Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Make God's will as your own will

Nannagaru refers to the American President Barack Obama who has Lincoln as his role model. Irrespective of whether Obama liked fish curry or not, he ate fish curry merely because Lincoln liked it.

Similarly most of the Mothers cook the favorite food of their children and eat the same though they don't like it.

Nannagaru asks when you compromise for the sake of your children, why don't you make God's will as your own will?

People who daily eat meat have tears in their eyes when asked to eat the ridge gourd curry. However if doctor prescribes them, they have to eat it irrespective of whether they liked it or not. Similarly whether you like it or not make God's will as your own.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

"Sri Nannagaru is the incarnation of God" - (By Neelima)

Once as I went to attend for Nannagaru discourse at Ramana Ashram, Jinnuru I grabbed a seat in the last rows, the earning to meet him was more, than listening to the speech. I was waiting for that speech to take an end so that I could meet him soon. When the speech was over, I tried to rush towards him but there was a big crowd surrounded by him, I was stuck and couldn’t reach him. When I was looking at him desperately, he suddenly looked at me and called me sit near to him while ordering other devotees to give me a way. My eyes shed tears feeling his unlimited love when I sat near him and that meeting filled me with endless joy.

He offered fruits to me as his blessing, later he was trying to give me a bag to carry fruits carefully. In that joyful and exciting moments I was fully not in my senses, while tears were running from eyes but looked as if it was from ears. In that state of love I was not able to speak and take the carry bag from him. He was saying repeatedly take it else the fruits will fall away but I unconsciously responded saying - "No need and this is ok".

While devotees were laughing at me, Nannagaru was quietly glancing at me with all sweet smiles. While returning home, when the fruits carried slipped many times, a scene appeared in my heart that we (Nannagaru and Myself) both were smiling at each other, was much joyful to imagine.

The lesson I have learnt from all of these episodes is that “If You take one step forward then the rest is taken care by Guru”. I faced no obstacles from both of my families from the day I decided to travel alone for Jinnuru, that was the beginning of my independent spiritual journey and the greatness of my Guru.

The other day when I was immersed in love with Nannagaru he said compassionately - “You will be realized“.

While I was in bus heading to home I pinched my skin to be aware of what he said, I felt much joyful than ever, after his sweet words.

Whenever I take a leave from Nannagaru and return home I have an experience that this world is an illusory, the people in the roads and buses and all around me. My body feels immense bliss and happens to see myself in everyone and everything it's just magical. There was no glimpse of sorrow even, this was all viable only because of my Guru.

I always feel meeting Nannnagaru was as equally as associating with God. He always filled my heart with happiness and compassion in return.

I love God Shiva from my very childhood. When I was very small I used to visit nearby temple daily and I always used to think of him, I always aspired to talk to him, see him and marry him.

There may be some realized souls in this world but there will be only one incarnation of God that is only Nannagaru. Just like one Buddha, like one AdiSankara, like one Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, like one Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi, I firmly believe in this age Sri Nannagaru is the incarnation of God

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Compassion as a quality in you is itself righteousness

Nannagaru mentions a small incident that happened with Buddha exemplifying how deep his compassion was!

Once while Buddha was giving a discourse to his disciples there was a person who had stomach full of food and was having a good nap. As he was conversing with his devotees his looks fell onto the person who was sleeping far away from him. He felt so much compassionate on him, he called him nearby and said thus -

"Extreme consumption of food and sleep is not good it will lead to continuous rebirths, you will get used to laziness and that will keep the mind in Tamo Guna (darkness, destructive, chaotic) which will slip you far from the truth. Follow the middle path doesn't mean you do fasting, have sathvik food and don't do anything in extremes, otherwise you will miss destination."

The disciple replied - "It is not in my control Tadagata (Buddha was addressed as Tadagata), I don't know if its tendency or something else, my mind draws continuous pleasure in eating food and sleeping. I just cant live without this food and sleep"

Nannagaru describes how much compassionate he was, and Buddha was determined to transform him.

Buddha says - "I will give you mantra which will help you to come out of this habit. Take this mantra and do it slowly everyday, gradually you will come out of this."

Disciple says - "That is not possible Tadagata, because I have lot of memory loss I can't do that as well."

But Buddha did not leave him, and he wanted him to take to the level that he was dwelling in and in that process he dint leave any stone un-turned. He did not care which background you come from, what are your tendencies, your strengths or weaknesses, he was one such person who was dwelling in compassion always.

Buddha says - "Even if you are unable to do, that;s okay. Did any of your family members come?"

Disciple replies - "Yes!"

