Sunday, August 30, 2020

Honor the God, not the body

To a devotee who paid visit to Sri Nannagaru in scorching summer heat, he said, "You came here all the way walking in this hot sun. Let me bring a glass of water for you". Saying thus he went inside and brought her a glass of water. Due to the sunlight, you are able to see your shadow. How would you feel if I were to stop giving you water and hand over the glass to your shadow?

After thinking for a while, the devotee replied:" It would appear to me that instead of respecting me, you are respecting my shadow and have forgotten me"

Immediately Sri Nannagaru said: "This body is being driven by an unseen power. If you honor your body forgetting that power, how would GOD feel about this? The way you would feel when one stops honoring you and starts honoring your shadow, God too would feel the same manner when you stop honoring him (the very basis of your existence) and start honoring the body. Don't forget these words"

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