Saturday, August 15, 2020

The reason why we are happy in deep sleep and not in waking state

The ONE who exists in the waking state also exists in the dream as well as in the deep sleep. How are you all in a deep sleep? All of you are blissful. If you don't sleep for a single day, the consequent laziness continues for 6 months. You will lose the energy to work the next day if you don't sleep at the night. If you become anxious for a single day, you will lose the energy to work for a whole of the month. All this is science. However anxious a person may be, all that anxiety is lost in the sleep. That's why sleeping pills are given when a person is unable to sleep. Why are you blissful in deep sleep? It is because of the absence of the ego. You don't remember either your body or money or wealth or position or fame or sex in the deep sleep. Even without all of them, you are blissful in your deep sleep. But from where is this bliss arising? Find out that. It comes from inside within said, Acharya. If your body is unhealthy, you are still blissful in deep sleep because of the absence of the physical body. But once you wake up all the bliss, peace and happiness vanishes. You suddenly get filled with a torrent of sorrow. In the waking state you have your body, money, wealth, position, fame, sex, etc., Inspite of having all of them, you are still sorrowful. Why is it so? It is because once you wake up you get ATTACHED towards wealth, relatives, household members, surroundings, etc Also the sense of belonging arises like if you get honored you feel that this honor belongs to me. When there is nothing in deep sleep, you are very blissful. But when you have everything in waking state, why are you sorrowful? IT IS ALL BECAUSE OF ATTACHMENT. 

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Source: 5-2-2008 Tadinada

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