Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sadguru Nannagaru describes the glory of Lord Hanuman's scholarship

Introducing himself to Rama & Lakshmana on the banks of the Pambha river, Hanuman said: ' I am Anjaneya working as a minister for King Sugriva. I have come here on being sent by Sugriva and not on my own. Sugriva desires to befriend you'. Rama was totally surprised by these words. Hanuman's words as well as grammar was faultless. Turning to Lakshman, Rama said: 'Are these words or bales of gold?' When Lakshmana tried to introduce themselves as sons of Dasaratha, Rama stopped him and asked him to listen to Hanuman. Rama said: 'Hanuman's grammar is faultless. Hanuman is both a vyakarana pandit as well as a niyukta pandit. Without knowing grammar, the essence of the sentence cannot be understood. Where a full stop or a comma has to be used, which word has to be used in the sentence is all conveyed by the grammar. If you understand the meaning and depth of the word, why, and how it has been used in this context, it is called niyukta. Thus Hanuman conveyed his message in very sweet sentences. Despite being Supreme Lord, Rama got surprised by Hanuman's words. He said: Are these words or bales of gold?

Source: Feb 5th, 2008, Tadinada

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