Monday, August 24, 2020

"The Word is God" - (By Sujata)

Around 1988-89 Sri Nannagaru came to our house. We treated him cordially and respectfully as a friend and relative of my Father-in-law. Many devotees used to come to our house for his darshan.

That way, he came to our house a number of times. He would also teach here. I observed that he used to look deep into the devotee's eyes. And the devotees too looked into his eyes all the time. Someone advised me too to look into his eyes, but I couldn’t do so. Somewhere, while reading the Vishnu Sahasranama book, I remember reading that it is enough if God looks at us. I carried these words in my mind and expressed to Nannagaru, “Everybody is asking me to look into your eyes, I’m unable to do so and the Vishnu Sahasranama says that it is enough if God looks at us” I don’t remember his answer but what I remember is that he showered on me love that said, “I am like your father. You can ask me anything”.

He used to ask me to read the Bhagavadgita. And I would do so sincerely. As I kept reading it, I began to find the sweetness of the Gita. It took me a very long time to realize that His silence was working always and drawing me closer to the Heart.

I was without any problems in my worldly life. But for a person like me who thought that this was all life was about, who didn’t know how to lead a fruitful life, who would be swept hither and tither by winds of desire, I consider Nannagaru’s entry into my life, great luck, because he made me understand what real happiness is and is taking me in that direction.

Nannagaru is full of compassion and pure love. His words, His gaze, His very body, is filled with love. This is something everyone feels when they look at him. This love attracts everyone and pulls everyone towards it. Nannagaru helps in both the worldly and the spiritual realms. He is the complete Guru.

I like his teachings. From the beginning, he has been saying, “I don’t want your greetings and salutations. Try and understand what I am saying and put those words into action” “The word is God”; so saying he himself works tirelessly without wasting a minute. He has taken upon him, to take us all into everlasting bliss that he is experiencing, with a lot of love and care. Whenever I remember this, my mind gets subdued. I get inspired to live the dutiful life, God has recommended.

I have seen many devotees who are very fond of Nannagaru. I used to get jealous, then. Now, I feel that they must have worked so hard to clear their hearts, for so much love for him to spring forth.

It is my earnest desire to continue to see him, to hear his teachings, to congregate with his devotees, to sweeten my life with the fond memories of events that have taken place in his presence, and to dedicate my life for doing these alone. I strongly believe that this bond will take me through the pinnacle teaching that there is no mind, whatever exists is God alone.

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