Thursday, September 17, 2020

"Nannagaru, our protector" - (By Syamala Garu (Khandavilli))

My mother used to visit Sri Nannagaru regularly. Despite being told, I never accompanied her. One day my mother admonished me; saying, “Who can ever tell us all the things Nannagaru is telling us? Do something better than sitting at home all the time. Come with me this time.”So, Finally I went along with her. During the discourse, Nannagaru mentioned an anecdote from Bhagavan’s life. His brother reprimands him saying, “Why don’t you leave home? What will a person like you do at home?” This caught my attention; because my mother used similar words. I felt connected. From then, I started visiting Nannagaru and sharing my problems with him.

Once, my son secured employment in Delhi and was to about leave hometown. I took him to Nannagaru for blessings. I told Nannagaru, “This is my son; moving to Delhi for employment.” Nannagaru said, “So, you are going. You may go. Ok. You may go.” Saying so, he looked at my son for about 5 minutes and repeated 2-3 times ‘you may go’ again. In Delhi, my son fell into a 20 feet trench. Normally we expect people to get hurt, have a few broken bones. But none of these happened. My son was totally fine. Then I understood Nannagaru’s grace. The gaze on that day, that was what rescued my son. That is how he showered compassion on us. Solutions to all my problems camefrom Nannagaru. Not just that, he saves us from very concerning situations too. What more can I tell about Nannagaru. Nannagaru has nothing else but compassion and grace to distribute to us.

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