Wednesday, September 9, 2020

"Everything is a blessing from our Guru" - (By Vijaya (Khandavalli))

The first time I saw Nannagaru, was in Agarru. He looked at me and asked which place I was from. I replied that I was from Khandavilli. As soon as he heard the name of Khandavilli, his face lit up.

“I used to visit khandavilli as a child. I remember playing there.” He said. “I will remember you. I will never forget you” He added.

At first he told me about conscience, meaning the introverted mind that makes its inner journey towards the spiritual heart.

“All of you see Lord Shiva in the temple. Similarly, you should see the Shiva in your heart.” He said.

“Vijaya! What are you reading in your satsang?” He asked.
I replied,“Bhagavan Bhashanalu (Talks with Bhagavan in telugu).”
“Are you able to understand?” was the next question.
“I am able to understand and also explain some of them. Some others I am able to understand but not express.” I answered.
“Oh! You are able to express some and not able express some. You are not able to grasp some is it? Don’t worry. Bhagavan will take care.” He said.

I accompanied Nannagaru during one of his visits to Arunachalam. He asked me whether I had visited Ramanashram for Bhagavan’s darshan. Somebody offered fruits and Rs. 100 to him. He called me and gave them to me. I took the fruits and said I did not want to take the money.

“This is prasadam (blessings)” he said. “Does anybody refuse prasadam (blessing)? This is fruits prasadam (blessing) and this is dhana (wealth) prasadam (blessing)” he said placing them in my hands.

Till date I have no shortcomings of any sort in my worldly requirements. I have preserved that hundred rupees note till now as it was his exclusive blessing.

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