Sunday, August 9, 2020

Everything in the world is transient

Power, Marriage, and fame are all transient. Happiness derived from them is very momentary. If you earn money, happiness remains as long as the money stays with you. Hence it is all kshanam, kshanam, kshanam ie transient. Today you may be healthy but tomorrow the health cannot be guaranteed. Everything in this life is momentary (kshanam, kshanam, kshanam). Today you may be happy but it cannot be guaranteed that it will stay till tomorrow. The fruit of merit as well as sin is also transient. The happiness derived from merit and sorrow derived from sin resemble the continuous flow of water under a bridge i.e. they are all momentary. But the entire Maya lies here. When you have money, you feel that it is here to stay with you forever. So is the case with fame also. But everything gets lost in the process of time. Suppose you get a powerful position, the very moment you get that position when it has to be lost is also decided. Without knowing this you have a misconception that position is permanent which stays with you till death.

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Source: 5-2-2008 Tadinada

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