Sunday, August 9, 2020

Truth alone shall set you free

Once an educated brilliant guy came to Nannagaru and asked him, "What is the final end of Mathematics?"

Sr Nannagaru said, ”Self-realization!”

He also said that it is the end of all sciences, all philosophies, all scriptures & the essence of all religions also. In this context, he said Einstein was not only a Mathematician & physicist but a saint too (he experienced glimpses of Truth) so he did understand that the culmination was Self-realization!


A bridegroom, who was to be married in a few week's time, (after all purchases & arrangements were made) came to Sri Nannagaru and said he wanted to quit that marriage. When asked the reason, he said "She (Bride) is a very controlling type, and that makes me restless".

Then Nanna said, “It’s a very suitable match, the girl is very beautiful & wealthy. She is educated also. If you learn to adapt to a few things, it might work out just fine!

To which, the groom replied, “What will I do with all these when I lose my freedom!”

Sri Nannagaru later said, “Our true self is bliss, peace & freedom, so we do not want to lose those at the cost of wealth & material things.”

As always, he mentioned Jesus' words, ”You MUST realize the Truth & Truth alone shall set you free!”

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