Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Surrender unto the high power

We think that the work doesn't happen without our will. There is an unseen power working in this world. Surrender unto it then your work will be done. Just as the current is invisible, even that Power is invisible. It doesn't imply that the Power doesn't exist. There are many things in the world that are beyond our understanding.We think that there is nothing that we don't know. If we understand, we consider it to be True, else we consider it to be false? How big is our brain? It is a little one.How many secrets in the Universe can it understand? Do we know our previous births? Can we know about the future births? We don't even know what is beyond this wall !

We don't know these very small things. We don't know why we are unable to complete a particular work. Sometimes a work is done effortlessly without our intervention and sometimes it doesn't happen how much ever we may try.We cant say why it happens thus. All this is controlled by the Creator.There is an energy. Work is completed not by our doer-ship alone; Without doer-ship, if we surrender unto that energy,the work is completed automatically. Even the result is sweet.

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