Buddha - "You will not remember right, I will tell this mantra to your family members, they will chant this mantra in your ears and that will be enough."

Nannagaru said - How do we explain this compassion? He was such a compassionate being, that we petty minded cannot comprehend or understand this love.

Nannagaru said compassion as a quality in you is itself righteousness. Nannagaru mentions just like how salt was inclusive as an ingredient of ocean, any word that was uttered from Buddha was part of true consciousness.

When Nannagaru was in Sarnath many chinese people came to see Nannagaru, they saw Buddha in Nanna, they were mesmerized by looking at him. They asked the devotees around is he Modern Buddha,? he just looks like our Buddha.

Nannagaru was exemplifying himself with Buddha about compassion and he said -

"If you have compassion as a quality in you, then that itself is righteousness. Nannagaru was none other than our Modern Buddha."

Monday, May 11, 2020

"Transforming to Desire less State" - (By Neelima)

My relation with Sri Nannagaru was childlike whenever I visited him, just by looking at him hearing his voice my heart melts and eyes sheds tears, unwillingly and unconsciously. It was so natural that I become an innocent child the moment I see him and pretend as if I were in his laps. My love to him was always desire less, I mean love only for love (pure love). I experience abundant peace and bliss penetrating from my heart as if I needed nothing more.

He also used to treat me like a child whenever I visited him. Though I used to sit far from him, he used to point out to sit beside him and make sure I was happy before I take a leave from him. He used to shower me with immense love and grace. He ensured someone to take care of me and drop me at my hometown safely whenever I was about to leave.

Whenever I go to Jinnuru from Hyderabad, he used to ask me “When did you come and when will you leave?” I would say to him one particular date of leaving but he used to say another date pretending that he didn’t hear it properly. Finally always I used to return Hyderabad on that date which he said and not as per my originally planned date.

He always used to inquire about my husband, because he is the one who permits me wholeheartedly to Jinnuru. Nannagaru mentions my husband as gentleman and told that our marriage life will be successful. We both will be like friends and saying thus he blessed us and our children too,

I am sharing here a small funny experience.

One day while I was sitting very near to him, a devotee offered Horlicks biscuits packet to Nannagaru.

We all know very well, Nanna gives back our offerings to devotees. As I was very much fond of Horlicks biscuits from my childhood, I have shifted my gaze to sides from him fearing he may give it to me and thus conversing with my mind not to tempt for those Horlicks biscuits. To leave it to his choice, I was little hesitant to accept them in that very moment.

I have experienced in my life that whatever I desired he fulfilled and be it as smaller wish it could be. His wish was to make me understand that nothing profound is in the desire once it becomes palpable, until we feel that there is something in the desire.

Amazingly he kept the biscuit packet in my hand and threw a sweet and naughty smile when I gazed at Him.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

"Guru is not the body" - (By Neelima)

Dear Ones, How long will I live! These are the words uttered by Sri Nannagaru during the discourse held at his house, Jinnuru. Hearing these words, devotees around him were shocked with despair. None of the devotees were ready to hear such a statement from Nannagaru and me being one among the crowd developed inexplicable pain and sorrow in the heart which continued for hours even after the discourse.

I have locked down myself in a private room after returning to my hometown which is nearby from Jinnuru. The pain in my heart started melting into endless sorrow for several hours of that night and had burst into tears like gushes in the river. Due to my longing towards him and the attachment I had with him, I wasn't ready to accept such words and bear the burden of this separation.

I started conversing in my heart with him again and again that night in half sleep -

“Oh Nannagaru! please don’t leave me and go, what shall I do on this earth without you? Please take me away with you, when you leave your body I cannot stay here without you. Then my soul started pouring questions on him for his words of departure. You have incapacitated me in the nest of your overwhelming love and joy, now is it justifiable leaving me alone in this world? I am reaching Jinnuru tomorrow, you are answerable to this dreadful separation"

The next day when I sat before him along with other devotees at his house in Jinnuru, he gasped at me as if he listened to what all happened in my heart the other day and said thus -

"Guru is not the body. If you treat Guru as the body, then you are disrespecting him. He continued saying, devotee has to grow like a ripen fruit that falls on it’s own from the tree, then only Guru gives him liberation."

I've understood that I still have to be ripened in order to be fully collected by him

Due to his selfless love we often get into the trap to have him with the body forever and enjoy his presence being with him, but Guru is omnipresent and not limited to the body. In order to transcend the physical attachment to mental sphere he voices out often times in me that - "He is not the body and he is hearing all of my thoughts from heart of the hearts"

This is one of my experience in the journey of awakening imparted to me by Sri Nannagaru.