the other mistake because you have defects in your mind. Eliminate the faults. The mind should be disciplined. The mind should be under your control and not that you should be under the mind's control. Even if the whole world is your enemy or friend, even if they come to you or not what difference does it make. When your mind is pure and under control then the reality, truth is realized. When no mind, no need to control it. Wish for the welfare of all. Your mind should be rich not poor.

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