Saturday, August 1, 2020

"Nannagaru is Love, Love is Nannagaru" - (By Padma Garu)

It was 1993 in the month of November, Sri Nannagaru has visited one of our relatives house on an occasion of house warming. The atmosphere was filled with pomp and joy. Meanwhile a devotee came and told that she will introduce me to Sri Nannagaru. Since I came from a family with rituals, I was little skeptical of meeting him before all my family members. I was little afraid, and dint had enough courage to meet him. As I said, I can meet him tomorrow as well, she shut my word by saying – “There is no certainty of tomorrow”, and also who are these people to come in between to meet a noble person, as she decided to take me to Sri Nannagaru. I’ve got courage listening to her words. I saw Sri Nannagaru being alone; though I don’t know who he is I decided to meet him. As I was making a step by step approach towards him, I was filled with fearlessness, and finally I approached him.

He asked – “Where do you stay?”

I answered to his question, as he continued -

Though I am seeing you physically now, I knew all of your background before itself.

Though I dint understand his words then, I can grasp them now. The relation with the bodies will vanish as soon as we die, but the relation with Guru will always withstand irrespective of the body and it will continue birth after births.

Who will know our address other than him? In that way Nannagaru entered my life.
Though I don’t know much about Nannagaru, but from his first sight I got the feeling of a father. Next two days, whenever he glanced he used to say that – “I will visit your home”
Father! All approach you with love to take you to their residence, though you are near my home I am not able to take you to my home.

One day Nannagaru directly came to our home. I’ve experienced tremendous happiness upon his visit. With his advent our home has become very spiritual. He almost sat for 1 hour.

He said -

“Tomorrow we have a spiritual discourse, try to come. If you are unable to come don’t be disappointed that you couldn’t come”.

As he said, I couldn’t attend the spiritual discourse due to some reasons, as a result I dint feel bad too. I could grasp the intention behind his words – “Whatever happens is the Gods will”.

Whenever I intend to talk about him, I don’t get words apart from tears. I asked him directly why this happens always.

He replied –
“Who do you think Guru is? He is the savior, dearest one or the most intimate one.
We will get only tears near our savior. As he said three times Aptaya Namaha” Thus he took me into his fold.

Without purity we can’t attain Jnanam. So to live with purity we should follow the 7 things Nannagaru said-

1. Listening (Sravanam)
2. Remembering (Mananam)
3. Spiritual discussions (Satsangam)
4. Holy Company (Sajjanna sangatyam)
5. Reading good books (Sadgranda patanam)
6. Thought, word, deed should be the same (kapatam lekunda undatam)
7. Visiting Guru (Satpurushula sangatyam)

In this world of bondage, God has given us two fruits as gifts:

a. Meeting the Guru (Satpurushula sangatyam)
b. Ability to drink nectar (Rasaswadanam)

Without our efforts, Guru has not only come to us, along with it he is making us drink the nectar contained in his words.

If we lose the opportunity that is given to us, there will be no unfortunate thing than this.

If I have to say in one word about Nannagaru,
“Nannagaru is Love, Love is Nannagaru”

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  1. Wonderful article. Nanna Garu is Love and Love is Nanna Garu.Thanks also for listing the 7 practices advised by NannaGaru.