Tuesday, September 1, 2020

"A Friend of All" - Late Bujji Garu

Most of the devotees that visited Nannagaru know Bujji quite well. Bujji is not just a name to many of us, his name is an emotion!

He was a bundle of fun & entertainment, affectionate & jovial with all. His usual daily ritual would start with massaging Nannagaru's feet with oil every morning, from then he would spring into action & continue to do a lot of things like applying the body cream to Nannagaru after his bath. He was a prime person in getting all supplies to Kannama Garu like vegetables, groceries, and other necessities (when Nannagaru took rest), later being available for the whole day. He became like a family member to Nannagaru, doing his work as worship.

All the discourses of Nannagaru were recorded by him. Whichever place Nannagaru traveled to and spoke, he would be there much in advance & make all arrangements for recording. After making audio tapes he would sell them at a reasonable price to devotees & courier them to devotees in distant places. He was part of the Ramana Bhaskara project too. He also participated in designing the cover page & also posting books to devotees in distant places. He would take care of devotees that came to Ramana Kendram(Jinnur) regarding accommodations, food arrangements, the supply of water bottles to those who required them, almost all their needs were taken care of with responsibility. If there was no cook or any inconvenience, he would get parcels from Palakol to all that needed any specific food. He would be sent to the railway station to see the devotees off if they were new to the place. In this way, he became an all-rounder for Nannagaru's work. He would get food packed for people traveling back too.

Where ever Nannagaru traveled near or far, Bujji would accompany him carrying his water bottle bag & being available for Nannagaru to hold & walk with him. He would help book tickets for Nannagaru & devotees too. He worked as a postman between Nannagaru & devotees (conveyer of messages from devotees to Nannagaru & Nannagaru to devotees). Everyone would call Bujji for any information regarding Nannagaru & his programs. He would connect them on the phone whenever needed. He would keep Nannagaru's health & convenience in mind and accordingly would send devotees for personal darshan without any prejudices.

He wouldn’t hurt or show rudeness towards anyone how ever-annoying it would get at times. If people come with any suffering, loss, or pain, he would not only be compassionate towards them but also would say few words of solace (by telling them Nannagaru would cure everything).

Bujji was a foodie. He would not only love to eat hot meals & good food but also loved sharing tasty food & snacks with devotees. He would relish sharing tasty food with all those around him.

During the last years, when Nannagaru wasn’t too well & required hospital admissions he would accompany Nanna day & night. If Nannagaru didn’t get sleep at nights he would stay awake too (to be available to take him to the restroom). If Nannagaru didn’t find some food very palatable, he would secretly get some of Nannagaru's favorite food & would enjoy Nannagaru eating it. For all the major functions that were conducted in Jinnur, Bujji played a pivotal role. He would supervise arrangements regarding decoration, food, accessories & all.

Though Bujji was always cheerful he had his share of difficulties in his life. He developed diabetes in later years & had some family disturbances too. In spite of all the troubles & inconveniences, he never neglected Nannagaru's work. He did his duty with utmost responsibility. He did his work naturally with a good attitude. Nannagaru took great care of Bujji with love, especially during his tough times. When Bujji shared his secrets to few close devotees, he always said that without Nannagaru's grace he wouldn’t have made through the difficulties.

Once Bujji said, “I didn’t come to Nannagaru out of devotion, I just came for money. Many devotees who came with devotion to Sri Nannagaru got attracted to money or fame later, but even if I came for money I procured devotion”. Without any guilt, he acknowledged his weakness & probably that was the reason Nannagaru chose him for service.

When Bhagawan used to tirelessly walk around the hill, an old woman said, “Instead of walking, why don’t you sit at one place?”. Bhagawan was surprised on hearing this and thought only Parvati Devi had the closeness to instruct him in this way. Maybe the old woman was Parvati Devi in the disguise and hence he stopped walking around the hill. Similarly, Nannagaru also used to conduct discourses, speak to devotees without being aware of time. Only Bujji knew the skill of controlling the devotees. He used to signal to them to take leave whenever it was going beyond time. In one of the speeches, Nannagaru said, “Our Bujji is telling us that once discourse time is over, please drop the book and leave the place, and thereupon everyone shall leave, which makes it easy for the devotees' families.

Once Nannagaru mentioned thus, “When Bhagawan was in a long discussion with devotees without being conscious of time, one of the attendants who stood behind Bhagawan gave signs to devotees to take a leave”. Similarly Bujji many times gave signs to devotees without Nannagaru knowing about it.

Once there were a lot of Nanna devotees in Srisailam and there had been restrictions on the entry of the number of devotees allowed inside. Seeing the plight of devotees, he asked Nannagaru, “Many devotees are asking me, if all devotees are equal, why you are allowing few and not allowing others?”

Sri Nannagaru replied, “It may appear unequal to the outside world, but in the heart of hearts all devotees are equal to the Guru”

Generally, all devotees visit Nannagaru with some offerings like fruits & flowers, enjoy his Darshan, listen to discourses, receive his unconditional love & return home. It is not so for those who work for a realized master. They must be completely dedicated. They can’t live according to their weaknesses. Even if one finds it difficult, one should have to do it with responsibility & sincerity. But in the process, the one that works for him will get purity like no other (it might not be recognized by others), that happened in Bujji’s case. By the constant company of a great saint & master like Nannagaru for more than 2 decades, having the great opportunity to work for him in many ways, not only Nannagaru work but also looking after Devotees needs & helping them in various ways was his great opportunity for soul evolution. He was in turn blessed tremendously.

This amazing opportunity was given only to Bujji!

Probably this could be a very reason he was taken away quickly because there is nothing more worth living here for. 

Bujji will remain as a dear one to Sri Nannagaru & all devotees forever!

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  1. So touching.Just like how Shaama , tatya patil , bhagat mhalasapati were to Shri sadguru Shirdi sai baba , so was Bujji Garu for sadguru Nannagaru ! Nandi's devotion towards lord Shiva could also be synonymous to Bujji garus devotion towards Nanna! May his soul rest in peace. Om Shanti !