Saturday, August 15, 2020

Our True Self is Undying Spirit

Sri Nannagaru gave clarification to Bhagavan’s subject in a simple way and with examples, so that devotees can grasp easily. One such narrative was that of Dharma Raju (Yudhistara, eldest of Pandavas in Mahabharatha) 

Yaksha asks Yudhistara, ”What is the most surprising fact in this world?” 

Yudhistara replies, ”Seeing people die everywhere but believing nothing shall happen to us!” 

Bhagavan’s reply to this had been, ”Your true self is deathless (undying spirit). So thinking we won’t die is quite natural as it is our true state!’

When devotee's prostrated to him, Sri Nannagaru used to say often - "When we prostrate to anyone, we are actually honoring the God within that person. If it is a self-realized saint, our prostrations just go straight to God (as there is no individual there). That is why a realized master is honored unasked., the one with ego will not be honored even if asked!"

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